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  • This document is a great resource for explaining to parents why teachers use online websites. Thank you for posting it.
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Parent Permission Slip Shelfari

  1. 1. December 8, 2008 Dear Students and Parents, We have had such an incredible year so far developing our skills as authors and readers. As we continue to focus on increasing the amount of time we spend independent reading and writing for a specific audience and purpose, we will be starting an exciting new collaborative project that will connect us with readers around the globe. The project will take the traditional “Readers’ Workshop” into the 21st century: 1. It replaces pencil and paper book reviews with a better tool called a 2. It expands the options for peer response and peer recommendations beyond the walls and limits of our classroom (our time zone, city, nation, and culture). 3. It increases the chances that students will find a really good book that fits their personal interests by connecting them with readers who share their interests. 4. It replaces the typical 20th century classroom publishing (hallways, newsletters, etc.) with authentic 21st century publishing in an electronic, online forum with reviews from students around the world. What is Shelfari? Shelfari is a website for bookworms—and for those who are still learning how to find and share the perfect book. On Shelfari, students can create their own virtual shelf, rate the books they’ve read, read and write book reviews, discuss books with readers from around the planet, create a reading wish list, and much, much more. Each participating student will make their own virtual bookshelf containing books they’re planning to read, books they’ve already read, and books they are currently reading. Once a book is placed on a shelf, the students will be able to rate it, write a review, and discuss the book with other readers. One of the greatest features of Shelfari is the ability to connect and share ideas with readers worldwide. In our class, a student might not find another student who likes the same types of books. But on Shelfari, they definitely will! Connecting with readers who have similar interests will help them find the perfect book more easily.
  2. 2. Our class also has a private group, where we can safely discuss books we’re reading together. Only group members can see our discussions and reply to our questions. Students that are not ready to discuss books with their peers from across the globe can privately discuss books in our group, although the chances of connecting with a reader who has similar interests may drastically decrease. Requirements to Participate Participating students will have profile (bookshelf and friend list) on the site. In order to create a Shelfari account, students will need parental permission. Shelfari registration requires an email account; however, for the safety of the student, this account must be a teacher or parent account. In order to get started with this project, please fill in the form attached to give us permission to set up your child’s account on Please note that absolutely no personal information about your child will be shared during the course of this project. We will use only pseudonyms (pen names) when participating on Shelfari, and all participating students must sign and abide by the Shelfari Student Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, online safety will be infused throughout the entire project as the students continue learning about working safely on the internet. Please return this permission form by Thursday, December 11th, 2008. Sincerely, Miss Mitton Fifth Grade Teacher East Vincent Elementary School
  3. 3. Permission Form Child’s Real Name: _____________________________________________________ Pseudonym: ________________________________________________________ Select one:  I give my permission for my child to participate in the Shelfari Book Review project. Please create an account for my child using the teacher’s email account.  I give my permission for my child to participate in the Shelfari Book Review project. Please create an account for my child using my (parental) email account: ______________________.  I give my permission for my child to participate in the Shelfari Book Review project. I will create an account on with my child using my (parental) email account.  I DO NOT give my permission for my child to have a Shelfari account. I understand that this means he or she will not be able to collaborate with students across the globe and will need to complete the project requirements through alternate means. Parent’s signature: _____________________________ Date: ___________
  4. 4. Shelfari Student Acceptable Use Policy When participating on Shelfari (as well as other online environments), I promise to follow the SMART Surfing rules. S: Safe. I won’t give any personal information out to anybody online (my real name, my age, my location, etc.). M: Manners. I will use my best manners online so that I don’t hurt others feelings. I won’t post mean, inappropriate, or sarcastic comments online—especially since comments can be easily misunderstood when we’re not speaking face-to-face. A: Ask. I will ask permission before connecting with others online. R: Remember. I will remember that anything I post online is easily traced back to me. If I write anything inappropriate, rude, or harsh, my parents and teachers will see it. T: Tell. I will tell an adult if anybody online writes something inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable. I understand that if I don’t follow the SMART Surfing rules, I will lose my internet privileges. _________________________________________ ____________________________________ Student Signature Date _________________________________________ ____________________________________ Parent Signature Date Note to parents: Just as we teach students to be safe in (but not fear) the “real world,” we need to teach them to be safe the online world. A structured environment, such as participating on Shelfari during Readers’ Workshop, will help students develop safe online practices and learn important communication and collaboration skills. Discussing and using these rules at home will also increase your child’s safety and digital citizenship skills.