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how to build a community team within a larger company

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  • Guarantee Community will be the team inside your company that changes the most over time. It takes mounds of H, E, A to roll with the changes.
  • Community is more than just a set of skills and practices. It is also a core value. When you commit to building a community team in your company, you’re saying
    it’s not just about transactions + the bottom line
    it’s about providing a service or product of real value that benefits your community.
    it’s about connecting your community with each other in ways that may even outlast your company. And that means you’ve done a good thing/succeeded.
  • Cindy_Au_How to Hire and Scale a Community Team_CMX Summit NYC

    1. Building a Community Team Cindy Au, VP Community, Kickstarter // @shinyee_au
    2. What makes for a great Community professional?
    3. 42% 19% 22% 17% Teaching Waiting tables Writing Worrying = Community professional
    4. A brief history of Community at Kickstarter, 2009-2014
    5. 0M 3M 5M 8M 10M 13M 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Kickstarter users Community team 7 14 18 23 30 2
    6. Who is Kickstarter’s Community Team?
    7. 0 2.25 4.5 6.75 9 11.25 Literature Music Gender Studies Film Political Science History Art Journalism Communications Psychology Library Science Law Computer… Design Culinary School Invented Major Dropped out College Majors English majors = Unemployable, or highly qualified community professionals?
    8. Founded companies // worked at literary agencies // published cookbooks // created award-winning RPGs // waited tables // composed space operas // played roller derby // programmed self- playing musical instruments // coached chess // drawn comics // written a thesis titled “Good Bush, Bad Bush” Collectively, we have:
    9. What do you look for in a community hire?
    10. Outstanding writing & communication skills
    11. Humility, Empathy, Adaptability
    12. Intellectually curious & creative
    13. Sense of Humor
    14. Part of your Community
    15. Meet Natalie, from our community support team (also pizzercise expert)
    16. How will your community team evolve over time?
    17. Community Support Editorial Events Outreach & Marketing Communication s & PR Project Review Fresh Direct Trust & Safety From all of this...
    18. Community Support Community Engagement Trust & Safety this
    19. Community Operations Support T&S Payments ? Community Engagement Education Teams/Mentors Events ? Community Content & Policy this
    20. ? to…
    21. What is the future of community in your company?
    22. Community is a discipline and a practice
    23. Community is a core value
    24. ` Community is still in flux
    25. It’s in your hands.