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“How SAS Finds and Promotes Thought Leaders to Drive a B2B Community”


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It’s an editor’s job to find the right expert for each article, blog, webinar and byline. And in today’s B2B space, those pieces should come together to tell a story about the product and shape the consumer’s beliefs about the brand. But that task can be daunting when NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and restrictions from legal and the PR department – both yours and the expert’s – stand in your way. How can you overcome these obstacles to build a thriving B2B thought leadership community?
In this presentation you’ll learn the steps SAS’ External Communications has put in
place to find and promote industry experts – practitioners from the field, analysts,
professional speakers, consultants and in-house experts – to build a thought
leadership platform that spans and supports all marketing editorial publications.

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“How SAS Finds and Promotes Thought Leaders to Drive a B2B Community”

  1. 1. 5 steps to happily ever afterCourting thought leaders for your B2B community Waynette Tubbs SAS @WaynetteTubbs • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. 2. The top five2011 Nielsen survey responses show rising consumer trust in thought leadership! #cmworld @WaynetteTubbs @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  3. 3. From 2009 – 2011, trust in TV ads fell 24%, magazines lost 20%, newspapers fell 25%.Global ad spendincreased 7% from2010 - 2011, including10% increase in TV ads. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  4. 4. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  5. 5. Just as in the dating scene,there are many places to searchfor the perfect thought leader:Become a stalker.Subscribe to industry, customer,analyst and thought leader blogs.Connect with the authors on social.Hang with the ‘in’ crowd.Go to conferences, luncheons andevents hosted by your organizationor related to your industry.Look in your backyard.Take a look at the resumes in your org chart. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  6. 6. Know what is expected ofthe relationship!Can you live on love?Your customers, amateur bloggers andmany industry analysts may only be lookingfor increased exposure – a little extra blipon their resume.Is it the wedding chapel or nothing?Many professional thought leaders andspeakers expect paid speakingopportunities and payment for bylinedarticles or white papers. Before meeting, plan your pitch – your value statement including metrics, placement, promotion. @WaynetteTubbs @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  7. 7. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  8. 8. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  9. 9. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  10. 10. In relationships that last,it is the extra touchesthat make the difference.Call just to say hello.Give complimentsand send presents.Think of great placesto go together. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  11. 11. Bumps along the way? No budget Professional opinions could be hired to say exactly what you’d like – that would be great, but expensive. Approval process Industry practitioners must seek approval from legal and PR before authoring and commenting. Fear of offending True expert opinion is often watered down for fear of offending peers and customers. The unknown Fear of social media and few metrics in B2B to prove its value. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  12. 12. The happily ever after Credibility Improved authority and credibility for the brand. Domino effect Increased efforts from product marketing and field marketing to surface thought leader content. Encouragement Improved social media engagement from internal thought leaders. Encouraged more internal thought leaders to blog. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  13. 13. Keys to success Be bold Don’t be afraid to say hello. Do your research Learn what motivates people to know if you can provide it. Coach, coach, coach Money and time are usually not the roadblock. What often gets in the way is fear. Chin up Don’t be afraid to ask. They can’t eat you. Give ‘em a nudge Never take the first no as the final answer. @waynettetubbs #cmworld
  14. 14. Questions? Waynette Tubbs @waynettetubbs #cmworld