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Red Letter Day presentations Yr9C

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  • NICE power point :-)
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  • i think that you could make the text a little smaller , but apart from that i think that this is a good powerpoint and it gives you alot of info about what you are doing and tyhis is a good thing so that the buyer can really see what they are buying :)
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  • it ok but you coul do with more eaiting
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  • On my first power point, I have used capturing house style and have stuck to it throughout my power point. I have added the name of the company, Red Letter Days, and also the slogan. I have used a feminine house style complete with floral icons that match my colour scheme.
  • I have gathered a selection of images and made them one banner on paint with an outline of pink matching the font colour. On each slide I have added floral icons so it is easy to navigate. I have added a selection of choices, bungee jumping, shopping trips, swimming with dolphins, beauty spas and a trip to paris, most of them are girly with the exception of bungee jumping.
  • I have shadowed the text, to make the information stand out and have an effective look. Again I have gathered a bunch of images and made one big image banner on paint. I have over laped the text over the picture to make the information stand out even more, with the effect of it being at the front, and the pictures behind. Again the floral icons are there to make it easier to navigate around.
  • On this picture, I chose not to have pictures on this page due to people might not know designers just by pictures.
  • I have used the same features and house style.
  • I have used persuasive writing to make people want to buy it more.l.-
  • On this page I have not used
  • Student a

    1. 2. What Interests You? Bungee Jumping? Shopping? Swimming With Dolphins? Beauty? Trip To Paris?
    2. 3. Bungee Jumping, Enjoy a breathtaking experience from Red Letter Days, travel to the highest of lands, and discover a thrilling adventure for people who crave excitement from only £75 pounds.
    3. 4. Shopping Trip, Indulge in a luxury shopping trip for two in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world. The trip includes a week in a 5 star hotel, and two £50 gift certificates. All for£669.99 for two.
    4. 5. Swimming With Dolphins , Enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity for as little as £1999 including flight to Florida, Accommodations, a meal for two in a five star restaurant and 14 nights in a 5 star hotel.
    5. 6. For just £30 pounds two people can enjoy a day pass to a Beauty Spa, indulge in massages, spray tans, hair and makeup, pedicures, manicures and many other luxurious things. Beauty Spa
    6. 7. Trip To Paris, Enjoy a truly magnificent experience from Red Letter Days for £1499 for two people for 7 days. Includes two flight tickets to Paris &7 nights in a hotel. An unforgettable experience in a beautiful city.
    7. 8. Please confirm your details Name- Address- Contact Number-
    8. 9. Thank you for choosing Red Letter Days to deliver your unforgettable experience. Your chosen experience is on the way. If you have any further information please contact 0800 451 768 for details.