Make Money Writing for New Media POMA 2013


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Opportunities in 2013 for contract work for the Internet

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Make Money Writing for New Media POMA 2013

  1. 1. How To Make Money WritingFor New Media
  2. 2. The World Has Changed“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin
  3. 3. Brands Becoming Publishers“The publishing industry is undergoing a massivedisruption, in which storytelling, advertising, andtechnology are beginning to intersect. As brandsdabble in publishing, traditional marketing andadvertising networks are also evolving.”Deanna Brown, CEO of Federated Media Publishing
  4. 4. Take Control of Your Destiny“If you want to write the fortunes for the cookies that don’t exist anymore, you may need to make your own organization, lead your own tribe and hire yourself.” – Seth Godin
  5. 5. Skills Transformation  Skills which are helpful to others – bringing value to others.  Combination of your skills – if you are good at one thing, you are probably good at other things as well.  For the web, get up-to-speed on the jargon and the techniques.
  6. 6. Skills Transformation “I don’t talk Google” Learn how Google Analytics works. Its free at: Use Google’s Keyword Tool. Also free: https:// Research topics on Google Trends: Take advantage of free tutorials on Google on YouTube and
  7. 7. Skills Transformation Stay up-to-date on the digital industry on a daily basis Recommended digital industry sites:,,, and Sign up for Media Post emails at Publications on everything digital including TV, video, email, social media, analytics, and mobile. Others include,,,,,,,
  8. 8. Skills Transformation Sign-up for Webinars even if you can’t attend. They usually archive online. University of San Francisco Online Certificates - certificates/internet-marketing.aspx Check out free courses at Subscribe to
  9. 9. Skills Transformation Utilize LinkedIn, FaceBook, Slideshare, YouTube, and Twitter to build an online reputation. Meet clients online. Market yourself digitally through social media and blogging. Launch your own website using WordPress (or similar). Don’t limit connections to people in the industry. Engage and talk to people online. “Follow Back” to those who connect with you, particularly associations like POMA.
  10. 10. Sell What People Buy “Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent.” – Thomas Edison
  11. 11. Focusing on a Niche Evernote E-book – eBook called Evernote Essentials, a 90 page instructional manual, authored by Brett Kelly and sold +$250,000 online. Sold using Marketed to bloggers and used affiliate program. Excel Training – Purna Duggirala earns $200,000 per year training users online on Excel. Traffic from Google Adsense, word-of-mouth, content sharing with other websites, and articles featured on other blogs. Sells eBook and online training. Travel –, Gary Leff earns $100,000 a year working part-time and assisting customers in booking award trips for $250 per couple and specializing in first and business class itineraries.
  12. 12. The World of Online Freelance Contract Work on the Cheap Textbroker - $.005 to $.015 per word eCopywriters - $.008 to $.05 per word Freelance Work Sites –,,,
  13. 13. Content Marketing (brands are the newpublishers): • Articles • Social Media (other than blogs) • Blogs • Newsletters/Email • Case Studies • Events • Videos • Whitepapers/eBooks • Webinars
  14. 14. The World of Online FreelanceContent Marketing – White Papers/eBooks Email Marketing Content Marketing Social Media
  15. 15. White Papers  White papers blend the informative and authoritative content of an article with the persuasive elements of a company brochure. White papers are used to help educate and influence business prospects.  Demand is driven by the need for quality lead generation. Businesses are struggling to get their message in front of customers. White papers continue to rank high for attracting leads.  Pay averages $82 per hour or $2,500 per project.
  16. 16. Email Marketing  Email continues to rank high as a communication tool.  Barriers to effective emails are lack of segmentation, no strategy, in-house staff lacks skills, poor content, employed technology, and no analytics/tracking.  Numerous websites and books provide training including ($25 per month) and  Pay averages $85 per hour or $.91 per word.
  17. 17. Content Marketing – Website  Updated content is one of the top ranking factors with Google.  Companies are looking to outsource content development to save on costs. Will need to speak “Google” (SEO).  Content can be repurposed for emails and social media.  Good starting point is “The Web Content Strategist’s Bible” by Richard Sheffield.  Pay ranges from $10 to $90 per hour or $.25 to $.50 per word with website editing averaging $57 per hour.
  18. 18. Social Media Digging Ditches – needs to be done. Competing against someone a company can hire for $30,000/yr. Ability to connect to influencers. Branding versus making sales. Lack of ROI. Determine client’s “desired outcomes”. Learn what works for the audience, understand the product, and understand the “medium”, i.e. frequency, links.
  19. 19. Social Media Pricing is based on size of audience and not time. Typical work load can be 3 to 4 tweets per day and 1 to 2 FaceBook posts per day. Monthly retainers ranging from $750 to $5,000 per month. Pay can also be structured as $62 per hour (avg). Agree to metrics for determining success with client.
  20. 20. New Media Metrics # Video Views  # Twitter followers  Traffic % YouTube Favorites  Twitter Follower-Rate  Reach % YouTube channel  # reviews  Registration subscribers  # stars in reviews  Opt-in % YouTube Video Plays  Thread size  Page views # of YouTube Channel  Unique contributors  Visit/session length (% site Comments visits > 60 secs)  Unique commenters # of YouTube video reviews  Clickpath analysis  # Facebook fan pages # slideshare views  Eye tracking studies  # Facebook fans # delicious bookmarks  #/% Downloads  Facebook FanRate # digs  Changes in SERP results/  Facebook Likes # of Blog Mentions rankings  Email Open Rate # of Forum mentions  Earned/ Owned traffic  Email Click Rate # of Facebook mentions  Inbound links  Email Forward rate # of Twitter mentions  Social Media Metrics: Intent,  Email opt-out rate sharing, advocacy, # @mentions  # of Email subscribers conversion. # of reviews mentions  # of SMS subscribers # of comments  Clicks/ CTR Positive : Negative Mentions for any channel  Impressions
  21. 21. Key Metric Categories Depending upon the client’s needs, key categories are:  Engagement – shares, comments, time on site, pageviews, open rates, video views (not Likes).  Shares – retweets, FaceBook sharing, links, email forwards.  Conversion – e-commerce sale, email registration, contest sign-up, white paper
  22. 22. Key Points  Do not underestimate what you know versus what others know.  Do not undersell yourself or the price of your product/service.  For a product, set a deadline for publication, do not let the dates slide.  For services, change your sales target from editors to marketing departments. Hustle is key!
  23. 23. Expand Your Horizons Devin Graham: - 79 videos on YouTube and 176 million views since 2010 - Average viewership per video = 2.2 million views Outdoor Channel: - 208 videos on YouTube and 6.3 million views - Average viewership per video = 30,288 Sportsman Channel: - 398 videos and 2.7 million views - Average viewership per video = 6,800
  24. 24. Questions?