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The oxygen tank draggers

  1. 1. The Oxygen Tank Draggers We have all known, or at least seen, the individuals who from middle age and onward must drag an oxygen tank behind them wherever they go. This is because their lungs are so deteriorated from smoking that they are unable to pull in and process as much oxygen as everyone else’s lungs. In other words, they cannot physically function without the oxygen that they are dragging around behind them. Of course, all of this started with either cigarettes or drug abuse, but drug abuse is just as likely to cause cancer in the lungs as some of the tar found in some cigarettes. In addition to that, drug abuse has been linked to respiratory problems, as has severe and chronic alcoholism. Now, obviously anyone who is dragging an oxygen tank behind them is not very marketable and does not appear very competent in the workplace. Naturally, you would wish your employees to be a little more developed than that. Try out our drug test equipment for your employee drug testing. Alcohol test and drug testing is part of keeping your other, non-abusing employees safe. In fact, screening tests are really the only way to ensure that employees are following company policy concerning drug testing, since verbal confirmation cannot be entirely, or scientifically, trusted. Obviously, we here at CMM Technology are not prejudiced against anyone with a disability. It is, however, recommended that the oxygen tank draggers should be closely examined for employment, since a history of compulsive self sabotage has already been established and is openly available for the public to see. That is another thing about employees who exhibit lack of self control from their younger years. Their credibility is ruined with professional clientele. All parts of your business must be kept well maintained and intact. There must be set standards, and your employees, who work for you, must maintain those standards within and among themselves. With the amount of help which is available for recovering addicts, including but not limited to employee assistance programs set up within companies, there really is no excuse for allowing abusive behavior to enter your own workplace. Call CMM Technology today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30. This article has been taken from