Ch.20 WW1


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Chapter 20 Lecture Notes

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Ch.20 WW1

  1. 1. Things Everyone and their MotherShould Know Chapter 20
  2. 2. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia Supports Serbia, threatens Austria with war EmperorFranz-Josef of Austria Ultimatum Hungary Serbia Supports Russia, threatens war with Germany Gives Austria- Hungary “blank Gives Austria check” -100% 100 % support Threatens France support & Russia Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany France
  3. 3. • World War I lasted from 1914-1918.• It was supposed to be “a war to end all wars.”
  4. 4. Primary Source: Views of the WarThe beginning… The reality of war… “The entire campaign a resounding  “The wall of the trench is plastered march of victory- “We’ll be home at with smoking splinters, lumps of Christmas,” the recruits shouted flesh, and bits of uniform. . . The first recruit seems actually to have laughingly to their mothers in gone insane. ” August of 1914 . . .” - Erich Remarque, All Quiet on the - Stefan Zweig, The World of Western Front Yesterday
  5. 5. France = Loner• Bismark made an alliance system that isolated France from all other European powers.• He wanted France to be a loner…• People are still upset about what Napolean did
  6. 6. In the beginning, there were two sides: Original Original Allies Central Powers France Germany Austria- Serbia Hungary Russia
  7. 7. • Austria-Hungary + Germany = B.F.F.• The 2 other countries that were fre-nemies with A + G were:• Russia (3 Emperor’s League)• Italy (Triple Alliance)
  8. 8. 3 Emperor’s League Triple Alliance
  9. 9. Austria-Hungary• Franz Ferdinand was heir to the throne• He & his pregnant wife got shot by a Serbian Terrorist• (Part of Black Hand Group)
  10. 10. Great Britain• Joined Allies when Germany invades neutral Belgium• This broke all rules of war & showed Germany’s bully side
  11. 11. Great Britain• Owned passenger liner Lusitania• Got sunk by a German u-boat
  12. 12. GermanyUsed zeppelins and submarinewarfare effectively during the warmainly against Gr. Britain
  13. 13. United States• Joined WWI after uncovering Germany’s plan to have Mexico fight the Central Powers• They were not as isolated as they thought
  14. 14. United States• Troops helped turn the tide of the war against Central Powers• Became a world power as a result of WWI
  15. 15. WWIPropaganda
  16. 16. Paris Peace Conference• US• France had dominant leaders• Britain at Paris Conference• Italy• Reparations = Payments for war damages • Germany had to pay $37 billion
  17. 17. Stalemate• Both sides are at a standstill• Most trench warfare in WWI ended up in this situation
  18. 18. Whatever happened to Russia?• Enters WWI with largest army in the world • Terribly unprepared for long war• Military defeats, fatalities and economic devastation made Russia pull out of war.• Corrupt and inefficient government at home lead to:• 2 Revolutions and Communists take over • Vladimir Lenin
  19. 19. Leagues of Nations• Irony: • It was the United States President’s creation, BUT the United States was NEVER part of it!
  20. 20. Primary Source: Peace Making Reality
  21. 21. A 25 year old Adolf Hitler cheers the start of war in 1914