Kids In the Creek brings learning to life


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Kids In the Creek brings learning to life

  1. 1. Kids in the Creek brings learning to life - By Jane Falkenstein - The Moun... Home News Sports A&E Lifestyles Opinion Columnists Obituaries Calendar Photos Special Sections eEdition Mostly Cloudy 68°F | Forecast bizSearch Classifieds Real Estate Ship n Sell Join Login Search Kids in the Creek brings learning to life biz/orgOffers FUND RAISER FOR By Jane Falkenstein | Sep 30, 2011 Share PISGAH HIGH ... By Marias Mexican Pueblo For the 14th year, Haywood Waterways - Sep 20 Association and Haywood County Schools Specials for FRIDAY hosted Kids in the Creek at Canton Recreation SEPTEMBER 21 ... Park. Students and teachers from By Marias Mexican Pueblo - Sep 20 Waynesville, Canton, and Bethel Middle schools enhanced their understanding of the Everything about this home & ... Haywood County watershed by sampling By Realty World Heritage - insect and fish populations, performing tests Sep 20 for water quality indicators, and working with an Enviroscape watershed model. These activities helped students connect facts and Get daily headlin figures from textbooks and lectures to a real Mountaineer deli Photo by: Jane Falkenstein time, real live snapshot of the water quality. Haywood Waterways Association Director, Eric When it comes to their future as citizens on Enter your email ad Romaniszyn, helps students identify benthic bugs Planet Earth, experiences like Kids in the they found in the Pigeon River. Creek with its group learning in a living Real Estate laboratory helps kids use their knowledge to water activities including kissing solve problems and benefit their communities. a hog sucker fish and catching and identifying fish in the Kids in the Creek is Haywood Waterways’ most intensive Pigeon River education program. It begins with trips to the classroom where students get an overview of the activities, what to wear, what to bring just in case, and a heavy dose of enthusiasm and excitement about the program. This year’s program again Canton | offered four learning stations, two on land and two in the $169,000 water. At the land stations, students tested water chemistry Location!! Location!! from the Pigeon River and modeled how nonpoint source Just Reduced!! pollution finds its way into streams using the Enviroscape. No Immaculate home in lectures here. Students learn the procedures and work as a great neighborhood! ... group to find solutions to water quality issues, all under the More Details » View More... watchful eyes of soil and water conservation specialists, and environmental educators. At the water stations, students, teachers, volunteers, and even some parents climb into chest waders to expand upon what they learned on land. Wildlife biologists lead them in discovering that the water they’re standing in is a living, changing ecosystem, sensitive to what we humans put into it, around it, and all that means for them and their future. One station has students collecting benthic macroinvertebrates, the insects, worms, snails, and crustaceans we can see with our naked eyes that live on the stream bottom. After they identify what they found in their nets, they can use this information to figure out what it means as a measure of the water’s health. Maggie Valley Comments from students like “These bugs are so cool! I get it now and it all makes sense! I fish | $199,000 Family Home out here all the time and I never knew these bugs were here. I love this!! The stuff we learned What a great family in school is more real to me. These fundamentals are FUN!” are just a few. When a large bug home. Hardwood floors, spacious ... with strong pinchers has the tip of your finger, it’s hard not be immersed in the subject. The More Details »1 of 4 9/20/2012 8:11 PM
  2. 2. Kids in the Creek brings learning to life - By Jane Falkenstein - The Moun... occasional tumble into the water does the same thing, literally, for some students. Words like, The Georgian Style of 18th Century “These rocks are slippery and the water’s cold!” are just some of the practical experience students England is Revived in get with Kids in the Creek. ... More Details » The second water-based activity involves students joining arms and herding fish into nets. At first, students are focused on the biologist wearing a backpack who’s about to put electricity into the water. The students exhibit a high level of cooperation and concentration during this activity, so as not to be on the receiving end of an electric shock. They learn about the fish they gather including the northern hog sucker, a fish with the unique ability to purse its mouth to suction its food from rocks on the bottom of the water and, as legend has it, brings good luck to those brave enough to kiss one. Fish that at first appeared slimy and not-so-cool get a major makeover. Waynesville | $849,900 While Haywood Waterways and Haywood County schools host the program, there are many Fabulous Home in other partners that continue to make this it so successful. The Pigeon River Fund of the Golf Course Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, the Towns of Canton, Clyde, and Community Spacious rooms Waynesville, Evergreen Packaging, NC Cooperative Extension Service, Wildlife Resources make this home ideal Commission, Haywood Soil & Water Conservation District, National Park Service, Great Smoky for large families, ... Mountains National Park, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Tennessee Valley Authority, Haywood More Details » Community College, Trout Unlimited (Cataloochee Chapter) and Best Buy in Waynesville all weighed in as sponsors. Many of these organizations send professionals out to educate the students and several help fund Kids in the Creek. Without these great partners, students, and teachers, it would be difficult for Haywood Waterways to provide this exceptional experience. For all the planning and hard work it takes to put on a program like Kids in the Creek, the fun factor is never far removed. Haywood Waterways President, Yvonne Hannah, said “Seriously, we Maggie Valley do have a vision of kids understanding the consequences of our lifestyles, but these days are so | much fun!” Alric Clay, a Haywood Waterways Association Board member agrees. “I love this Foreclosure! because there’s no better way to reach out to future generations than to get them into the water. Unique 9,900 sq ft commercial It’s clean and we helped to make it that way.” New this year was the offer of a free student building situated on membership in Haywood Waterways. Many kids signed up and will receive a copy of the 1.44 acres quarterly newsletter and an invitation to the Member Picnic next June. www.RealtyWorldHeri CLICK To date, Kids in the Creek has reached almost 10,000 Haywood County 8th grade students. Kids HERE to view listing ... in the Creek helps students take a giant step toward environmental literacy by giving them an More Details » opportunity that connects what they know to real life. These personal discoveries are our best educators. By working together they get a taste for the work lives they will encounter as adults. Since students learn better when they are actively engaged, Kids in the Creek is the perfect combination of learning how to learn, critical thinking and reasoning, and not only finding the answers but asking those important questions, the ones that really matter like “Why is water so important?” Waynesville | The word “purchase” is used a lot in our mountain communities. If you step on the rocks as you $354,900 climb a hill, you get “purchase” and have a better chance of making it to the top. From the faces Exceptional Value of the students, they got educational purchase from coming to this year’s Kids in the Creek Stunning 3 bedroom program. The students leave the program more likely to ask those big questions and keep their 3 1/2 bath post & beam pedestal home interest in solving the environmental issues. What they’re learning in the classroom plus group ... experiences like Kids in the Creek should go a long way toward growing environmentally More Details » responsible community citizens. Share Comments (0) If you wish to comment, please login.2 of 4 9/20/2012 8:11 PM