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“Content Marketing as Your Public Relations”


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While storytelling has always been a core component of effective public relations, social media has given rise to a new set of opportunities to create and distribute content that supports PR initiatives. As the Columbus Marathon and Madison Electric Products
learned, quality content changes behavior, activates audiences and supports business objectives. This presentation will share two very different case studies – highlighting
best practices and applicable tips from each. From live “Ask the Race Director” UStream shows and a virtual scavenger hunt … to white papers and strategic blog posts … Madison and the marathon created success by creating compelling content.

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“Content Marketing as Your Public Relations”

  1. 1. Heather Whaling • @prTini • #CMWorldContent Marketing Bolsters PR Heather Whaling Geben Communication @prTini • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. 2. Sign of the TimesKodak: Bankrupt • Instagram: Acquired for ~$1 billion #cmworld
  3. 3. #cmworld
  4. 4. Desired Outcomes: eliminate generate activate & educate barriers leads accelerate Photo credits: Schoolhouse, Post-It, Line, Runner #cmworld
  5. 5. educate #cmworld
  6. 6. PR Goals:• Change perceptions• Build collaboration• Innovate best practices• Educate #cmworld
  7. 7. Content Buckets:• Innovation in Action• Relationship-driven Business• Cleveland (Ohio) Rocks• Paving the Way Through Leadership• Madison: Up Close & Personal #cmworld
  8. 8. Sparks Innovation Center:Crowdsourced product development #cmworld
  9. 9. Innovation in ActionMadison: Up Close & Personal Paving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  10. 10. Innovation in ActionMadison: Up Close & Personal Paving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  11. 11. Innovation in ActionMadison: Up Close & Personal Paving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  12. 12. Innovation in ActionMadison: Up Close & Personal Paving the Way Through Leadership ••• Results: • Hundreds of submissions • 17% company growth • 37% new sales growth #cmworld
  13. 13. #cmworld
  14. 14. Innovation in Action Relationship-driven BusinessPaving the Way Through Leadership ••• #cmworld
  15. 15. eliminate barriers #cmworld
  16. 16. Columbus Marathon:a social media case study #cmworld
  17. 17. Priorities:• Communicate with people when & where they want• Foster engagement• Eliminate the “scare” factor• Sustain year-round community• Improve customer service #cmworld
  18. 18. after you nail the basics, add some sizzle #cmworld
  19. 19. Virtual Scavenger Hunt:• Drive traffic to the new website• Positive reinforcement• Establish new connections with potential marathon runners/walkers• #cmworld
  20. 20. Tweet & Go Seek #cmworld
  21. 21. New partner: Sponsor:Participant: Taking note: #cmworld
  22. 22. First Marathon to Join PinterestAmong top 15 referring sites to the website #cmworld
  23. 23. Ask the Race Director• Live broadcast on Ustream• Solicited questions on Facebook,Twitter, blog & enewsletter• 45 minutes, over lunch hour #cmworld
  24. 24. 30 Tips, 30 Days• 8 of the top 10 blog pages in 2011 were tips• Blog traffic grew 260%• Percentage of pageviews tripled from 2010 #cmworld
  25. 25. The Final Countdown• 1,175 shares• 476 shares• Week-of interactions increased 385%• Secured car donation #cmworld
  26. 26. Results:• 2010, 2011 races sold out faster than ever• 2012 registration pacing ahead of 2011• 2011 data: – Facebook “likes” increased 130%, engagement increased by 300% – Twitter followers increase 77% – Website traffic increased 18.5%, with social media driving 50% of all referral traffic – Blog post views increased 170%• Responded to 500+ questions/comments on Facebook the week of the marathon #cmworld
  27. 27. generate leads #cmworld
  28. 28. Timely infographics• Increased traffic 360%• 50+ viable leads• Opened doors in sports vertical #cmworld
  29. 29. Heather Whaling • @prTini subscribe: Disrupt the status quo. Build awareness. Acquire customers.Excel in the social world. Increase sales. Innovate best practices. #cmworld