The Mobility Cloud.


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The Mobility Cloud
Combining the power of cloud computing with the freedom and
functionality of mobile devices can give enterprises access to a
wide range of key benefits, including increased reliability, real-time updates, device-agnostic applications and more.
Research continually highlights the exponential growth in the number of mobile services using the cloud and the number of mobile phone users
that access applications through the cloud - predicted to rise from 42.8 million in 2008 to almost 1 billion by 2014.

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The Mobility Cloud.

  1. 1. Barcode Scanning and Printing · Mobile Computing · Wireless Technologies · Identification Solutions
  2. 2. What is Cloud Computing?Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby sharedresources, software and information are provided to computersand other devices on demand.What is Mobility?This is the use of portable computing devices that can run onbatteries but are not usually classified as laptops:• Portable Computers• Tablet PCs• PDAs• Netbooks• SmartphonesThe Mobility CloudCombining the power of cloud computing with the freedom andfunctionality of mobile devices can give enterprises access to awide range of key benefits, including increased reliability, real-time updates, device-agnostic applications and more.Research continually highlights the exponential growth in the number of mobile services using the cloud and the number of mobile phone usersthat access applications through the cloud - predicted to rise from 42.8 million in 2008 to almost 1 billion by 2014.VisionID, In2Sequence & the Mobility CloudVisionID continually work to ensure that we can supply our clients with the most up to date products, services and solutions to ensure processesrun smoothly, efficiently and effectively.Keeping this in mind we have joined forces with In2Sequence who specialise in delivering complex field-force management systems for allindustries focusing on the needs of mobile workers within companies. This unrivalled solution coupled with our extensive expertise, knowledgeand experience with hardware we can provide a solution to tend to your every need as a company employing mobile workers – and all of thesoftware uses the cloud, thus coining the term “The VisionID Mobility Cloud” for us. Having a digital office results in 80% less paper.Client Benefits – Mobilising Your Workforce: Client Benefits - Platform:VisionID provides end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions, The cumbersome paper notes, files and documents, stacks of foldersinside and outside the four walls, that help organisations get and the constant hassle of having to ink data, information or a note,real-time access to point-of-business information. Your sales, seems such a wasteful exercise in this electronics age when it is soservice and maintenance staff will have the tools available to easy to adopt better practices using the best software.rapidly reduce downtime and take advantage of every revenue- • Manage all elements of your process in one applicationgenerating opportunity. • Automate collection of all business process or field dataUsing the latest technology to equip your staff with a • Route relevant intelligence to relevant people instantlymobile office will give them the tools they needto make more informed business decisions as • Dramatically improve processes for quality and efficiencieswell as removing the errors associated with • Detect exceptions and raise cascading alertsmanually processing paper • Simplify complex information flows, reduce paperworkwork. Handheld computers, • Risk-free system, fast and easy install and operatesmart phones, PDAs, etc., allhave mutual benefits for the • Give customers a professional, differentiated servicecustomer, the employee and • Give sales a confident ‘edge over competitors’the employer. The customerbenefits from the ability to accessmore real time information. Theemployee (mobile worker) benefits from amore organised work flow and a lot lesspaper work. The employer benefits fromhaving more organised employees with lessdowntime, the ability to track the work beingdone, access to real time information andthe elimination of errors. If you feel that youremployees don’t do what you expect of themand just do what you inspect, we have thesolution for you.
  3. 3. Determining A Solution For Your BusinessThe first step in our consulting methodology is a thorough Needs Analysis.Our consultants bring years of facilities management, workforce automation and technology knowledge to your implementation. We will work withkey players in your organization to create a plan that includes your goals, establishing data sources, and recommendations for implementationscope and timeline. Some of the information gathered during this step includes:• Evaluation of legacy systems and processes for space management, move, asset inventory, lease and property management, work order, preventative maintenance and CAD activities• Brainstorming and determination of desired goals• Interviews with key organizational contacts• Recommendations for complete system implementationThe second step in our consulting methodology is Implementation.Once the Needs Analysis is complete our team can help guide your organizationthrough the implementation process. A thorough understanding and executionof our systems implementation includes several aspects such as:Database and Systems IntegrationA successful implementation should integrate and share data from and with different sources throughout your organisation. Our systems cantalk to your internal scheduling databases and link them to other systems in your organisation to increase the effectiveness and distribute thebenefits of your system.Product and Framework ConfigurationAlthough our solutions are robust and highly configurable, we understand that you may not have the resources to make the solution integratewith your business processes. We can help you configure your solution and develop the necessary business frameworks to your specificneeds to further develop the unique preferences at your organisation. The inherent flexibility of the hardware and software design guaranteesconfigurations will migrate to future versions, ensuring your investment will last and easily accommodate future demands as they arise.Custom ReportingThe internal reporting engine provided our solutions is ideal for generating a wide range of reports with its highly intuitive, streamlined andflexible layout. However, we recognize that some organisations want to develop much more complicated reports. So we can create customreports by integrating with advanced reporting tools and information systems such as SAP.The third and final step of the process is ...Project Management and After Sales SupportWe can provide complete Project Management services to help with all aspects of your implementation and thereafter.The team assigned to your project will be with you every step of the way, offering guidance and assistance to help get your solution runningsmoothly and quickly. Personal attention to our clients and client satisfaction are core principles for us and our Professional Services team ishighly trained and competent. As well as help with the implementation of the hardware and software we also provide Technical support andservices on all hardware. We do a variety of response times varying from same day to workshop.Once a Needs Analysis is conducted, our consultants can assist in managing your implementation by setting up a project schedule and monitordeadlines to help ensure a successful and timely implementation.Types of SolutionsVisionID are partners with some of the biggest manufacturers of Mobile Computers in the World, in particular, Motorola, Intermec and Honeywell.There are solutions from all three providers that range in price, complexity, durability, usability and productivity. The needs analysis that weconduct will help determine the best handheld for your solution.Just like the hardware element, the software comes in a varietyof solutions. There are simple, straight forward “out-of-the-box” type solutions. These cover all the basic needs that anybusiness could have. But, thinking outside the box, VisionIDwith the help of In2Sequence can provide a solution tailoredto your every need. Every company’s needs are different and“out-of-the-box” just won’t suffice for some needs. The needsanalysis will suggest, what exactly is needed for us to providethe perfect platform. The solution can be as complex as neededwhile remaining user friendly and in particular having the abilityto integrate with existing systems with as little interruption aspossible.
  4. 4. Our Mobility PartnersVisionID is partnered with Motorola and Zebra who provide the hardware aspect to all Mobility Solutions. Zebra specialise in Mobile Printers andMotorola in mobile computers and handhelds. Both are world leading at what they do and have years of experience in the Mobility field. Zebra & Mobile Solutions: Increase accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing costs when you implement Zebra field service solutions. Efficiently control your service and maintenance recording, parts deliveries, service pickups, invoicing, route delivery and labour management with Zebra mobile print solutions. Using bar code and RFID technology in mobile printers reduces paperwork and automates in-field processes. Verify records, receipts and invoices with your customers on-site at time of delivery to increase customer satisfaction and reduce billing cycles. Zebra field service solutions help you drive on going service revenue by producing inspection stickers and service reminder labels that prompt customers to contact you for scheduled maintenance.Motorola & Mobile Solutions:Enable your organisation to provide faster response times, increase thenumber of service calls, reduce travel costs and eliminate paperworkusing Motorola Field Service Solutions.These solutions, a combination of enterprise digital assistants andmobile computers from Motorola and software from our partners,empower workers with the tools they need to: work faster, track andbill all labour, parts and materials used, meet contractual obligationsand up-sell customers during service calls. Improve your company’sability to track, service and maintain its assets whether they’re underone roof or in disparate locations. Automate asset maintenance togive technicians and support staff instant access to the details theyneed to keep all operating at peak performance with EnterpriseAsset Management Solutions, made up of Motorola hand-held mobilecomputers, bar code scanners, RFID technology and software fromour partners. Eliminate paper bottlenecks by using Motorola mobilitytechnology and your technicians will spend less time requesting,assigning, completing and closing out work orders.In2Sequence & Mobile Solutions:VisionID also has a software partner. In2Sequence has built a robust,globally scalable and configurable, back-bone FM Service Managementsystem that majors on engineering excellence and configurablesoftware design. This revolutionary new product includes at its corean MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern that ensures easy andquick configurability without compromise to the core product. Thiscomprehensive business management product was built to operateover networks to collect and manage data from many types of fielddeployed devices such as PDAs, scanners and biometric devices.integrating people, products and processes website: Head Office: Unit 4C Gurtnafleur Business Park, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Tel: +353 (0)52 618 1858 Fax: +353(0)52 618 1860, Email: Limerick Office: Annacotty Business Park, Annacotty, Co. Limerick, Tel: +353 (0)61 514 683 Fax:+353 (0)61 749 873, Email: Dublin Office: 3013 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Tel: +353 (0)1 524 1586 Fax: +353 (0)1 443 0560, Email: Northern Ireland Office: 20 Adelaide St. Belfast, BT2 8GB, Northern Ireland, Tel: +44 (0)28 9099 8504, Email: