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Coley mills paper 3

  1. 1. Mills 1Coley MillsMarch 23, 2012PorterEnglish Comp. I and II Different Features for Different Teachers Teachers are a different breed of human than the rest of us sometimes it seems. We havea love/hate relationship mostly, with the love coming because you didn’t get any homework fortonight, and the hate coming from the fact that he/she won’t let you use the bathroom at themoment you feel like you cannot hold it anymore. With that being said, we should not be toohard on teachers because if you really think about it, they have a tough job. They have tomonitor, sometimes mediate, and basically be responsible for all the students in the class, nomatter how annoying or obnoxious they are. And they have to do all of this while at the sametime trying to teach whatever lesson(s) they are teaching that day. Most of us were students at least sometime in our lives, and when you are you learn howto pick out the different types of teachers. You see the “unique” (crazy) teachers, the funteacher, the mean teacher, the professional teacher, and the good looking teacher. Once youfigure these teachers out you know who to mess with and who you can joke around with and ofcourse how much you can get away with. It helps to get to know your teachers, though, becauseyou can build a relationship that you did not know you had until you graduate or transfer andfinding yourself reminiscing about “that one time in class…”.
  2. 2. Mills 2 The unique (crazy) teacher is the type of teacher that you never know what to expectwhen you come to class. For most people the ideal unique (crazy) teacher is almost any teacherin the science category. If you really think about it, though, they give good reason to believe thatthey are indeed crazy. You sometimes dissect things that have a funny smell after a few days,you watch the weirdest and sometimes most boring movies of your life, the classroom is usuallya mess and smells weird, and then you have the room with all the equipment and stuff that youalways wonder what is in there. You’ll find that you only think the teacher is crazy because he orshe is a mystery and you do not really want to find out why they don’t act the same as all yourother teachers. So they must be “unique”. Or crazy. Next up is the fun teacher. Everyone loves the fun teacher. It’s the class you look forwardto all day because the atmosphere is so relaxed. Fun teachers are liked by all the students, andtypically have all their classes full because everyone knows they are fun and therefore want toget into the class. The fun teachers pick the best movies and have the best learning games and thetests are usually not the type of test that gets your heart racing because you think you are goingto fail it. The fun teachers rarely ever get mad, and they try to help you out occasionally becausethey give out bonus points for almost anything. If you fail the fun teacher’s class you have to bejust plain lazy. Since you have the fun teacher, you almost have to have the mean teacher. Mean teachersusually have the least amount of fans, and when they do something fun the whole school it seemsis talking about it. Whether the teacher is mean because they have a hard class that has a lot ofmaterial and the only way they know they can get it all offered to you is by getting down tobusiness or whether the teacher is mean because they have a bad class never crosses our minds.
  3. 3. Mills 3All we know is that teacher is mean and you are counting the minutes until you get out of thereso you can go on with your day. The professional teacher has been in the teaching game a while and knows what to do toget students to learn. Some might say that he or she is taking their job too seriously, but deepdown they know that they will learn something in the end. Sometimes they can be a bit of a boresometimes, though. They are usually the type of teacher that is a bit more organized than theother teachers and you know if you really needed school assistance you could go to them.Professional teachers are the type of teachers that will joke around with you outside of class timeand when you are not on an assignment in class, but when it’s time to work, you know not tomess around because you know he or she can change in a split second to a whole differentperson. Hopefully we have all had or at least been aware of the teacher that you think is just themost beautiful thing ever. It seems as if they are perfect, and you cannot seem to find anythingelse better to do than to stare at them constantly during class, which usually ends when yourealize you just might want to fill that test out if you want a grade. It is the only class that youenjoy asking for help in. If the teacher is a male, you have all the girls talking about him at lunchwhen he walks by. If the teacher is a female, you have all the boys who never seem interested inschool until that class. The good looking teacher is frequently stopped in the hallways becausestudents want to ask questions about anything just so they can get a few minutes of joy betweenclasses. When you talk to the good looking teacher, you almost cannot help but to feel a littleaccomplished.
  4. 4. Mills 4 As I said earlier, teachers have a love/hate relationship. Not everyone is going to like thesame teachers and not everyone is going to dislike the same teachers. Each teacher has their ownmethod of teaching you what they know while at the same time trying to get to know theirstudents in their classes. Teaching can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, but it can also befun and filling. No matter what, you’ll hopefully have that one class that you remember becauseof that one teacher. Hopefully you can remember that equation that you learned in math class ora famous quote from English class or something from health class. No matter how cool or meanor weird or beautiful a teacher is, their main job is to in fact teach and that’s it. But we are allhuman, and we can’t help but form relationships with the people we see for weeks at a time forfour years or more. So remember that Pythagorean Theorem because to a teacher it might bemore than just a formula.