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Cfs 3600 open house ppt


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Cfs 3600 open house ppt

  1. 1. Open House Jefferson Elementary August 26, 2014
  2. 2. Welcome Parents! • Welcome to Mrs. Payne’s Kindergarten class! • Open house agenda: – Scavenger Hunt/Introduction – Class information – Homework – Field trips and parties – Behavior, rules and policies – Parent involvement – Paperwork and handouts – Q&A
  3. 3. About Me… • I have been working with children for 13 years but this is my first year in a Kindergarten classroom. • Studied Early Childhood Education at Tennessee Tech • Moved to TN from NY State in 1995. Married with three kids and a dog. Live in Oak Ridge • I’m excited about the school year and looking forward to working with you to help your child have a successful first year of school.
  4. 4. Class Information • Daily schedule included in packet. Lunch is at 11:20. Special area classes: Mon.-PE, Tues.-Art, Wed.-Library, Thurs.-Music, Fri.Technology • First bell rings at 8:15. Class starts at 8:30. School ends at 3:15. Please be on time and avoid unnecessary absences.
  5. 5. Homework • Homework will be a monthly packet of short practice assignments to do Mon.-Thurs. Read at least 20 minutes a day and log the time and book in the reading log. • Children earn classroom bucks for reading and completing homework packets. • When the class earns enough cash, they will earn prizes. These will include ice cream, pizza party, pajama day, or extra free play.
  6. 6. Field Trips and Parties • Field Trips this year will be to the UT Arboretum in Oak Ridge in the fall, Knoxville Museum of Art, and a performance of the Knoxville Children’s Theater. • We will have some celebrations throughout the year including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, and an end of the Year party. • Birthdays are one way to make your child feel special. I have special treats for each child but feel free to bring in a special lunch or snack.
  7. 7. Class Rules • I will guide students to create a safe and fun learning environment in which all are respected and supported. • Class rules include: – Be respectful of yourself, others, and materials. – Be responsible for yourself, your belongings, and your work. – Be punctual and present. – Be organized and purposeful. – Be a self-starter and an avid learner and thinker. – Be prepared to develop important skills and concepts. – Be safe and have fun!
  8. 8. School Policies • Jefferson Elementary strives to provide a safe environment. Any student who acts in a violent way including bullying will be removed from the classroom and their parents called to the school for an immediate conference. • Instruction and practice are important to mastering skills and knowledge. Please avoid unnecessary tardiness, absences, and early check-outs. Please provide a signed note and dr. note when possible if your child misses any part of the school day. More than 5 unexcused absences will prompt a conference. Check-in and out in the main office. An ID is needed for classroom visits or check-out of students. • Other information: – School cancellations for bad weather and other reasons will be announced on local news and radio and by automatic message system. – Emergency procedures are in the student handbook and posted in hallways and each room. Procedures are practiced on a regular basis. – Fill out the transportation form letting us know how your child will depart and who is authorized to pick up your child. Pick up instructions are in the student handbook and the packet. – There is before and after school care available on the premises. Information and application form are in your packet. – There are many opportunities to volunteer inside and outside the classroom. I will send around a sign up sheet during the Q & A portion of tonight.
  9. 9. Get Involved! • The Title I Parent Involvement Plan is available to view in the front office, library, and parent lounge. Please contact Ms. Jones if you would like a copy for yourself. There is a form in your packet to let us know in what ways you are available to volunteer and a survey on activities you would prefer to take part in this school year. • The PTA is looking for new active members and volunteers. The meetings alternate between Tues mornings and Thurs evenings. They meet once per month. Please contact Virginia Smith for more information. • Volunteer sign-up sheet. Parties and field trips are better the more parents are present and involved so please mark those dates on your calendar.
  10. 10. Handouts • Take some time tonight to read over the information in your packets. Please return paperwork by Friday. • Forms to hand in include: – Transportation form. – Contact information with best time to contact you included. – Family questionnaire and participation interest form.
  11. 11. In-class Activities • Scavenger Hunt Questions • Sign in and enter your guess for the estimation jar • Winner estimation jar will win a book for your child • Feel free to look through your child’s desk and leave a special note for them
  12. 12. Questions? • Ask me questions now or fill out an exit slip so I can set up a time to talk privately with you or email you an answer. • Please fill out the family questionnaire as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Describe any areas in which you would like to see your child improve. – Describe your child's personality, interests, and talents as well as any talent you may have that could be useful in the classroom. – These help me get to know you and your children and help me with planning and setting individual goals and objectives.