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Perl Hotel En


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Perl Hotel presentation

Published in: Technology
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Perl Hotel En

  1. 1. Perl Hotel Cristina Nunes, June 2008
  2. 2. What is it? • Site developed in Perl • Site where we can find a place to stay during the next conference, workshop or monger’s meeting at a “very low cost”
  3. 3. For whom is it? • For the entire world’s Perl community
  4. 4. Why? • Because we’re poor and like to travel
  5. 5. How? • With our Perl self-help spirit which brings us close together
  6. 6. With whom? • With everyone’s contribution around the world with a spare room, sofa, floor and so on
  7. 7. When? • As soon as we get some developer environment • As soon as we review the first draft which has been seating there for almost a year now • As soon as we finish this stuff
  8. 8. I want to go to the Portuguese Perl Workshop Disclaimer: Almost all pictures were shamelessly “copied” from xkcd
  9. 9. ???
  10. 10. But where will I find a place to stay?
  11. 11. I know!!!! I’ll check at Perl Hotel
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Search: Braga
  14. 14. Results: 1. Magda Joana - 8 places available
  15. 15. Yupiiii!! Now I can go to the PtPW!!!
  16. 16. Questions and Answers?
  17. 17. Have fun traveling the world of Perl
  18. 18. Thank you to: • Me, my parents, my syster, my grandma and my cats • José Castro - for convincing and helping me to do this • Magda Joana Silva - for letting me stay at her place, plus 4 more geeks • Alberto Simões - for organizing this event • Pedro Melo - for everything and anything (no, I’m not going to pay you with sex) • XKCD - for the *cough* *cough* “inspiration” for the drawings • Everyone - for the presence at this presentation 18