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Online Customer Self-Service Solution

This is a presentation about my company's solution.
I made it for promotional purpose to customers abroad.
The solution is well-made product
-it is developed by large insurance companies and offered stable management for years-
but, I'm wondering if the presentation succeed to tell you about all of its fabulous features.
If you have some opinions to improve this presentation, please give me some feedbacks.

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Online Customer Self-Service Solution

  1. 1. Inpion Consulting, the Insurance IT specialist presents; Online Customer Self-Service 2010. 3. Notice : Proprietary and Confidential This material is proprietary to Inpion Consulting. It contains trade secrets and confidential information which is solely the property of Inpion Consulting. This material is solely for the Client’s internal use. This material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, transmitted, in whole or in part, without the express consent of Inpion Consulting. Copyright ! 2009 InPion Consulting co., ltd.
  2. 2. Contents Ⅰ. Solution Introduction 1. Conventional Customer Service Channel 2. Online Customer Self-Service Channel 3. Adoption & Impact on Online Customer Self-Service Channel 4. Solution Introduction 5. Solution Features and Expected Benefits Ⅱ. Company Introduction 1. History 2. Business Areas 3. Solution Line-up
  3. 3. Ⅰ. Solution Introduction 1. Conventional Customer Service Channel 2. Online Customer Self-Service Channel 3. Adoption & Impact on Online Customer Self-Service Channel 4. Solution Introduction 5. Solution Features and Expected Benefits
  4. 4. 1. Conventional Customer Service Channel Customer Service Channel? How does your customer service is performed after the insurance subscription? Phone call to request a consultation + waiting time + limitation on viewing Direct visit + waiting time before consultation + limitation on DB available consultation time Phone call to request a consultation + waiting time + limitation on viewing 3
  5. 5. 2. Online Customer Self-Service Channel(1/3) 2.1 Online Financial Self-Services are Emerging Did you know that online financial self-service channel is growing fast? Insurance company (U.S. ING) Insurance company (U.S. Allstate) Bank (U.S. Wells Fargo) Securities (Korea Samsung Securities) Securities (U.S. E*TRADE) Insurance company Bank (Japan Nippon Life) (U.K. HSBC) Online Financial Self-Services are available whenever, wherever you want : 24x7x365 4
  6. 6. 2. Online Customer Self-Service Channel(2/3) 2.2 Insurance Industry’s Increased Needs for Online Self-Service • U.S. Allstate Insurance company is enhancing Online Self-Service - In 2008, the number of customers who want to view their claim status online has increased to 72% compared to 2007. - Next Gen Self-Service providing 24-hour claimable function has launched. (08. 2009) - In 2010, “click-to-talk”, “click-to-chat” service will be provided through smart phones. • Increasing Sales of Life Insurance by Online Channels - Online Sales is growing trend in developed market like U.S. and Japan, due to great accessibility and easy updates. - Sales rate via internet in U.S. has increased from 7% in 2006 to 15% in 2009 ( ※ See graphs below) - In Japan, the rate in 2006 is 1.8%, which is still insufficient but was doubled from 0.8% of year 2003. < The Growth of U.S. Online Sales Channel> Internet usage increased 7% → 15% Compared Etc by years Internet Work Mail/Phone Death Heath Long-term care Annuity Total Consultant 2009 2006 Mail/Phone <자료 : Limra, 2009> ■Consultant ■ Mail/Phone ■ Work ■ Internet ■ Etc 5
  7. 7. 2. Online Customer Self-Service Channel(3/3) 2.3 Expected Benefits from Adopting Online Self-Service AS IS TO BE Waiting for Consultation Waiting Time & Time Limit for Consultation Customer “Operating Call Center & its Agents” Insurance Customer company ISSUE (Customer) Limited Consultation Time, Wasted Visiting & Waiting Time, Insufficient Information (Company) Increase on Workload and Operational Cost 6
  8. 8. 3. Adopting Status of Self-Service(1/4) 3.1 Online Customer Self-Service Development Phase How Does Your Online Self-Service is Being Offered? Where Are you Now? Provides Various Customer Service Provides Simple Information Ready.. ü View/Change Current Status üChange Personal Information ü Receive Benefit ü Certification üAutomated Payment (Reservation)ü Serving Agent Information üPolicy Loan Online Self-Service can be expanded as time goes by 7
  9. 9. 3. Adopting Status of Self-Service (2/4) 3.2 Major Insurance Company’s Adoption Status [ Samsung Life ] [ Allstate ] [日本生命 ] Cyber Customer Center System Customer Care Center Dedicated Service [ New York Life ] [第一生命 ] Virtual Service Center Internet Service [ Daehan Life ] Internet Office [ Kyobo Life ] Cyber Office [明治安田生命 ] [ Metlife ] eService MYLINC 8
  10. 10. 3. Adopting Status of Self-Service (3/4) 3.3 Main Service List Samsung Nippon Allstate New York Metlife Services (Korea) (Japan) (U.S.) Life(U.S.) (U.S.) Comparing to major companies in △ △ △ View/Change Contract Status O (Partially (Partially (Partially △(View other countries, Korean offers the Only) Changeable) Changeable) Changeable View/Change Automatic widest variation of online service O O O X X Payment Details View Contract Process Status O X X X X View/ Change View Remittance Account/ U.S. O X X X X Payment History Korea View Dormant Benefit O X X X X 5 Cooling Off O X X X X Japan 8 19 View/Change Personal O O O O O Information △(View View/Pay Premium O O O O Only) <Online Self-Service Deployment Status by Region> Payment Additional Premium Payment O X X X X Automatic Loan for Premium O X X X X Allstate (U.S.) View Claim Process Status for O X O X O Nippon Life (Japan) an Accidental Benefit Claim Apply for/Reserve Automatic O X X X X Samsung Life (Korea) Payment △ View/Receive Installment O (Partially X X X Benefit/Expiration Exceeds Available) Receive View/Receive Dividend O O X X X Benefits View/Receive Surrender Value/Partial O X X X X Withdrawal/Unpaid Balance View/Apply for Policy Loan O O X O X Apply for Policy Loan View/Change Payment Claim Receive Policy Loan O X X X X Policy Reservation Information Benefits Loan Repay Policy Loan O O X X X < Deployment Status by Self-Service Categories> Redesign Loans with Lowest O X X X X Interest Rate 9
  11. 11. 3. Adopting Status of Self-Service (4/4) 3.4 Case Study : Samsung Life Insurance Company [Samsung Life] Rapidly Deployed Online Services Compared to Any Other Insurance company - In 1998, Offered Cyber Customer Service from its Homepage - In 2001, Building & Managing Full-fledged 24-hour Internet Service - In 2002, C.C.C. System Service Expended - In 2004, Developed Direct Insurance System(Online Insurance Sales System) - In 2006, Expanded & Restructured C.C.C. System and E-Banking System for Enterprise Customer - In 2007, Implemented Mobile Support System for Consultants <Samsung’s Current Status of Online Self-Service> 2008 “180% Increase compare to Year 2004” 2004 - 2008’s Online Financial Transaction Amount : 4.2 trillion won (about 21% of Earning Premium) - In 2008, 10% of Private Policy Loan (about 1.8 trillion won) is occurred via online : Number of Customers Increased from Easy-to-use Services : Reduced Offline Workload ※ C.C.C. System : Cyber Customer Center System 10
  12. 12. 4. Solution Introduction(1/5) 4.1 Overview Online Customer Self-Service = Compilation of Know-Hows from Developing & Managing Leading Insurance companies’ Online Services! Data Data • View/Change Contract Information • Claim/Change Claim Information • Apply for/View Policy Loan Adapter Legacy Online Service User Data Data System (301) Data • Standard Layouts/Element System Manager Management • Site Layouts/Element Management Standard • Mapping Information Repository Management 11
  13. 13. 4. Solution Introduction(2/5) 4.2 Cyber Customer Center System (C.C.C. System) A System for Policyholder Providing Standardized Customer Service • Easy Implementation & Maintenance Cyber Customer Center System - Adapter Implementation/Adoption to connect to Legacy Systems Repository - Standardized Information Services in Solution User Interface - Link to Legacy System’s Information Services Standard Standard Web Layout Element C.C.C.S Module Controller Site Site • Customer-Centric User Interface Service Layout Element - Providing UI following W3C standard - Offering Optimized Customer Service Composition Message Adapter Req. Visitor Res. Visitor (Based on various Insurance companies’ Self-Services) Adapter EJB Adapter Req. Visitor Res. Visitor Main Screen UI Consolidated Customer Contract Detail Page UI Information Page UI 12
  14. 14. 4. Solution Introduction(3/5) 4.3 Customization Tool C.C.C. System Management Tool for Managers Customization Tool • Connectivity Management between C.C.C. System & Legacy System Std. Layout Std. Layout Std. Element Mapping Mapping - Manages Solution’s Service Standard Information Mg. Mg. Mg. Element Mg. Element Loop Mg. - Manages Legacy System’s Interface Information - Manages Mapping between Standard Site Layout Message Message EJB EJB Information and Legacy Information Mg. Layout Mg. Element Mg. Layout Mg. Element Mg. • Efficient Management Tool Mapping Std. Layout/ Site Layout/ Element - Flexible Reaction is Available when Legacy Mg. Element View Element View Mapping Mg. System’s Interface Changes - Requires minimal resources for adding & Adapter Setting UI Setting Label Mg. User Mg. changing services Standard Layouts/Element Site Layouts/Element Mapping Management Page UI Management Page UI Management Page UI ※ C.C.C. System : Cyber Customer Center System 13
  15. 15. 4. Solution Introduction(4/5) 4.4 Verifier Verification Tool for C.C.C. System Managers • Ensure Reliability of Provided Data - Enhanced Verification on Financial Information Offered via Verifier Web - Verification by comparing web data with legacy data Test Data - Improve Verification Level by Flexible Management of Test Test Suit Test Case Test Result Mg. Cases - Essential Verification will be Performed before the System’s Simulation Web Simulation Adapter Simulation Launch Date. Driver Driver Driver • Sustainable Verification Management Script Template Report Test Data Mg. Mg. Repository - Block Errors by scheduled checkup after the System’s Launch. - Reduce workload with Automated Verification Process Verifier Layout UI of Verification Result Report 14
  16. 16. 4. Solution Introduction(5/5) 4.5 Implementation Process Just in 4 Months to Complete Solution Setup Solution Installation : 2 Days Legacy Information Label Setting : 2 Days - Install & setup C.C.C. System Registration : 2 Weeks - Register Labels for Elements - Install & setup Customizing Tool - Register Site Layouts - Register Site Elements Analysis & Design Test 1 Month 1 Month UI Setup : 6 Days - Edit Basic Images such as Logo, CI Define Interface : 2 Weeks and etc. Mapping Elements : 2 Weeks - Define Site Layouts - Edit Information Phrases (Information - Map Standard Elements - Define Site Elements page, pop-ups, and etc.) with Site Elements ※ Implementation schedule above is calculated for time needed to set C.C.C. System only. (Additional time is needed if there is a need for building/changing customer’s infrastructure) ※ Schedule specified above may be changed when additional requirements is occurred. 15
  17. 17. 5. Solution Features and Expected Benefits(1/2) 5.1 Solution Features • Verified for years: Offers Stable Management under Large System Traffic of the Leading Insurance Companies • Optimized for the Full Open Source-Based System Verified Solution: Developed, Deployed and Managed for Samsung Optimized to Operate with Life Insurance Company’s System Redhat Based Solution As-Is To-Be Cyber Customer Center System Cyber Customer Center System Verified Verified WebLogic JBoss & Optimized Oracle DB(Oracle, MySQL, Ingres etc) UNIX Linux (x86) ※ Samsung Life Insurance Company selected as the World’s 10 Respected Global Companies by the Fortune Magazine and its online financial transaction in a year reaches 5 trillion won. 16
  18. 18. 5. Solution Features and Expected Benefits(2/2) 5.2 Expected Benefits from Adopting Solution With Packaged Service Solution, à Cost Reduction à Cost Reduction • Down up to 60% of Initial Investment Cost • Reduce Total Cost up to 25% - Service Planning and Design - 70%↓ when editing & deleting Services : Substitution effect by 80% - 20%↓ when registering New Service - Systems Analysis / UI and service development : Substitution effect by 50% - 20%↓ when Changing Interfaces à Shorter Development Time • Shorten Development time by 50% : 4 Months to Complete Solution Setup 17
  19. 19. Ⅱ. Company Introduction 1. History 2. Business Areas 3. Insurance IT Solution Line-up
  20. 20. 1. History Section Content Reference Oct. 2001. Inpion Consulting co., ltd. established Jul. 2002. System development research institute was founded. Apr. 2003. Managed Samsung Life Insurance e-commerce development in addition Organized policy document and history specialized management system, PCMS, was Feb. 2004. developed. June. 2004. Business support system, SalesPlan, was developed. Samsung Life Insurance Aug. 2005. Samsung Life Insurance website renewal project was launched. Samsung Life Insurance The patent number : Jul. 2005. The industry’s first carrier policy verifier, AVIA, was developed. 10-0888422 Feb. 2006. Dae-han Life Insurance multi-channel integration project was launched. Daehan Life Insurance Nov. 2007. Samsung Life Insurance FC-mobile project was launched. (Nov. ’07 ~ present) Samsung Life Insurance Dec. 2007. SPICE Level 2.2 was achieved. ISO, KAPA In process of co-patent with Mar. 2008. The industry’s first remote accessed client consulting system, D-connect, was developed. Samsung Life Insurance company Aug. 2008. Research institute was permitted by KOITA. KOITA Nov. 2008. New paradigm of subscription, e-subscription system, ESS, was developed. Samsung Life Insurance In process of co-patent with Nov. 2008. Secure transfer management of customer information system, CIDS, was developed. Samsung Life Insurance company Dec. 2008. SPICE Level3 was achieved. ISO, KAPA Feb. 2009 TPMS (Testing Process Management System) was developed W/ STA Authentication for small and medium enterprises with innovative technology (INNO-BIZ) was June. 2009. INNOBIZ achieved (A grade) Dec. 2009. A Member of SKTelecom Business Partner (BP) SKTelecom Feb. 2010. Intranet Solution Dev. For Android Platform MCNC Feb. 2010. SKTelecom Android Application competition SKTelecom 19
  21. 21. 2. Business Areas Inpion Consulting Performed SI Project for Financial Companies which Requires High Reliability, and Provided Stable Service Management & Specialized Solution § BA, TA Consulting § Develop ITSM Process & Provide SM Service § Build Optimized System for Financial Companies § Management Staffs with ITIL Qualification S.I § SPICE Level 3 Achieved S.M Business Mobile Areas § Develop Smartphone Applications - iPhone, Android, WM § Develop Mobile Gateway Server Solution Solution Security § Provide Solution Packages § Develop Client-Customized Solution § Offer Security Infrastructure Service with Samsung Group’s On-Line Security Service Level § BS 7799, ISO 20000 Authentication Achieved 20
  22. 22. 3. Insurance IT Solution Line-up(1/2) With Years of Experience in Developing and Maintaining Insurance IT System, Inpion Consulting Provides Specialized Services and Systems for Financial Companies SalesPlan Suite Solution D-Connect Solution (Direct Connect System) New Paradigm for Front CRM! We enhance your sales activity by our Get in contact with Your Customer powerful support functions. anytime, anywhere. It caters to your needs of sales- By overcoming the barriers of time & current customer status management, space, better customer satisfaction can customized e-mail & SMS, sales be expected through remote support. statistical data. AVIA Solution ESS Solution (Automatic Verifier for Insurance Application) (Electronic Subscription System) Automated Financial IT Product Faster & Easier Insurance Subscription! Verification Solution. Non-stop electronic subscribing system The solution reduces time and cost for - Scans subscription forms from off-line. product verification. The industry’s first - Verifies subscription and put additional automated testing solution for insurance information on-line product planning and subscription. - Replaces hand-written signature with electronic certification. 21
  23. 23. 3. Insurance IT Solution Line-up(2/2) With Years of Experience in Developing and Maintaining Insurance IT System, Inpion Consulting Provides Specialized Services and Systems for Financial Companies CIDS Solution PCMS Solution (Insurance Policy Conditions Management System) (Customer Information DRM System) Customized Product Document Upgrading the Level of Customer Management System for Information to Your Satisfaction! Insurance/Financial Providers. Security is now a must, not an optional. Registers important documents such as - Provides supervision function when policy/loan statement, and keeps record of you share customer information with other companies the history. Make your asset of documents with PCMS. - Send/receive customer information safely - Protects from cracking and illegal exportation ACCM Solution IPFS Solution (Automated Customer Center Machine) (Insurance Product Factory System) Increasing operating expense for New concept of product development offline customer centers and process management system. customer service needs! By standardizing, modularizing, layering Solve these problems at once, product design, implementation process with our innovative remote office – from Product Design > system = ACCM Solution Development > Test > to Release – will gain more speed and higher stability. 22
  24. 24. For further information, Please contact Inpion Consulting; Soo-Yeol Yang, Chief Research Engineer 82+2-2022-5770