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Toolkit Presentation


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Toolkit Presentation

  2. 2. RESPONSIBILITIES AS A REP1. Recruit 2+ restaurants to participate in program2. Conduct 4 restaurant pickups3. Do a minimum of 2-3 Drop offs at shelters/schools andor other organizations4. Submit 3+ updates (1-3 sentence update, not an essay)with pictures of the course of the year5. Attend 1 web-meeting later (discuss newideas, exchange feedback or challenges)
  3. 3. GETTING STARTED (BIO)1. Provide us with a short bio (no more than 200 words). Tell us a fewlines about yourself and your interests.2. Don’t forget to send us a headshot for the website!** Sample: I am a seventeen-year-old from Washington, D.C. I founded the ColorMy World Project in order to increase art in early childhood care, to advocatefor environmental responsibility, and to motivate teenagers to use theircreativity to make a lasting change in their communities. I likesoccer, lacrosse, and beachesPlease send to info@colormyworldproject.orgWe will post your profile as an official team member, as soon asyou bring on your first restaurant
  4. 4. Finding a Recycling Bin1. Deeper is better than bigger2. No covers (better have open bin)3. Not bigger than (8 gal deep)4. Priced anywhere from $ 4-7 per binWithin first month of signing up your firstrestaurant we will provide (via paypal orcheck) funds to cover your costs ofpurchasing bin/gloves etc* Stipend of $50 will be provided when gettingstarted click link here Stipend PagePROJECT MATERIALS & STIPEND
  5. 5. WHAT YOU’LL GET AS A REP• A supportive and helpful group of friends and co-workers• A great addition to your college resume or CV• A meaningful opportunity to make a real IMPACT in your communityStuff!: Package in the mail• 1 CMW T-shirt• 20 stickers for restaurant recycling bins• 50 CMW coloring books• 10 how-to recycling picture books• UV wand for crayon cleaning
  6. 6. Enlisting CMW Restaurants:• Research local restaurants that distributecrayons (family style restaurants &national chains ie: Ruby Tuesdays TGIFridays and Outback Steakhouse• Go on website of restaurant and searchfor manager or proprietor to talk to.Schedule to contact (a good time tends tobe 1 hour before opening time, try toavoid late afternoon – dinner time,)• See sample Restaurant Pitch
  7. 7. 1. Drop off recycling bin forrestaurant2. Print and tape on bin Bin Info3. Place sticker on bin (will beprovided)4. Print out “server how to”5. Print out About CMW sheet (fillin contact info) for manager orproprietorGETTING A RESTAURANT STARTED
  8. 8. Pickups are the simplest part of theCMW process.1. Try to visit restaurant beforeopening hours so they are not toobusy2. Bring a bag with you so you candump the crayons that they havecollected and give them the emptybin back3. Smile and remind them that youwill be back in the next 3-4 weeks(depending on how busy or howquickly the bin fills up)PICKUPS
  9. 9. CLEANING CRAYONS!Grab some popcorn and start watching the movieClick Here
  10. 10. 1. Research online for local pre-schools, childhood carecenters, shelters and/or otherorganizations that could usethe crayons2. Call to verify need3. See school pitch for referenceor helpful tipsDROP-OFFS AND DONATIONS
  11. 11. CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING A CMWCHANGE MAKERTo download Reference sheets and How-To’sClickHere