“Scalable Content Strategies for Facebook and LinkedIn”


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Are you struggling with how to develop content strategies leveraging Facebook and LinkedIn that will work for your business? Fret no longer…this is the session for you. In this dynamic presentation from Amy Porterfield, you will learn:
• How to use your content to supercharge your audience on LinkedIn
and Facebook
• The 3 biggest social media mistakes most companies are making (and how to
avoid them)
• Discover proven engagement strategies that will get your fans talking
• How to use custom apps to attract new fans, engage with potential customers
and promote your business

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“Scalable Content Strategies for Facebook and LinkedIn”

  1. 1. Scalable Content Strategiesfor Facebook and LinkedIn Amy Porterfield @amyporterfield #cmworld 1
  2. 2. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are a Marriage Made in Heaven 2
  3. 3. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldHereʼs Why . . . • Relevant, valuable content turns a stranger into a fan and a fan into a customer. • To make an impact on your ideal audience, you must Super Share. Focus your content on the core social outlets that matter most to your brand. • Social content is different than traditional content. Today you must create content that educates, entertains and empowers. 3
  4. 4. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldContent Strategies to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing #cmworld 4
  5. 5. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld3-Point Facebook Content TuneUp• Engagement: Content fuels the Facebook Engagement Machine• Images: Combining images with content on Facebook will claim your spot in the News Feeds• Ads: Facebook advertising brings your content to the front of the line in an overly crowded platform #cmworld 5
  6. 6. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld Want to Ignite Engagement? ASK FOR IT. #cmworld 6
  7. 7. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld 7
  8. 8. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld#1: Ask And You Shall Receive 8
  9. 9. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld 9
  10. 10. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldImage Strategies to Dominate theNews Feed 10
  11. 11. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldWhy Images? • When you know your audience and the topics they gravitate toward, your sharability skyrockets. • Content with images allows your posts to go viral with the audience that really matters to your brand. #cmworld 11
  12. 12. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldDominate the News Feed 12
  13. 13. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldCreate a Content Image Campaign 13
  14. 14. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldUse Images to Ignite Action 14
  15. 15. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldContests, Giveaways and Promos 15
  16. 16. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldVisual Marketing Best Practices • Simple • Relevant • Entertaining • Thought-Provoking • Curious • Eye-Catching • Tell a story 16
  17. 17. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld 17
  18. 18. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld Click LIKE if you can appreciate this one - I sure can! 621 Likes 28% of audience reached 18
  19. 19. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldKnow Whatʼs Working 19
  20. 20. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldKnow Whatʼs Working 20
  21. 21. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldKnow Whatʼs Working 21
  22. 22. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldMarketing with Facebook Ads • Facebook ads give you the edge to grow a lucrative fan base, move fans into leads and increase sales. • Smart content and Facebook ads can supercharge your marketing efforts and encourage virality. • Ads increase engagement and take your promotions to a new level. #cmworld 22
  23. 23. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldPromoted Posts 23
  24. 24. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldPromoted Posts 24
  25. 25. NOT PromotedNOT PromotedPromoted Post Promoted Post 25
  26. 26. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldWant More Impact?Add Video! 92,352 People Saw This (vs. 16% of my fan base) 26
  27. 27. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldContent Marketing and Facebook Ads 27
  28. 28. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld 28
  29. 29. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld OUTSTANDING RESULTS 30% Opt-In Rate (Consistently!) 5 Sales a day ($97/unit) on a $80/day budget 29
  30. 30. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldContent Marketing and Facebook Ads 30
  31. 31. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldContent Strategies to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Connections #cmworld 31
  32. 32. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld3-Point LinkedIn Content TuneUp • All Updates: The “All Updates” area is a goldmine for your content. Learn how to show up more often. • LinkedIn Today: Crack the code on the LinkedIn algorithm to show up here more often. • Groups: Linked Groups are your direct link to the email boxes of your most important potential buyers. #cmworld 32
  33. 33. Dominate the ʻAll Updatesʼ Area 33
  34. 34. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldDominate the ʻAll Updatesʼ Area • By default, LinkedIn presents a list of Network Updates when a user logs in. This is a gold mine for your content! • Start building authority and awareness through an ever- present stream of relevant information that appears directly on the LinkedIn home page of your connections. #cmworld 34
  35. 35. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldOptimize LinkedIn Today 35
  36. 36. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldOptimize LinkedIn Today • LinkedIn Today drives massive amounts of traffic to popular content. • LinkedIn Today works off a voting algorithm that aims to match popular articles with interested users. • This means the content is personalized for each user - this gets your content in front of the people that matter most to your brand. 36
  37. 37. 37
  38. 38. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldList Building with LinkedIn Groups • 81% of LinkedIn users are members of at least one group • Create your own group or join other groups • When appropriate, look for ways to share content that encourages users to sign up for your free offer #cmworld 38
  39. 39. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldGroups = Direct Email Access 39
  40. 40. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldWrap Up: Top Social Content Principles “Content is what converts customers.” -Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose On a social level, content turns a stranger into a fan and a fan into a customer. 40
  41. 41. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldWrap Up: Top Social Content Principles To make an impact on your ideal audience, learn to Super Share. Focus your content on your core social outlets. (You canʼt be everything to everyone.) 41
  42. 42. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworldWrap Up: Top Social Content Principles Social content is different than content you use in ebooks, videos and reports. With social content, mix things up. Educate, entertain and empower. 42
  43. 43. AmyPorterfield.com @amyporterfield #cmworld www.AmyPorterfield.com 43