Sigma Prospect B2 C


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Sigma Prospect B2 C

  1. 1. Maximize your marketing ROI. SIGMA ProspectB2C Increase Marketing ROI With a Highly Targeted Consumer Data Source.
  2. 2. SIGMA ProspectB2C Your experience tells you not all prospect lists are created equal. Additionally, all the lists you can find may not deliver the volume of good prospects you need to hit your sales goals. SIGMA’s ProspectB2C solution SIGMA ProspectB2C Database: A multi-sourced national consumer prospect database will allow you to easily and containing over 200 million adult consumers in the U.S. efficiently identify the optimal and more than 110 million households. The database prospect universe and turn it includes over 300 specific data fields: demographic, psychographic,lifestyle and lifestage characteristics that into a sales pipeline that returns you can select at the individual, household, postal code predictable leads with and/or block group level. increased conversion rates. Find Prospects 3-4x More Likely to Buy Your Products Now! • Increase your speed to market by directly integrating SIGMA Prospects with your SFA or database platforms. • No net name minimums — you’ll only pay for prospects you don’t already have. • SIGMA’s cutting-edge modeling process will uncover hidden target segments and increase the size of your mailable universe. • Easier forecasting: Produce better campaign performance forecasts based on knowledge about your prospects. • Information about your targeted prospects and your campaign results can be maintained and used to make better decisions going forward.
  3. 3. Increase Marketing RoI with a Highly Targeted Consumer Data Source. How Does the SIGMA ProspectB2C Solution Work? Our simple process provides you with a roadmap to your best prospects at a fraction of the normal cost of testing. SIGMA PropectB2C delivers smart targeting that reduces waste, manages costs and produces predictable returns again and again. “ I need to know more about 1. SEND my current customers.” Send the names and addresses of a sample of your current Try SIGMA EnhanceTM. customers to SIGMA’s secure list enhancement portal. We match your files against a database of over 200 million names. You’ll SIGMA Enhance delivers hundreds of receive a detailed profile of your customers using a wide range consumer characteristics to your exisitng of demographic characteristics. database. SIGMA’s advanced data enhancement services deliver a superior Segment Actual Predicted level of detail and insight into prospect Grade Response Rate Response Rate and current customer behavior and A 5.41% 5.66% segments. B .21% .16% C .10% .14% Sharpen Your Focus. D .16% .11% Build Insights. E .06% .05% SIGMA Enhance. 2. BUILD SIGMA’s modeling team will then build a customized predictive model that will identify your best prospects within the database. Find out how SIGMA ProspectB2C can maximize your marketing ROI 3. SELECT at 1-888-277-9837. Select just the contacts that look most like your customers — tier by tier — for your prospecting program. SIGMA can provide assistance on acquisition communication strategies.
  4. 4. Maximizing Marketing ROI SIGMA SERVICES At SIGMA Marketing Group, we make it our mission to PRODUCT LAUNCHES maximize ROI for every client. We create more profitable CAMPAIGN IMPLEMENTATION customer relationships through analytics, strategic LEAD MANAGEMENT one-to-one communications and marketing STRATEGIC PLANNING optimization techniques. Our proven retention and PROJECT MANAGEMENT acquisition solutions not only drive corporate revenue — MARKET RESEARCH they also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. MARKETING ANALYTICS DATABASE DESIGN AND BUILD ABoUT SIGMA MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING Founded in 1985 SYSTEM AND DATA INTEGRATION LIST ACQUISITION & RENTAL Independently owned Headquartered in Rochester, New York Employs 80+ full-time employees Find out how SIGMA ProspectB2C can maximize your marketing ROI. Rated in the top 50 integrated marketing agencies by Call 1-888-277-9837. Advertising Age for the past 10 years Recipient of more than 15 industry awards over the last 3 years for analytic, creative and print production expertise Maximize your marketing ROI.