@WR_ARP committee presentation


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Slides of images from West Yorkshire and text from tweets regarding the bombing raid on the West riding of Yorkshire and Leeds especially on the night of the 14-15 March 1941

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@WR_ARP committee presentation

  1. 1. @WR_ARP West Yorkshire’s darkest night 14-15 th March 1941
  2. 2. @WR_ARP: Friday 14th March 1941, 8.25pm PURPLE ALERT, *LEEDS*: All ARP and AFS staff to stations, please. @WR_ARP: Friday 14th March, 1941, 9.10pm, AIR RAID ALERT, *LEEDS*. Please make your way to your nearest shelter or place of safety.
  3. 3. @WR_ARP: 14th March 1941: High Explosives dropped at Bolton on Dearne, Ferrybridge Power Station and at Ryhill; numerous fires caused by Incendiaries @WR_ARP: 14th March 1941: Gun fire and planes over north Leeds (report from Taylors Tanning Machinery, Bramley
  4. 4. @WR_ARP: 15th March 1941: The West Riding of Yorkshire, (Leeds, Huddersfield and Castleford in particular) is experiencing a 'sustained air attack'. @WR_ARP: 15th March 1941: Leeds AFS - incendiary fires in City Square (Post Office/Barclays Bank/Yorks Penny Bank) & at Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel
  5. 5. @WR_ARP: 15th March 1941: Leeds Town Hall and Museum on fire, hit by Indendiaries and High Explosives. AFS and Police in attendance. @WR_ARP: 15th March 1941: Leeds AFS report Kirkgate Markets now on fire; fire at Geocomellis Restaurant, Boar Lane
  6. 6. @WR_ARP: Saturday 15th March 1941, 3.10 am ALL CLEAR *LEEDS*: Enemy raiders have now passed. @WR_ARP: 16th March 1941: Casualty figures from Leeds for 14-15th March air raid: 65 killed (8 of whom children), 258 injured .
  7. 7. http://twitter.com/WR_ARP http://twitter.com/wyorksarchives