Capital disintegration


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How to avoid the shrinking of your money.

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Capital disintegration

  1. 1. Avoiding Capital Disintegration! Modest, simple approach to putting your capital back to work now!
  2. 2. As kids we made up games… We made up the rules We never stopped changing the rules. We changed them whenever wanted. We adapted to the new rules easily
  3. 3. The rules have changed… It is not like it “used to be”. We didn‟t change the rules. We used to be able to adapt. We must adapt again.
  4. 4. Is your money working for you? Interest rates on IRAs/CDs at 50 year lows. The Fed won‟t raise interest rates till 2013 Stock market is very volatile. New/existing home sales at record prices.
  5. 5. What do we know is coming… Higher taxes. Inflation increasing. Families merging households. Higher health insurance premiums.
  6. 6. American dream decimated… Too many foreclosed homes. Vacant neighborhoods More foreclosures in the pipeline. Years before we are able to work through these foreclosures.
  7. 7. Recovery looking pretty dim… No new jobs being created. People stopped investing. Taxes are stifling growth. Regulations are hampering expansions.
  8. 8. Most things are out of our control… National press focuses on the negatives. Over reaction by tightening regulations. Over zealous spending by Washington. No national strategy to get us out of slump.
  9. 9. How bad is it really… GDP is very fragile. 10-year note depressed. Consumer Price Index is weakening. Fed Funds rate anemic. Consumer spending at historic lows. Unemployment rate is appalling.
  10. 10. What are some of the signs… Volatility of the stock market. Growing national debt. Unsustainable entitlement programs. No plan to create jobs.
  11. 11. What follows society in decline… Neighborhoods abandoned. Cities begin to decay. Families are displaced and homeless. People give up.
  12. 12. So what is needed? Even a modest plan would be helpful. Brainstorming by bright decision makers. Removal of bi-partisan bickering. A national commitment to do better.
  13. 13. What can WE do? Refuse to follow the herd instinct. Look for consistency in chaos. Be realistic. Make a plan, follow the plan.
  14. 14. How to approach things… Pay attention to what is happening. Keep an open mind. Make sensible, thoughtful decision. Allow yourself to be taught.
  15. 15. What is it we are talking about? Getting your money working for you again. Hedging up against inflation. Using proven, believable long term strategies. Being part of the solution.
  16. 16. Owning rental real estate.. Buying residential rental properties. Helping supply a needed commodity. Single family homes or 2-4 units. Tangible assets that you already have an understanding of.
  17. 17. Why real estate.. It is not just a paper investment, you can touch it. It will last for a long, long time. It is not „rocket science. It‟s management duties can delegated.
  18. 18. How predictable is real estate… This graph represents 25 years of data Graph is from
  19. 19. What about rental vacancies… The vacancy rate has decreased. Homeowners are becoming renters. Underwriting guidelines tightened. Rental rate have risen.
  20. 20. Why do this now… Prices are low, mortgage rates are low. Competition to buy is modest. Foreclosures will continue. People need housing now.
  21. 21. Why partner with others… Expertise of others helps give you a start now. The hard parts of managing are taken care of – fixing/maintaining/screening/rents/repairs/etc. All of this in done in „background‟.
  22. 22. Recapping challenges Low returns everywhere. Home values have declined. Home sales are way down. Unemployment rate is high. Job creation has been shamefully slow. National media continues to scare everyone. Government is over-spending / over-regulating.
  23. 23. Your current options Leave your money in your in weak returns. Work more hours. Leverage yourself by hiring more people. Wait until you have the time to do it yourself.
  24. 24. What do I need to get started… Time Time Money Expertise
  25. 25. How is it that we can help You! We are good at what you need help with. We do 95% of it for you. We have been doing it since 2004. We are successful, therefore you will be as well!
  26. 26. What‟s Next… Say YES. We meet together. Wed find properties, make offers and move people in! We all begin to benefit in this truly win-win relationship.
  27. 27. Contact information:Craig PattbergRealtor and Purchase a home like this. Fix it up. Advertise it for rent. Screen the tenants. Sign all of the lease paperwork. Move the tenants in. Do it again and again.