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“Building Your Internal Publishing Department for Content/Social Success”


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Content and Social Media Marketing hold so many similarities to traditional publishing, but most companies don’t know how to think, act or consistently deliver like a publisher. This session will help attendees learn how to integrate their content and social
media strategies, break down internal barriers of communication and provide a solid framework for building their own internal publishing departments – from processes and workflow to team structure. We’ll also discuss some of the content and social publishing
tools that help companies adopt and build a sustainable publishing engine. Attendees will leave with a new org chart and a documented process for their new content and social media publishing department.

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“Building Your Internal Publishing Department for Content/Social Success”

  1. 1. Building Your Internal PublishingDepartment for Content& Social Media Success Brody Dorland & Jayme Thomason @brodydorland - @jaymethomason • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. 2. 5 Practical Ways toRestructure for Success #cmworld
  3. 3. #1. “Thinking” Like a Publisher Won’t Cut It. Time to Look Like One.• Your organizational structure needs to change• Develop a vision for your ideal team• Restructure and hire based on that (not your reality) #cmworld
  4. 4. #2 – Don’t Shotgun. Plan Like aPublisher.• Listen First (create a dashboard)• Communicate your strategy across your organization• Schedule regular planning meetings (news org “war room,” pitching, customer stories)• Create an agenda• Where will you store all these great ideas? #cmworld
  5. 5. #3 – Silos Are for Wheat, Not Content• Identify information silos in your org.• Communicate to your C-Suite what these silos are costing your organization• Bring “Silo Owners” to the table and make them part of your new editorial structure• Create a new environment of sharing #cmworld
  6. 6. #4 – It’s Not a Plan Unless it’s on Paper• Formalize your new editorial structure and workflow processes• Start forming new habits• Be patient while your team adjusts #cmworld
  7. 7. #5 – Real-Time Collaboration Tools Can Break Down Walls (& silos)• The wrong tools can make the whole thing harder than it needs to be• The right tools can bring form, function and (dare we say) fun to your workflow! – Listening tools – Content planning / workflow tools – Optimization tools – Writer networks #cmworld