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Beaufort County School District

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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  1. 1. Photostory Teacher’s Guide
  2. 2. Opening Photostory
  3. 3. Creating a New Project/Story Begin a new story Edit an existing story Click NEXT
  4. 4. Adding Photos Click IMPORT PICTURES
  5. 5. Adding Photos Click the arrow to find the folder containing the photo or photos that you would like to use.
  6. 6. Adding Photos Click on the Folder or File containing your photos.
  7. 7. After selecting the Adding Photos folder with your photos they will be displayed in this box.
  8. 8. Adding Photos Click on the photo you want and then Click OK. If you would like to add all the photos from a folder press CTRL + A then Click OK.
  9. 9. Adding Photos The photos you selected will import and will be displayed in the order that they were imported on the storyboard. St o ry bo a rd
  10. 10. Arranging Photos To put your photos in the correct order Click and hold down on the photo you would like to move and then drag the photo to the right or left. When it is in the correct location let go of the mouse button.
  11. 11. Arranging Photos After you have If needed you all your photos can edit your in the correct order photos as you Click NEXT. are arranging them.
  12. 12. Click Click to to Adding Titles (Optional) change position change position Click (left, (top, to center, middle, change right) bottom) font Type your text into this box. It will be displayed on top of the selected photo.
  13. 13. Adding Effect to Photos (Optional) Click the arrow by effect to choose the effect you would like to add to your photo.
  14. 14. Adding Titles & Photo Effects After adding all the titles and effects to all the desired photos Click NEXT.
  15. 15. Custom Motion (Optional) Customize Motion adds movement to your photos as they appear in your final movie. Click Customize Motion
  16. 16. Custom Motion Click Here to add motion.
  17. 17. Custom Motion Click on the corner of the box to make it smaller or larger. Motion works by zooming in or out Click Preview to on a particular part of your photo. see what the motion you added looks like.
  18. 18. Custom Motion Click here to set the next photo to start where your current photo ended. This is optional, Click here to change the # of seconds the but works well. photo will display. The fewer # of seconds, the faster the motion. You can also let the computer set the time automatically if you don’t care how long the photo is displayed.
  19. 19. Custom Motion If desired, every photo can have custom motion added. To work on the next photo Click SAVE. Then click the arrow to get to After adding the next photo. motion to all the desired photos click CLOSE.
  20. 20. Tranistions (Optional) Click Customize Motion to add transitions.
  21. 21. Transitions Click Transition Transition Preview Transition Options Transition Time
  22. 22. Transitions happen between photos. This allows you to add more movement to your movie. Transitions are optional. Transitions Play around with different types of transitions and preview your movie to see if you like the way the transition looks. Watch the preview. Click on the transition you would like.
  23. 23. Transitions can be added to all photos if desired. Transitions Transitions must be added to the photos one by one. When you are If you are happy with finished your transition adding CLICK SAVE transitions and then Click to add a transition to CLOSE. the next photo.
  24. 24. You can add narration to each individual photo. Adding Narration This will allow you or your students to build a cohesive digital story. Narrations must be added to each photo separately one at a time. Click the Red Dot to start your narration. The Laptops contain an internal microphone, so you can just start narrating after pressing the red dot. Student desktops will need to have an external microphone plugged into them. Contact CORY for help with this.
  25. 25. Adding Narration As you are narrating the red dot will blink. Click small square when you are finished narrating. Click to delete the recording. Click preview to listen to your narration.
  26. 26. Adding Narration To add narration to a different photo Click on the desired photo from the storyboard. After adding all of your narrations Click NEXT.
  27. 27. Adding Music Click Select Click Create Music to add Music to add music you have music from saved on your the photostory computer. collection.
  28. 28. Adding Music (Select Music) Select Music: Locate the music you saved on your computer just like you located your photos. When you locate the song you want click on the song title and then Click OPEN.
  29. 29. Adding Music Adjust the song volume. BE CAREFUL THAT YOUR SONG DOESN’T COVER UP YOUR NARRATIONS! Click PREVIEW Your song will to help set your be displayed music volume. here.
  30. 30. Adding Music To add more songs click on the Photo that you would like the next song to start at. Then click Select Music or Create Music and add the song.
  31. 31. Adding Music The new song will display above the selected photo as a different color. Be sure to adjust the volume on each song.
  32. 32. Adding Music (Create Music) Click on the photo where you want the music to start. To create and add music to your movie Click CREATE MUSIC.
  33. 33. Adding Music (Create Music) Choose a GENRE & STYLE Choose a BAND (You are actually choosing the main instrument Choose a MOOD used in the music) Set the TEMPO Set the INTENSITY Press PLAY to Preview your song
  34. 34. Adding Music (Create Music) Creating music is fun, but you need to try different combinations of Tempo, Intensity, Mood, Bands, etc. to achieve a desired When you have sound. created a song you want for your Play around until you Movie get what you want. Click OK.
  35. 35. Adding Music Be sure the volume of your song is not louder than your narrations. Your song will Use this to lower or display above Click raise the volume of the storyboard PREVIEW a song. starting at the to check Photo you volume selected. levels.
  36. 36. Adding Music (Create Music) To add another song Click on the Photo where you want the new song to start at.
  37. 37. Adding Music (Create Music) After choosing the Photo that you want the new song to start at Click CREATE MUSIC and create your new song.
  38. 38. Adding Music Be sure to set the volume for each Your new song will song separately by display on your Click preview clicking on the song storyboard directly to check and then adjusting above the photo the volume the volume here. you selected. levels.
  39. 39. After adding and editing all the photos, motions, effects, narrations, and music that you would like in your movie Preview Click Preview. Watch the entire movie. If you would like to make changes Click BACK and make your additions. If you are happy Click NEXT.
  40. 40. Saving a Movie or Project If your movie is finished Click Save your story for playback on your computer. computer Click Browse to choose where you want your movie to save. Ex. My Documents, Desktop, etc. If you would like to edit your movie later click Save Project.
  41. 41. Saving a Movie When you click Browse this window will open. Choose the location where you would like the video to save. Title your video in the File Name box. Click SAVE
  42. 42. Saving a Movie After choosing the save location and titling your movie Click NEXT.
  43. 43. Final Step Click View Your Story to watch your movie. Windows Media Player will automatically open. Click Exit to Finish