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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. SSHell :)
  2. 2. DisclaimerThese slides are my own and notrepresentative of any specific implementation.Consider these lessons learned so that youdon’t repeat the same mistakes.
  3. 3. whoami Windows (MCSE)2.Slackware (August 1998) Linux 1.x Monolithic Kernel3.OpenBSD and Gentoo4.Ubuntu (LiveCD) and OS X
  4. 4. Secure File Transfer National Privacy Principals (NPP)At Rest PGP/GPG, X.509, etcIn Transit SCP/SFTP (SSH), HTTPS (SSL/TLS), etc
  5. 5. OpenSSH - History1. Free SSH v1.2.12 by Tatu Ylönen of ssh.com2.OpenSSH v1.2.12 in OpenBSD 2.6 Support Protocol SSH v1.33.OpenSSH (SSH v2) in OpenBSD attempts “chilling effect”
  6. 6. Usage - sshscanConvert OpenSSH Key Format OpenVMS
  7. 7. Windows Recommended SSH Server
  8. 8. Transiting from FTP Don’t use HTTPS/SSL1. scp sftp HERE Document2.Public Key Auth or ssh-pass no passphrase cron ssh-agent or keychain
  9. 9. ssh-pass SSH Public Key Auth preferred
  10. 10. keychainSSH_AGENT_PID=/tmp/ssh-XXXXXXXX/
  11. 11. SFTP scp is preferred i.e. wildcards are static1.sftp user@host << SFTP2.put * HERE Documents3.bye4.SFTP
  12. 12. QuestionsLatest Slides available from