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Overview of Microsoft Azure AI Services


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Microsoft Azure AI Services Cheat Sheet

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Overview of Microsoft Azure AI Services

  1. 1. 1 Microsoft Azure Services March 2017 C 2017
  2. 2. 2 Computer Vision API: Distill actionable information from images Content Moderator: Automatically moderate text, images, and videos, augmented with human review Emotion API: Personalize experiences with emotion recognition Face API: Detect, identify, analyze, organize, and tag faces in photos Video API: Analyze, edit, and process videos within your app Vision Speech Bing Speech API: Convert speech to text and back again, and understand its intent Custom Speech Service: Fine-tune speech recognition for anyone, anywhere Speaker Recognition API: Give your app the ability to know who's talking Language Bing Spell Check API: Detect and correct spelling mistakes within your app Language Understanding Intelligent Service: Teach your apps to understand commands from your users Linguistic Analysis API: Easily parse complex text with language analysis Text Analytics API: Detect sentiment, key phrases, topics, and language from your text Translator API: Translate speech and text with a simple REST API call Web Language Model API: Leverage the power of language models trained on web-scale data C 2017
  3. 3. 3 Academic Knowledge API: Explore relationships among academic papers, journals, and authors Entity Linking Intelligence Service: Contextually extend knowledge of people, locations, and events Knowledge Exploration Service: Add interactive search over structured data to your project QnA Maker: Distill information into conversational, easy-to-navigate answers. Recommendations API: Provide personalized product recommendations for your customers Knowledge Search Bing Autosuggest API: Give your app intelligent autosuggest options for searches Bing Image Search API: Bring advanced image and metadata search to your app Bing News Search API: Link your users to robust and timely news searches Bing Video Search API: Trending videos, detailed metadata, and rich results Bing Web Search API: Connect powerful search to your apps C 2017
  4. 4. 4 HDInsight: A managed Apache Hadoop, Spark, R, HBase, and Storm cloud service Cognitive Services: Embed intelligence to enable natural and contextual interactions. Augment user experience with machine-based intelligence Data Lake Analytics: Big Data analytics. Analyze any kind of type and size of data Power BI Embedded: Embedded interactive visualizations to support interactive reports and dashboards Intelligence & Analytics Machine Learning: Cloud services that supports development and deployment of predictive analytics solutions. Azure Bot Service: Intelligent, server-less bot service. Built-in templates support multiple channels and scales on-demand Data Lake Store: Hyper-scale repository for big data analytics workloads Azure Analysis Services: Analytics engine without need to deploy infrastructure and supports industry data visualization tools C 2017
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