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Focus on today’s tasks

  1. 1. Focus on Today’s Tasks Our brains can multi-task all the time, so it becomes easy to plan for tomorrow and forget about today’s work. But how can you plan for tomorrow’s work when you have not guaranteed that today’s work is finished?! This becomes a question which many procrastinators find themselves asking on a fairly regular basis. Fortunately, not everything has to be this complicated. The process is simple: focus on today’s tasks. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Of course, when your ability to function at life on basic level is compromised, you may find yourself wishing that you could even do that. The problem, however, is a lack of commitment to performing one function at a time. When an employee engages in drug abuse or alcoholism, they are already decreasing their ability to concentrate on the job at hand and to emotionally handle daily tasks. When they bring this abuse to the worksite, they are spreading this disease and endangering the lives and safety of their coworkers. This cannot be ignored. It must be dealt with appropriately. Urine Drug Test and oral fluid drug tests are both components in a regularly schedule employee drug testing program. Whichever type of drug test equipment that you use, you can rest assured that your drug test kits come from CMM Technology. Rather than dealing with both their emotional problems and today’s tasks, your employees have the support of drug testing to motivate them into staying clean while on or near the jobsite. This is a great factor in keeping employees active and productive, especially when they are prone to falling back into their old abusive habits. Concentration and focus are necessary in order to make sure that your company receives its money’s worth out of your workers. There must be a standard of work ethic, and drug testing is a part of establishing and retaining this standard. CMM Technology provides the equipment which you will be using throughout your testing operations, and our products are high quality and reliable. After all, being reliable is not just a job for your workers. It is something we take seriously in our own products, as well. This article has been taken from tasks/