VisionID who we are and what we do.


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VisionID who we are and what we do.

  1. 1. Why Enterprise Mobility: Why Traceability: integrating people, • Presently there is 920 million Mobile Workers – by 2013 there will 1.19 Companies invest considerable VisionID –and processes products who we are: billion. resources to establish the value of • 36% of the working population will be mobile workers by 2013. their brands and meet the needs • VisionID – 11 years old and 100% Irish • Mobile device penetration among mobile workers to near 10% by 2014. of customers, regulations and • We provide Enterprise Mobile Computing and Traceability Solutions Having a well-mobilised workforce can save an organisation up to 40% efficiency in the supply chain • Offices in Dublin, Clonmel, Limerick and Belfast. of its valuable man hours, and can result in a consolidated increase in – end to end traceability protects • World Class Service and Support Provided this investment. overall efficiency of employees.OUR PRODUCTS: Mobile Computer Solutions Wireless LAN/Radio Frequency Solutions Barcode Scanners & Verifiers Barcode Label Printing • On-Site • on-Contract N • epot Maintenance D Contracts Consumables RFID ID/Plastic Card Printing Solutions Support Service General Distribution – Mobile delivery tracking Proof of Delivery – Eliminating errors Field Sales – Reducing Paperwork Field Service – Better access to information Stock/Inventory Management – Increasing accuracy and productivity Asset Management – Track, service and maintain your assets Document Tracking – Providing a complete • Mobile Device Management audit trail of document movement • ireless Solutions W Professional Services SoftwarePARTNERS: recognised leader in Advanced has a wealth of experience in world leader of image-based ID delivers leading-edge automation offers the broadest range of data Data Capture and largest rugged developing proven solutions readers and is the only company and control solutions, equipment collection, mobile computing, RFID, mobility supplier with 39% of the for a variety of industries and that can support all of your 1D and services designed to improve wired and wireless connectivity, EMEA market applications barcode and 2D code reading customers’ business performance. and printer and media solutions requirements. available from one company.CUSTOMERS: Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Provided over 1,500 Provided State of the Supplied AutoID Provided a new high- Provided mobile Implemented a new Implemented their handhelds to support art scanning, printing materials for the performance mobile computers to support printing solution Global SAP project in their Retail Operations and vision equipment production and computer and scanner their stocktaking and without changing the the warehouse and and Logistics business that adhered to a warehouse facilities system for their 66,000 other product related host application distribution facilities 24/7 manufacturing sq ft distribution hub functions environment 365 days a year.
  2. 2. INDUSTRIES: Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Retail Pharmaceutical Transport & Medical Devices & Logistics Quality Management Inventory Compliance Materials Solutions Control Labelling Management Healthcare Government Manufacturing Utilities Direct Quality Work Employee Part Marking Management in Progress IdentificationHealthcare Manufacturing Patient Wristband Pharmacy Patient Inventory Material and Warehouse Inventory Enterprise Asset Compliance Printing Labels Identification Control Management Control Management Labelling Staff & Visitor Treatment Surgical Instrument Blood Sample Quality Employee Direct Industrial CRM Badges Verification Tracking Tracking Management Identification Part Marking SolutionsRetail Transport & Logistics Inventory Price Shelf Edge Employee Freight Driver Delivery Inventory Accuracy Management Checking Labelling Communications Management Productivity Reconciliation On-Board Stock Customer Loyalty Queue Self-Checkout Route Fleet Warehouse Remote Worker Replenishment Gift Solutions Busting Solutions Consolidation Management Management CommunicationsGovernment Utilities Parking Field Mobile Remote Worker Enterprise Asset Field Mobile Remote Worker Management Service Data Access Communications Management Service Data Access Communications Fleet Inventory Employee Document Fleet Inventory Employee Employee Management Control Identification Control Management Control Identification Management