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Quincy Chamber of Commerce Small Business Launch: Identify, Reach, Convert Your First Customers


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A primer for small businesses that are struggling to figure out how to identify and communicate with their target markets.

Published in: Marketing
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Quincy Chamber of Commerce Small Business Launch: Identify, Reach, Convert Your First Customers

  1. 1. Chris Nahil Message & Medium, LLC Donna Mavromates MavroCreative Mary 20, 2015
  2. 2. Achieving Product/Market Fit is the Holy Grail of a New Company. Does the product you offer closely match the needs of customers in a specific market? How do you find out?
  3. 3. Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet, Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship  Well funded?  Easily reachable?  Compelling reason to buy?  Whole product?  Entrenched competition?  Springboard into new markets?  Consistent with passions, values and goals of founders?
  4. 4. A group exercise 1. Make a list of 3 potential markets for your product 2. Add 6 more markets that you can jump to from the original 3 3. Share and discuss the connections
  5. 5. • End user • Application • Benefit • Leading customers and influencers • Market insight • Partners and players • Market size • Competition • Age, gender • Geography • Income • What drives them • What keeps them awake at night • Media consumed & info sources • Contact details and permission
  6. 6.  Story is built on messages ◦ Who are you? ◦ What do you deliver? ◦ Who do you do it for? ◦ Why do you do it better than others? ◦ Why are you different? ◦ Why should we care?!  Good messages: ◦ Compelling, credible, consistent ◦ Not what you do, what you do for others ◦ Magnify strengths (credibly) ◦ Diminish weaknesses (credibly) ◦ Adjust to accommodate change
  7. 7.  Owned Content You make it, you own it! Web site, blog, email marketing, collateral, videos, podcasts, graphics, events, signage/in-store/POS  Earned Media Coverage You earn you way to accolades from someone else! Media coverage, endorsements and case histories  Paid Media & Content You paid for the placement on a third-party platform or network!  Radio, TV, print, online ads; search engine marketing
  8. 8.  Web site!  Strong content, SEO, clear contact info, samples/stories, email sign up, news section, refresh regularly  The Blog…why and how?  Social media profiles up to date  Listen, share, engage  Marketing calendar  Blog posts and comments  Content: news, case histories, graphics, user/partner-generated  Email marketing  Events: host and attend  Promotions  Basic PR program  Build relationships with media, influencers  Steady “drumbeat” of news, features
  9. 9.  Paid Media Consider: AdWords, sponsored Tweets, LinkedIn advertising, FB ads (targetability) Traditional advertising and direct mail  Speaking opportunities  Video YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia  Marketing automation for small businesses Landing pages Lead nurturing, account management Vendors: SharpSpring, BoingNet, HubSpot, Hatchbuck,
  10. 10.  Web site  Wix, SquareSpace, GoogleSites, 1and1,  Surveys and Polls   Survey Monkey  Monitoring/research  GoogleAlerts  Mention  Feedly  MuckRack  HootSuite, TweetDeck,  Blogging/sharing  WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Buffer  Email Marketing  ConstantContact, Mail Chimp, GraphicMail, VerticalResponse
  11. 11. Focus on delivering a GREAT product and service experience and turn earliest customers into champions Communicate: feedback and ideas Build trust and credibility, share everything Create community, help build connections Find credibility-building partners Cultivate referrals via every channel
  12. 12.  Commit to CONSISTENCY  Use what you know about your customers  Treat your audiences as part of the family  Be credible and creative  Earn your reputation as a trusted, sought after source and partner
  13. 13. Books  Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet  Four Steps to the Epiphany, Steve Blank  Marketing in the Round, Gini Dietrich, Geoff Livingston  Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead, David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan Blogs and Web Sites , John Jantsch , Ann Handley , Sean Ellis