Weekly non-fiction article questions


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middle school language arts SQ3R responses to non-fiction texts

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Weekly non-fiction article questions

  1. 1. WEEKLY ARTICLE QUESTIONS: Name:Article name: Author:1. Look over all the visual aids in the piece (pictures, graphs, text boxes). Based on these items,make 3 predictions as to what your article will be about; please number each and be specific.2. What is the topic and main idea of your article? How do you know this?3. Find 3-5 vocabulary words or terminology in your story. Write them here (numbered, please),along with what YOU feel is the definition of these words.4. Choose 4-5 main points found in this piece. Write them here (numbered, please) along with thereason(s) why you chose them.Is there any bias (author’s opinion) found in this piece? If so, how can you tell? If not, why do youthink there isn’t?5. In one sentence, write an introduction to the piece.6. In one sentence, write a closing to the piece.