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  • Welcome EveryoneToday we will talk about a subject that us (big boys ) enjoy a lotGamesWith you Moustafa Mahmoud Mahmoud from cairo university
  • How many of you Still play and enjoy video gamesMany of us have dreamt of if not build m at least editing of adding s.th to a game he enjoyedDid you want to make this dream come true ?We also must note that the elements that makes games fun makes game development hardGraphics , art , interactivity not to mention the game logic and design it self
  • So what are the challenges There are a lot of huge game projects I only took the first one out of my searchGrand theft auto 4Cost nearly $100 millionsThese games took years to make, and lots of people.
  • Why all the money?Well, games need lots of artwork. Characters, environments, sound. That takes a lot of money.And, they need the Code – the computer instructions that tie all the art together and make it behave realistically and respond to the user. This code is very complicated, usually combined into a technological package called an Engine – these code packages are very sensitive company secrets and aren’t shared with anyone else. Developing this code and keeping it secret takes a lot of money.Finally, they need lots of business support. Marketing, sales, legal help – everything a big company needs generally, big games need it too. They need to package their games, put them on retail shelves, and that takes money.
  • Remember the dream we spoke about , will it remain a dream , is it the only way , will you forever remain a captive of others’ imagination a and or vision ? Or will you make it trueThe big boys. Think of some of the names you’ve seen on the games you play.EA, Sony, Ubisoft – these are gigantic publishing corporations that pay small studios to create games.They sell you these games and you don’t get much of a choice in what they’re going to be. Some are great, some aren’t great…And some, you say to yourself, “I could do better than that!”
  • But what if there was another way? A way where making a game and sharing it with your friends could be done cheaply…even for free? Imagine if it didn’t look like this – it looked like THIS.You make games. Your friends make games. You share them, modify them, make them better, and post them for all the world to see and play.Well, it’s possible right now, with a new product from Microsoft, called XNA Game Studio Express.
  • Non essential stuff are those related to the graphics cards compatibility and other non game logic related stuff
  • LayersWhen describing the XNA Framework and what it's made of, it’s useful to think of it as a series of layers.PlatformThe platform is the lowest layer and consists of the low-level native and managed APIs that the XNA Framework is built on top of.  Some of the APIs included in this layer are Direct3D 9, XACT, XInput, and XContent.Core FrameworkThe core framework is the “first” layer of the XNA Framework and provides the core functionality that the other layers extend.  If you had to associate something with Managed DirectX, it would be this layer.  Found here are areas of functionality grouped into Graphics, Audio, Input, Math, and Storage.  As we move forward with the XNA Framework, we'll build out this layer to provide additional functionality.Extended FrameworkThe main focus of the extended framework layer is making game development easier.  Currently, this layer has two main components: the Application Model and the Content Pipeline.  As we move forward with the XNA Framework, we'll extend this layer to make it even easier for you to write games and expand the target audience.GamesGames are the highest layer. This layer consists of your game code and content.  Also found here would be things like Starter Kits, templates, and game components.
  • Xna

    1. 1. XNA Game DevelopmentPrepared by : Moustafa Mahmoud Free your Mind Unleash Your imagination
    2. 2. • How many of us .. Play video Games ? Have dreamt of building a game ? Would like to build a game?• What do you love about games ?? Graphics and art Interactivity Sound EffectsI Love games, Do you ?
    3. 3. • Game development is expensive and complex $100 millionWhat are the challenges?
    4. 4. Art Code BizWhere does that number buy ?
    5. 5. EA Sony Konami Me Is it the only way ?Will my dream remain a dream?
    6. 6. Me My family Me My friends Online communityI can make my own wayNo , I can make it true
    7. 7. XNA , a highway to your dream
    8. 8. “The term XNA regroups all Microsofts effort for gamedevelopers,“"Its a whole ecosystem made of services, tools and acommunity. XNA Game Studio Express is a key part of thisoffering and is a new and easier way to create games for PCand Xbox 360" Julien Ellie XNA Software Design Engineer at Microsoft.What Is XNA ?
    9. 9. XNA attempts to free game developers from writing"repetitive boilerplate “ codeYou Don’t need to deal with non essentialTechnical stuffWhat is the difference ?
    10. 10. XNA Framework XNA Build XNA Game StudioIt includes an extensive a set of game asset XNA Game Studio is anset of class libraries, pipeline management integrated developmentspecific to game tools, which help by environment (IDE) fordevelopment, to defining, maintaining, development of games.promote maximum debugging, andcode reuse across target optimizing the gameplatforms. The asset pipeline offramework runs on a individual gameversion of the CLR that development efforts.is available forWindows XP, WindowsVista, Windows 7,Windows Phone 7 andXbox 360.Components of XNA
    11. 11. Games Legend Starter Kits Code Content Components XNA Provides You ProvideExtended CommunityFramework Application Model Content PipelineCoreFramework Graphics Audio Input Math StoragePlatform Direct3D XACT XINPUT XContent XNA Framework Layers
    12. 12. Basic requirements• XNA Game Studio 4.0• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0But the most important prerequisite• A Creative Mind & passion to Develop !!!!What do I need to get started?
    13. 13. Ready to get started ?
    14. 14. Excited ?? Let’s See XNA in action
    15. 15. Demo : Games createdwith XNA