Teenage pregnancy


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Teenage pregnancy

  1. 1. Teenage Pregnancy By Cristian Moreira
  2. 2. Causes ofteenagepregnancy • Lack of information on safe sex and no sex ED • Lack of parental Guidance • Pressure from their peers that force them to have sex before they are ready. • Most of the time is because of love
  3. 3. Teenage Pregnancy dealing with abortions Teens that unexpectedly pregnant don’t know what to do and who to go for help. They are also to afraid to go to their parents and expect responsibility for their actions and a shamed to be judged by others. Also another reason for abortions is because some teens live in poverty. They are unable to take care of them selves how could they take care of an Infant?
  4. 4. Problems andDangers of TeenagePregnancy • Children from teen mothers have been found to have learning disabilities and behavior problems in school. • Teens that are 17 and younger encounter dangerous risk when giving birth because their pelvis are not fully developed and may be not wide enough. • Thiers also a chance of these young women dying at child birth. • Theirs also the struggle of rising the child because most young mothers don’t have a husband to help raise the child.
  5. 5. US teen pregnancy rates are higher than those of other countries by more the 50% About 16% end up in miscarriage. 27% end in abortions In the past fourteen years teen pregnancy has risen up to 8%
  6. 6. Interview • How and what did you do when you found out that you were pregnant? “I was frightened and panicking for days not knowing what to do and who should I go to . I was planning on running away but I stayed and told our parents mainly because I would have no father to help me rise her. • What are the disadvanages and advantages of having a baby at a young age? I was able to mature a lot more and understand our dad but its made my life a lot harder being a mother, staying in school, and working in the same time
  7. 7. InterviewPart2 • How did others treat you when they found out you are a mother? Some would judge me or give me a dirty look but I careless what others think because at least I'm taking responsibility for my self and admit it was my fault. • Do you regret having the baby? No because of her I was able to mature and understand what life is going to be like and if I had an abortion I couldn’t live with myself.
  8. 8. Article • http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jan/19/news /la-heb-teen-pregnancy-20120119
  9. 9. Follow Up
  10. 10. Questions • Causes of Teen Pregnancy? • Risks of having a baby at a young age? • What are some struggles that young parents have to deal with?
  11. 11. Recourses • www.4parents .gov • www.pregnancy centers.org • www.safeparenting .org • Personal Experience