Meet The Grammars! Intro


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Personification of the parts of speech into the Grammar Family

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Meet The Grammars! Intro

  1. 1. Hey man, I’ll define anyone, anytime. Ad Jective and her Pro Noun Prep O. Sition Con Junction Int R. Jection daughter, Ar Ticle Proper Noun Common Noun Mother Noun Big Daddy Verb Addie Verb Lil’ Helping Verb Action Verb Link N. Verb The Grammars are a most unusual family who live in the town of Standard. Big Daddy Verb has three sons, Lil’ Helping Verb, Action Verb, and Link N. Verb, and a daughter, Addie Verb. He married Mother Noun, who has a son, Pro Noun, a daughter Ad Jective, a granddaugher, Ar Ticle. She also has several nephews, Prep O. Sition, Con Junction, and Int R. Jection. Together these two families make up the Grammars.
  2. 2. Big Daddy Verb is head of the household. He is Mother Noun is married to Big Daddy Verb. Mother Noun the only member of the Grammar family that gets along with everyone in the extended family, including can stand alone as a sentence. “Run!” “Stop.” the Clauses, Phrases, and Fragments. She knows the scoop “Go!” If it is something to do or someone to be, on everyone, who they are, where they are, what they have, Big Daddy Verb is your man. and what they are thinking. She has the ability to change phrases and clauses into complete sentences by adding objects, but she isn't as strict as Big Daddy. She cannot stand alone as a sentence. Big Daddy Verb has three sons he plans on taking over the family business, Lil’ Helping Verb, Action Verb, and Link N. Verb. Lil Helping is always there to make sure Big Daddy gets everything done when one Verb Big Daddy also has a favorite, his daughter, Addie Verb. just won’t be enough. Action Verb shows people what Addie Verb is a kind of hippie, and tends to hang out with the company can physically accomplish, how it can get several groups of people, including adjectives, adverbs, and things done. Link N. Verb takes care of the company other Verbs. She tends to cause Big Daddy some trouble, public relations, making sure everyone is in the proper Mother Noun’s family is another story. Her eldest wears. but can usually be spotted by the “LY” jeans she state of being. He is the spiritual side of the business. daughter, Ad Jective, is a very picky person, and will only Many people in town believe the reason Mother Noun’s Hey man, I’ll spend time with other Nouns. Ad Jective has a daughter of children are so different is because of her parents. define anyone, her own, Ar Ticle, who is a little tattle-tale. Ar Ticle will anytime. Mother Noun was the only child of Proper and Common Mother Noun also several adopted nephews who also live in Standard. All of these boys has only be seen with other Nouns, and will only use the Noun, who were as different as night and day. Proper have turned out well, although none“the.” Ad Jective’s younger Verbs. Con words “a,” “an,” and will be as successful as the brother always liked to drop names in his barbershop, telling Junction is a small man is a complete his words carefully and is very good at Pro Noun who chooses opposite to his sister. Pro Noun is a about the people he met, the places he’d bringing others together. Int R. to act like others by using hip-hop loving kid who tries Jection is on the town council, but is been, and the times he did things. All his known forlike “he,” “she,” “you,” “they,” and “mine.” a lot of words interrupting others, using strong language and words were capitalized. emotion in his speeches. He also is known for not getting along with the Sentence clan. Prep O. Sition is the family scholar, studying how the Common was more down-to-earth. different people of Standard get along and relate to each other. She liked to do the everyday things, without Without a doubt, he is the most essential member of the fanfare or big names. All of her words were Grammar family. in lower case letters.
  3. 3. So now you know the story. We’ll spend some time getting to know each of these characters. Good luck getting to know the Grammars!