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Loyola University Chicago Marketing 311 Research Project: Greater North Michigan Avenue Association Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

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Mark 311 white paper gnmaa lights 2

  1. 1. White Paper AnalysisDonais Deetz, Mark Foley, ChristineMiller, Chris Robinson, MeredithTilotMarketing 311, Section 201Stacy NeierDecember 16, 2011
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction………………………………………………………………………………....2Background/Opportunities………………………………………………………………....3Solution……………………………………………………………………………………...5Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………………13Works Cited………………………………………………………………………………..17AppendixA……………………………………………………………………………………18B……………………………………………………………………………………23C……………………………………………………………………………………38D……………………………………………………………………………………46E………………………………………………………………………………...….47F………………………………………………………………………………….…48G……………………………………………………………………………………51H……………………………………………………………………………………612
  3. 3. IntroductionFor more than fifty years Chicago has kicked-off the holiday season with the lighting of treesalong Michigan Avenue and the ceremonial installation of a Christmas tree at the Daley Center. Theannual events in the heart of the city have evolved into a festival of holiday fun. Every year the GreaterNorth Michigan Avenue Association (GNMAA) broadens their reach and the Magnificent Mile LightsFestival now includes celebrity appearances, concerts, crafts, food, and a plethora of other familyfriendly events. 1987 marked a turning point for the Lights Festival when it entered into its standingpartnership with Disney. The annual Lights Festival is currently presented by BMO Harris Bank.Mickey Mouse and friends lead the procession while being covered by news stations at both the localand national level. (http://magnificentmilelightsfestival)The success of the festival is dependent upon the consumer’s experience. In an effort tomaintain continued success Loyola University students asked the question: What can GNMAA do toimprove the consumer experience? The surveys designed by the students had both quantitative andqualitative aspects in order to best achieve the research objectives. Once a finalized survey wasapproved, student volunteers administered the survey using iPads during the festival, directly resultingin a higher response rate.Significant findings were determined by using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences,(SPSS) program for data analysis. The results are: formulate creative opportunities to expand theefficacy of current social media platforms, respondents want family friendly sponsorships, andimprovements in crowd control.Background/ Opportunities3
  4. 4. The Lights Festival is now in its twentieth year and boasts over a million attendees. The GreaterNorth Michigan Avenue Association is contending for the holiday attention received by similar eventssuch as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and the Tournament of Roses Paradein Pasadena, California. It is the GNMAA’s belief, as expressed in an in-depth interview withassociation representatives that the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival can reach the level of popularitydrawn by the aforementioned events, however the method is undetermined. It was deemed necessary toconduct a full scale research venture to discover how to launch the Greater North Michigan AvenueAssociation Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival towards an international standing.Prior to meeting with the clients, the Loyola University Chicago’s Market Research class took avariety of preliminary exploratory steps. The discovery was made that in past years research hasextensively examined the demographics of festival attendees, as well as the existing logistics of theLights Festival. This previous literature allowed for an understanding of the GNMAA, but it was alsounderstood that the festival is a dynamic event. Therefore, the facts uncovered by previous teams maystill need to be examined for present day application. The GNMAA is making constant efforts toimprove the Lights Festival, leading to the conclusion that it is necessary to build on the results of thepast while expanding upon them.4
  5. 5. What can theGreater North Michigan Avenue Associationdo to improve customer experience?After becoming familiar with the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association and its potentialneeds regarding the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, it was important to meet and discuss specificopportunities. In September 2011, several weeks before the Festival, in-depth interviews wereconducted with Jill Caravelli and Bob Deon to explore the possible avenues of research. Conversationswith these individuals revealedan intense desire to expand thefestival without sacrificing thequality of the customerexperience (Reference Appendix B). The focus of the research became understanding the customerexperience, and therefore this became the focus of the research. The team resolved to pursue thefollowing managerial decision opportunity and research objectives:RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: Explore the demographic ofattendees. Identify the biggest area ofimprovement for the Lights Festival. Examine the effectiveness of social media. Explore the effectiveness of the brochure. Explore why people attend the event.5
  6. 6. It is important to note that these are not the only opportunities identified by the research team. Asecondary application for research tools was found regarding the logistics of the event. Particularemphasis should be paid to logistical aspects of the Lights Festival as the execution of activitiesdirectly affects the attendee’s experience. It would be impossible to improve consumer satisfactionwithout this crucial point; therefore it was incorporated into the final objective goals for the project.After forming the appropriate managerial decision opportunity it became clear that the bestmethod to collect relevant data would be to administer a survey directly to festival attendees (ReferenceAppendix C). This is the most effective way to reach the target market. The student research teamreceived extensive training in the survey software provided by, which was then parleyedinto a highly interactive and detailed survey. By employing iPad technology during data collection, thesurvey was made efficient without forgoing any value. As will be discussed in the following sections,the survey results were later exported through Qualtrics to SPSS and this software was used to deriveinsights (Reference Appendix D).SolutionIn order to best fulfill the goal stated in the managerial decision opportunity, a number of stepswere taken to collect valuable data addressing the stated objectives. First, exploratory research wasconducted including secondary data analysis based on the previous data collection as well as keyinformant interviews with representatives from the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. Thenext step included the creation of a focus group moderator guide. Although the focus groups werenever carried out, the questions posed offer further opportunities for exploratory research.When generating the focus group moderator guide, the questions were divided into three uniquesections: engagement, exploration, and exit. The engagement questions are basic, introductory, andopen ended. The main goal is to get the respondent thinking about the festival in general and their ownpersonal experience. Following the funnel approach, these questions are meant to bridge seamlessly6
  7. 7. into the fundamental specifics of the section to follow. These two engagement questions specificallytarget research objective five: “explore why people attend the event”. The next section includesexploration questions. These are funneled down from the festival experience in general, to a focus onareas of improvement with respects to logistics such as crowd control. The exploration section wasdesigned to target research objective two: “identify the biggest area of improvement for the LightsFestival.” The final section consists of one exit question. It is a broad question meant to wrap up thefocus group discussion and uncover any remaining opinions and comments respondents may have.(Refer to Appendix D)Post exploratory research, descriptive research was conducted with use of an online surveycreated via The final survey is a compilation of the best aspects of multiple sub-groupsurveys that most effectively reflect the managerial decision opportunity. The survey consists oftwenty-seven questions, including twenty-four nominal, two ordinal, and one free response question.(Refer to Appendix A) This approach is appropriate because nominal questions provide ease in thedelivery of the survey, as well as successfully address the research objectives, and ordinal questions aidin further analyzing consumer preference beyond categorical data. (Refer to Appendix A)Concerning the overall questionnaire design, proper attention was given to each researchobjective. The last section of the survey, questions 104, 74, 108, and 72, include questions exploringthe demographics of the attendees, fulfilling research objective one. These specific questions werestrategically placed at the end of the survey at which point the survey administrator had already3established a relationship with the respondent. Here it is much more appropriate to ask respondentspersonal question (Vovici). Questions 36, 116, 88, 2, and 126 address the areas of improvementfulfilling research objective two. Questions 84, 56, 58, 62, 64, and 124 examine the effectiveness ofsocial media, addressing research objective three. Questions 48, 50, 52, and 54 explore the value of thebrochure, corresponding with research objective four. Questions 124, 88, 2, 126, 26, 4, 6, and 807
  8. 8. explore why people attend the event, corresponding with research objective five. (Refer to AppendixA)After the survey was created a series of pretests were conducted. The research team distributedthe survey and it was pretested a total of 3 times by other Loyola Market Research teams, whose clientswere not affiliated with the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. This was done to avoidcommon pitfalls and biased questions, as well as to optimize structure and flow. Although, extensivepretesting was conducted, it is still impossible to completely avoid error. After reviewing the survey, afew systematic errors were found. Question 116 was a misplaced question. Its location in the middle ofthe demographics section disrupts the flow of the survey. Additionally, this question is imperative toresearch objective five, and its placement at the end of the survey may have pressured respondents intoanswering hastily. Question 104 contains a mutually non-exclusive response category as well as a non-specific answer section. Respondents who had more than one child were unable to successfully answerwith the option of only one age range. Question 16 was non-specific because respondents may havebeen unsure as to what “extended beyond one day” meant. Question 84 involved an unbalanced listingerror, because there was no neutral answer option. A five point or seven point bipolar scale tends to bemore effective than a unipolar scale. (Henning)After the construction of the survey a sample plan was developed. Since the appropriate timeand resources were lacking to design a probability sample, a non-probability convenience sampledesign was used. The sample size and response rate could not be calculated due to the use of aconvenience sampling method. Beyond the systematic errors previously discussed, other non-samplingerrors were found regarding respondent’s inability to answer questions. Specifically, in question 108 atotal of 18% of respondents were uncomfortable giving their exact age. (See Appendix C) Also theanswer selection format contained age ranges, which can offend the respondent. Many do not likebeing grouped into the same category as those older than them. It is recommended to ask respondents8
  9. 9. for their birth year instead. (Henning)Concerning the respondents, there were no ethical dilemmas found. Each respondent had theright to choose whether or not to take the survey. They had a right to safety as well as to be informedabout the research. They also had a right to privacy since the survey results were completelyanonymous. However, on the administrative side, there was a possibility that some surveyadministrators were not being honest, filling in random answers to save time.The sample frame is best explained in the team charter, “…an active festival goer and isenthusiastic about attending the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Respondents can range anywherefrom young adults to elderly attendees.” After receiving data results, this sample frame fairly representsthe population under study. However, all sample frame units did not have an equal chance of beingselected to take the survey. This is due to administrator bias based on personal comfort andconvenience. The only way for respondents to have an equal chance at being chosen is if a simplerandom sample was used, which was not appropriate for this project. This is one possible reason as towhy men appeared to be underrepresented in the sample.While reviewing the data, quality was taken into consideration. Overall, the integrity of theresults was intact, though some limitations were apparent with internal validity. For example, notevery respondent answered every question and some respondents may have answered untruthfully.These issues may have resulted from uncontrolled conditions in the survey setting, limiting the fullpotential and significance of the data. There were also limitations apparent with external validity. Dueto the specificity of the survey the data collected cannot be generalized to the entire population. Withdata for only 538 respondents out of a million or so attendees there is not enough statistical power toextend the data to the population as a whole.After collecting data on the day of the festival, student volunteers who did not get theopportunity to use iPad technology manually entered the data into From there the results9
  10. 10. were exported to SPSS and appropriately edited and coded. The individual questions perceived as themost important for frequency analysis were questions 26, 126, 2, 54,124, 116, 72, 16, 102, and 56. (SeeAppendix A) Additionally, specific questions were cross tabulated for each research objective toachieve multivariate analysis. (See Appendix B) The questions and cross tabulations are fullyillustrated below.Question #26 “ In order of importance, 1 being most important, 6 being least important, pleaserank your reasons for attending the festival”Respondents considered their reasons for attending the festival and ranked them in order ofimportance. The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association expressed interest in exploring reasonsfor event attendance and this question provides data regarding the popularity of each event.Question #126 “What activities are you (OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Selectall that apply.)”Building off of Question 26, this question delves into what activities people actually attended orwere planning on attending, giving further insight to the Greater North Michigan Avenue Associationas to the desirability of events.Question #2 “Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season?”The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association desires to make the Lights Festival the 3rdlargest holiday event in the country. This question helps reveal consumers preference for Chicago as aholiday destination.10
  11. 11. Question #54 “Is the brochure useful?This question was designed to explore the effectiveness of the brochure, to help discover its aidin consumer satisfaction which was another important concern of the Greater North Avenue MichiganAssociation.Question #124 “How did you learn about todays activities? (Select all that apply.)”Offering insight into the means of promotion and advertisement for the event, this questionhelps the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association gauge the effectiveness of different means ofgarnering festival awareness.Question #116 “Where are the biggest areas of improvement for the Lights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)”One of the main concerns for the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association is improving thefestival from year to year. This question gives direct feedback from consumers addressing possiblefestival improvements that can provide a better experience. An “other” option is included in theavailable answer choices, giving consumers a chance to freely respond while offering a qualitativeperspective to the survey.Question #72 “What is your zip code?”The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association expressed interest in discovering thegeographical location of the attendees. It was imperative to know what portion of attendance wasdrawn nationally (as opposed to locally). This simple question allows respondents to freely respond11
  12. 12. providing valuable qualitative data.Question #16 “How likely are you to attend additional events if the Lights Festival were extendedbeyond one day?”The possibility of extending the Lights Festival into a weekend extravaganza was discussedduring the key informant interview. The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association wanted to knowif festival attendees would be interested in attending events for a whole weekend and this questionprovides that insight.Question #102 “Do you have children?”Representatives from the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association heavily stressed that theLights Festival is primarily a family event. This question provides insight into how many attendeeshave children, providing a family focused opportunity.Question #56 “Do you use social media?”This question was designed to divulge information regarding consumers’ use of social media.The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association discussed their current use of social media as apromotional platform. This question was formed to reveal how many festival attendees actually usesocial media.Question #74 vs. Question #108The first stated research objective concerned the exploration of the demographics of the LightsFestival attendees. The cross tabulation between age and gender provide a look into the characteristicsof the attendees.12
  13. 13. Question #126 vs. Question #116To delve further into the second research objective question #116 concerning the largest area ofimprovement was cross tabulated with question #126 which asks attendees what specific events theyattended or planned on attending. This cross tabulation is posed to uncover how certain events can bemodified to improve the consumer experience.Question #2 vs. Question #126In order to explore why people attend the Light Festival in more depth, consumers were asked ifthey view Chicago as a holiday destination (question#2). This question was then cross tabulated withquestion #126, which asks attendees which events they attended or planned on attending.Question #56 vs. Question #58The representative from the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association expressed greatinterest in examining the effectiveness of social media. Question #56 asks if attendees use social mediaand was cross tabulated with question #58, asking which type of social media is most frequently used.This best determines opportunities to engage in social media as a medium of communication withconsumers.Question #48 vs. Question #56To further examine the effectiveness of the brochure in relation to the use of social media,question #48, asks if attendees know about the informational brochure. It was cross tabulated withquestion #56 which asks if attendees use social media. This cross tabulation was executed to displayany opportunities that may link the brochure with social media13
  14. 14. ConclusionAfter deciding which cross tabulations would be relevant to the research objectives, conclusionswere drawn from the results provided by the statistical software. These results show in-depth analysisof the relationship between multiple data points. Additionally, the cross tabulations allow for theexploration of the relationships between the research objectives themselves. For example, feedback onthe informational brochure related to the widespread use of social media. The following are the resultsof the aforementioned cross tabulations.Question #74 vs. Question #108The first research objective explored the demographics of Lights Festival attendees. Accordingto the data sample, women constitute the majority of the Lights Festival participants. The data alsorevealed a wide age range with a stronger attendance from the younger population.Question #126 vs. Question #116When asked what area of the Lights Festival could be most improved, the largest response was“crowd control.” When respondents indicated “crowd control” as the most important aspect of thefestival to be improved, their responses were cross-tabulated to examine which events were actuallyattended. The results suggested that “crowd control” is the largest problem area at the festivalprocession and along Lights Festival Lane. The third most problematic location for “crowd control”was the firework display and accompanying viewing areas.Question #2 vs. Question #12614
  15. 15. Another cross tabulation focused on why consumers attend the Lights Festival. Of thoseattendees who felt that Chicago was a destination for the holiday season, most respondents come to theLights Festival to view the lighting procession on Michigan Avenue and the following fireworksdisplay. Many also indicated that visiting Lights Lane was a high point of the event for their family.Question #56 vs. Question #58Social media has become an integral part of doing business. The representatives from theGreater North Michigan Avenue Association expressed great interest in examining the impact of socialmedia as a promotional tool. According to the data, respondents most frequently use Facebook. Twitterand FourSquare did have some users, but the numbers were nearly insignificant compared to Facebook.Question #48 vs. Question #52The clients at GNMAA also indicated a keen interest in exploring the logistics behind thedistribution of their informational brochure as well as consumer perceptions of the brochure. Whilemany respondents were not aware of the brochure, those who were aware of the brochure received it atthe festival. Others obtained it from the GNMAA website or by email.Question #48 vs. Question #56This cross tabulation examines the impact of social media in conjunction with the effectivenessof the brochure. This analysis showed that many respondents were not aware of the informational15
  16. 16. brochure, even though they had admitted to being avid users of social media. This indicates anopportunity regarding the distribution of the brochure through social media outlets.Question #102 vs. Question #56To rejoin the initial concept of demographics with the final objective regarding social media,one additional cross tabulation was performed. This analysis is relevant because the Greater NorthMichigan Avenue Association heavily noted that the Lights Festival is a family event. According torespondents, those who frequently use social media also are parents, regardless of age.After further consideration of the results of the data analysis, it has been concluded that thegreatest area of opportunity lies within social media. The data illustrates that 74% of respondents usesocial media, however only 12% of the respondents found out about the Lights Festival through socialmedia. This discrepancy clearly illustrates the need for a higher utilization of social media as a two -way communication device. This is supported by several unstructured observations. Primarily, usage ofsmartphones was noticed to be prevalent among festival attendees. Survey administrators also sawhigh-intensity excitement in survey respondents when they were able to use the iPad technology. Fromthese observations the research team has noted a large opportunity in mobile devices. This is supportedby an external study revealing that smartphones “will soon become ubiquitous” indicatingopportunities for information distribution during future festivals (Eaton).While this study has uncovered a variety of important insights for the Greater North MichiganAvenue Association, it is important to note that limitations exist. One such boundary is that the findingsare not applicable to a larger general population. As this survey is specific to both the city of Chicagoand the Lights Festival it cannot be generalized outside of the sample. Due to the specificity of thesurvey and the event itself, the research allowed for exclusive insight into this singular event.16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. Works Cited2011 — Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Web. 16 Dec. 2011.<>."Age Demographics in Survey Research." Survey Research & Enterprise Feedback Management |Voice of Vovici Blog. Web. 16 Dec. 2011. <>"Demographic Questions: Sample Survey Template." Survey Research & Enterprise FeedbackManagement | Voice of Vovici Blog. Ed. Erin. Vovici, 11 June 2011. Web. 16 Dec. 2011.<>.Henning, Jeffrey. "Rating Scale Best Practices." Survey Research & Enterprise Feedback Management| Voice of Vovici Blog. Vovici, 31 May 2010. Web. 16 Dec. 2011.<>."Smartphones Are Cool for Kids, Dumbphones Doomed: Global Survey | Fast Company." - Where Ideas and People Meet | Fast Company. Web. 16 Dec. 2011.<>.18
  19. 19. Appendix AQuestionnaireLights Festival FinalQ70 Hi there! Welcome to the 20th Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival survey extravaganza! Weare absolutely tickled that youve agreed to help us out. Lets get started, shall we?Q4 Are you here to attend the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival?← Yes (1)← No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To End of SurveyQ67 Lets talk about the Lights Festival in general.Q80 How long have you known about the Lights Festival?← 6 months or less (1)← 7 months-1 year (2)← 1-2 years (3)← 2-3years (4)← 4-5 years (5)← 6+ years (6)Q6 How many times have you attended the Lights Festival?← This is my first time (1)← 1-2 times (2)← 3-4 times (3)← 5-6 times (4)← more than 6 times (5)19
  20. 20. Q88 Rank the following in order of importance as they pertain to a holiday event.______ Quality of food/beverage (1)______ Family friendly sponsorship (2)______ Proximity of the event to home (3)______ Quality of live entertainment (4)______ Crowd management (5)Q2 Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season?← Yes (1)← No (2)Q126 What activities are you (OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)1) Parade (1)2) Music Performances (2)3) Lights Festival Lane (3)4) Fireworks (4)5) Extended Shopping Hours (after 7pm) (5)Q26 In order of importance, 1 being most important, 6 being least important, please rank your reasonsfor attending the festival.______ The parade (1)______ To visit booths on Lights Lane (2)______ Shopping on Michigan Avenue (3)______ The fireworks (4)______ The Disney characters (5)______ Concerts and music performances (6)20
  21. 21. Q16 How likely are you to attend additional events if the Lights Festival were extended beyond oneday?← Unlikely (1)← Somewhat Likely (2)← Indifferent (3)← Likely (4)← Very Likely (5)Q36 How did you arrive at the Lights Festival? (Select all that apply.)6) Personal Transportation (1)7) Walk (2)8) Taxi (3)9) Public Transportation (4)Q66 Now lets talk about Lights Festival promotion.Q84 Before attending any publicly held events, how frequently do you check the Internet for eventinformation?1 (1) 2 (2) 3 (3) 4 (4)Rarely ifever:Almostalways (1)← ← ← ←21
  22. 22. Q124 How did you learn about todays activities? (Select all that apply.)10) Lights Festival Website (1)11) Facebook (2)12) Hotel (3)13) Signs (4)14) Family and Friends (5)15) Print advertising (Magazine, newspaper, transit) (6)16) Twitter (7)17) Other (8) ____________________Q48 Do you know about the informational brochures for the event?← Yes (1)← No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To Do you use social media?Q50 Did you obtain the brochure prior to today?← Yes (1)← No (2)Q52 How did you obtain the brochure?← Email (1)← Website printout (2)← Recieved at festival (3)Q54 Is the brochure useful?← Yes (1)← No (2)22
  23. 23. Q56 Do you use social media?← Yes (1)← No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To Only a few more questions! Most of th...Q58 Please choose which social media website you use most often?← Facebook (1)← Twitter (2)← FourSquare (3)← Other (4)If Facebook Is Selected, Then Skip To Have you "liked" the Magnificent Mile...If Twitter Is Selected, ThenSkip To Do you follow the Magnificent Mile on...Q62 Have you "liked" the Magnificent Mile Facebook page?← Yes (1)← No (2)If Yes Is Selected, Then Skip To Only a few more questions! Most of th...If No Is Selected, Then Skip To Onlya few more questions! Most of th...Q64 Do you follow the Magnificent Mile on Twitter?← Yes (1)← No (2)Q68 Only a few more questions! Most of these are about you.23
  24. 24. Q24 Who is attending this event with you? (Select all that apply.)18) Friends (1)19) Family (2)20) Significant Other (3)21) Co-workers (4)22) Alone (5)Q102 Do you have children?← Yes (1)← No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To What is your gender?Q104 How old are your children?← 0-12 months (1)← 12 months-4 years (2)← 5 years-12 years (3)← 13 years- 17 years (4)← 17 years + (5)Q64 Did you bring your children with you today?← Yes (1)← No (2)Q74 What is your gender? (SURVEY RESEARCHER: OBSERVE AND RECORD. DO NOT ASK.)← Male (1)← Female (2)24
  25. 25. Q108 What is your age range?← 18-24 (1)← 25-30 (2)← 31-37 (3)← 38-45 (4)← 45-51 (5)← 51+ (6)Q116 Where are the biggest areas of improvement for the Lights Festival? (Select all that apply.)23) Crowd Control (1)24) Information Availability (2)25) Musical Performances (3)26) Parade (4)27) Fireworks (5)28) Celebrity Appearances (6)29) Lights Festival Lane (7)30) Shopping (8)31) Other (9) ____________________Q72 What is your zipcode?Q69 Thank you! Enjoy the Festival today, and visit for a follow-up surveytoo. The link will also be posted to Facebook and Twitter!25
  26. 26. Appendix BSPSS Cross Tabulation Output (Graphs)26
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. 33
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * Who isattending this event with you? (Select all that apply.)-Friends36
  37. 37. Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * Who isattending this event with you? (Select all that apply.)-Family37
  38. 38. Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * What activitiesare you (OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-Parade38
  39. 39. Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * What activitiesare you (OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-Fireworks39
  40. 40. 40
  41. 41. Appendix CSPSS Output (Frequency Tables)What is your age range? * What is your gender? (SURVEY RESEARCHER: OBSERVE ANDRECORD. DO NOT ASK.)CountWhat is your gender? (SURVEY RESEARCHER:OBSERVE AND RECORD. DO NOT ASK.)Total0 Male FemaleWhat is your age range? 0 91 3 3 9718-24 13 19 65 9725-30 7 30 43 8031-37 3 27 56 8638-45 4 27 48 7945-51 0 15 40 5551+ 0 18 26 44Total 118 139 281 53841
  42. 42. Case Processing SummaryCasesValid Missing TotalN Percent N Percent N PercentWhere are the biggest areasof improvement for theLights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control *What activities are you (ORHAVE YOU) attending(ATTENDED) today? (Selectall that apply.)-Parade538 100.0% 0 .0% 538 100.0%Where are the biggest areasof improvement for theLights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control *What activities are you (ORHAVE YOU) attending(ATTENDED) today? (Selectall that apply.)-Lights FestivalLane538 100.0% 0 .0% 538 100.0%Where are the biggest areasof improvement for theLights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control *What activities are you (ORHAVE YOU) attending(ATTENDED) today? (Selectall that apply.)-Fireworks538 100.0% 0 .0% 538 100.0%42
  43. 43. Where are the biggest areas of improvement for the Lights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control * What activities are you (OR HAVE YOU) attending(ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-ParadeCountWhat activities are you (OR HAVEYOU) attending (ATTENDED)today? (Select all that apply.)-ParadeTotal0 1Where are the biggest areasof improvement for theLights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control0 157 168 3251 65 148 213Total 222 316 538Where are the biggest areas of improvement for the Lights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control * What activities are you (OR HAVE YOU) attending(ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-Lights Festival LaneCountWhat activities are you (OR HAVEYOU) attending (ATTENDED)today? (Select all that apply.)-Lights Festival LaneTotal0 1Where are the biggest areasof improvement for theLights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control0 214 111 3251 88 125 213Total 302 236 53843
  44. 44. Where are the biggest areas of improvement for the Lights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control * What activities are you (OR HAVE YOU) attending(ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-FireworksCountWhat activities are you (OR HAVEYOU) attending (ATTENDED)today? (Select all that apply.)-FireworksTotal0 1Where are the biggest areasof improvement for theLights Festival? (Select allthat apply.)-Crowd Control0 199 126 3251 94 119 213Total 293 245 538Do you use social media? * Please choose which social media website you use most often?CountPlease choose which social media website you use most often?0 Facebook Twitter FourSquareDo you use social media? No Response 91 1 0 0Yes 4 280 31 2No 114 0 1 0Total 209 281 32 244
  45. 45. Do you use social media? * Please choose which social media websiteyou use most often?CountPlease choosewhich socialmedia websiteyou use mostoften?TotalOtherDo you use social media? No Response 1 93Yes 12 329No 1 116Total 14 538Do you have children? * Do you use social media?CountDo you use social media?TotalNo Response Yes NoDo you have children? No Response 90 1 3 94Yes 3 190 79 272No 0 138 34 172Total 93 329 116 53845
  46. 46. Do you know about the informational brochures for the event? * How did you obtainthe brochure?CountHow did you obtain the brochure?0 Email Website printoutDo you know about theinformational brochures forthe event?No Response 92 0 0Yes 17 15 61No 248 0 1Total 357 15 62Do you know about the informational brochures for the event? * How didyou obtain the brochure?CountHow did youobtain thebrochure?TotalRecieved atfestivalDo you know about theinformational brochures forthe event?No Response 0 92Yes 102 195No 2 251Total 104 53846
  47. 47. Do you know about the informational brochures for the event? * Do you use social media?CountDo you use social media?TotalNo Response Yes NoDo you know about theinformational brochures forthe event?No Response 89 3 0 92Yes 2 143 50 195No 2 183 66 251Total 93 329 116 538Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * What activities are you(OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-ParadeCountWhat activities are you (OR HAVEYOU) attending (ATTENDED)today? (Select all that apply.)-ParadeTotal0 1Do you view Chicago as adestination for the holidayseason?No Response 88 3 91Yes 103 264 367No 31 49 80Total 222 316 53847
  48. 48. Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * What activities are you(OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-Lights Festival LaneCountWhat activities are you (OR HAVEYOU) attending (ATTENDED)today? (Select all that apply.)-Lights Festival LaneTotal0 1Do you view Chicago as adestination for the holidayseason?No Response 89 2 91Yes 163 204 367No 50 30 80Total 302 236 538Do you view Chicago as a destination for the holiday season? * What activities are you(OR HAVE YOU) attending (ATTENDED) today? (Select all that apply.)-FireworksCountWhat activities are you (OR HAVEYOU) attending (ATTENDED)today? (Select all that apply.)-FireworksTotal0 1Do you view Chicago as adestination for the holidayseason?No Response 89 2 91Yes 162 205 367No 42 38 80Total 293 245 53848
  49. 49. Appendix DFocus Group Moderator GuideGNMAA 20thAnnual Magnificent Mile Lights FestivalFocus Group Moderator GuideEngagement Questions:1) Why did you come to the festival?2) What is your favorite part about your festival experience?Exploration Questions:32) What was your trip arriving to the festival like?33) What are your holiday plans for next year? How far in advance do you plan for holiday trips,events, etc?34) With regards to visibility and crowd navigation, what do you think can be improved?35) How would you describe your overall festival experience?Exit Question:1) Is there anything else you would like to add about your festival experience?49
  50. 50. Appendix ETeam CharterAppendixAppendix FFIELD NOTES50Dear Greater North Michigan Avenue Association Lights Festival Committee,Within this deliverable we wish to share focus group moderator guides and final descriptive survey links which displayour methods of fulfilling our managerial decision opportunity and research objectives stated as following: How can theGNMAA 20thAnnual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival improve logistics to maximize the customer experience? Researchobjectives: 1) Investigate the demographics of consumers. 2) Uncover how to improve consumer experience. 3)Explore effectiveness of the brochure. 4) Examine effectiveness of social media. 5) Discover how events of the samemagnitude employ sound logistics.Regarding our focus group moderator guide we have decided to focus on the logistical elements of the customersexperience at the festival, encompassing their experience getting to the festival, at the festival, and leaving the festival.Our focus group reflects only one research objective, specifically the second one, uncover how to improve consumerexperience.Using the Qualtrics online survey system, our team has created a survey that we feel will appropriately address thestated managerial decision opportunity and provide relevant data to fulfill the research objectives. The survey is dividedinto blocks of questions to specifically target different aspects of the entire experience. We developed questionsaddressing motivation for festival attendance, family dynamics of the attendee, logistical aspects of the festival, and theeffectiveness of the marketing materials. Included is the preview link for our proposed survey: We have prepared this surveywith the use of multiple Qualtrics features, knowledge of previous survey data, and an extensive pretest period. Afterclass discussion and independent research, we decided to construct a survey consisting of mainly nominal and ordinalquestions, these being most applicable to our objectives. We fully utilized the features of Qualtrics to create anengaging and interactive survey experience. In particular we mastered the use of skip logic to avoid redundancy andperfected the survey flow and design to create ease and interest in taking the survey. We employed outside pretestsources to verify correct flow and proper logistical aspects of this survey. It was tested a total of 4 times by both otherstudents in our class as well as our professor.Our next steps include collecting and sorting data in order to present it in the most efficient and effective way possible.We have developed a sample frame to generally distinguish our ideal respondent. Someone lying within our sampleframe is an active festivalgoer and is enthusiastic about attending the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Respondentscan range anywhere from young adults to elderly attendees. Those lying outside the sample frame consist of those notattending the festival as well as children too young to give accurate responses. Since the appropriate time andresources are lacking to design a probability sample, a non-probability sample design will be used. Specifically, we willutilize a convenience sample. Those who are readily available and willing to take the survey will be sampled. Data willbe collected through November 2011 and supported by SPSS analysis in early December 2011. Final deliverables willbe made available by mid-December.Our team mission is to collect appropriate data to fulfill the goals stated in our request for proposal and to present thecollected data in a strategic manner to benefit event logistics for years to come. Our team works very well together; webalance ourselves quite equally across the 9 Enneagram types. Some are “helpers” and “achievers” while others are“asserters” and “perfectionists”. Our deliverables are the strongest because we have taken them in a different directionthan the past years. Focusing on customer satisfaction with regards to logistics will give insight into improvements tomake GNMAA Magnificent Mile Lights Festival the 3rdlargest holiday event in the country. Our survey is well thought outand strategically designed to achieve high quality responses from festival goers. It has been tested and edited severaltimes to enhance the logistical design as well as its appearance to improve respondent experience.We thank you for considering our proposed deliverables. Please contact me with any further questions or feedback.DonaisDonais Deetz
  51. 51. ← 9/16/2011←←←←←←←←← Appendix F← Key Informant Interview Field Notes← 9/16/2011←1. Mag Mile Lights Festival• BMO Harris banko Brings in talent and funds the event• 20thannual event• used to bring in the “movie stars” celebrity lighting of the star• Let’s let mag mile shine…commemorate Chicago• In 1987 Disney became part of ito Mickey magically lit the lights and then fireworkso Added a day time event Song and dance• Over 1 million people came last year• Disney brings the entertainment• Want to add?o Celeb componento Bigger national entertainment• Competition?o Macy’s Day Parade in NYC• Where are people coming from? How much attention is being drawnnationally or internationally?• 1stevent held in the holiday season. First Saturday before thanksgivingNovember 19o “where your holidays begin”• don’t want to focus on anniversary bc they are trying to hold their breathfor the 25th• “it is about shopping. it is about kicking off the holiday season”• No alcohol• Family event….safe• Only national event mickey makes an appearance51
  52. 52. 2. Classes before us?• General questions• One specific focus: lights festival laneo Day time entertainmento How to get the word out about that event• One specific focus: how to make it a week long evento Charityo The extra mileo Sunday was a shopping event• Looking to see more media coverageo How do we make this a truly national event?3. Are local businesses and hotels on the bandwagon?• Yes• Little to no specials• Some events4. Who is anti- this event?• Chicago PDo Safety issueo Small childreno Expensiveo Entirely funded by sponsors…no public dollars• Too crowded…some people won’t come back• There is a need to let people know where to go so they aren’t just lostand ambling aroundo Mapso Brochures About 100,000 Schedule of events• The weather affects things5. International clients….what’s the marketing?• Chicago has a marketing position over seas• They love the blues• Try to draw them in with other attractions and a weak dollar for shopping• “Promote Chicago”o 5thor 6thmost popular city• “we don’t have enough money to adequately promote even in Chicago”• grassroots marketing← 6. How do you plan on making the returning people happy?• It becomes a tradition. It’s always going to be Mickey lighting the lights.And always will have fireworks• The whole vibe is focused on tradition…warm fuzzy family feeling• Sights and sounds52
  53. 53. • Now it’s a parade not a procession• Not losing sight of logistics← 7. Is the surprise a good idea?• Yes• That’s marketing• Non paid earned media← 8. What can we do for you?• Demographic data• Are we making a national draw?• How can we continue to increase our attention abroad and nationally?o Why are they here?o What events/people/etc would make people come to this?o How can we make this a tradition?← 9. events?• Floats focusing on all over the country• Visual stimulus• House choreography contest← 10. Logistics?• Spread areas of interest• Added jumbo trons so people can see• Expanded parade route• Discounts in stores• VIP viewing stands by the tribune←← HAVE FUNNNN←←← MDO How can we increase our exposure nationally and internationally? How can we make the festival more interactive? Whole family? How can we get the city to be more involved? How can we improve the logistics of the festival?Class mdo’s How do we continue a loyal fan base? What is our current demographic How can we use the research to build nationwide awareness How do we plan to survey people who attend and how to judgesatisfaction? What can you do to improve nationally? Why do people attend?53
  54. 54.  How do we increase attendance w/o deterring those who don’t want tofight the crowds? How can we improve logistics? What marketing attracted the consumer to the GNMAA? What can GNMAA do to improve the customer experience? Why do people attend?Appendix GRound Table Presentation Slides54
  55. 55. 55
  56. 56. 56
  57. 57. 57
  58. 58. 58
  59. 59. 59
  60. 60. 60
  61. 61. 61
  62. 62. 62
  63. 63. 63
  64. 64. 64
  65. 65. Appendix HResume Collection65
  66. 66. Donais Deetz6212 N Winthrop AveApt 4SChicago, IL 60660(507)-456-4293ddeetz@luc.eduEducationLoyola University Chicago, Chicago IL3) Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Expected May, 20134) Minors in Spanish Literature, Dance Expected May, 20135) GPA: 3.799 cumulative6) Honors and Awards: Deans List: Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010,Spring 2011Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid Spain1. Completed a variety of liberal arts courses and a business course taught completely in SpanishLoyola University Chicago, Rome Italy2) Completed Special Topics in Marketing course focused on the global textile and clothing industryExperienceOffice of Undergraduate Admission, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago ILStudent Ambassador Fall 2009-present Communicate the outstanding qualities of Loyola to prospective students which yielded email andpersonal compliments resulting in decisions to attend Loyola Lead tours for prospective students and their families Greet and welcome prospective students, motivate them to explore Loyola, and answer their questionsduring Open Houses and Loyola WeekendCostas Chocolate, Owatonna MNMarketing Assistant Summer 2009 Assisted in the construction of a marketing plan Helped plan and implement a referral plan Made follow up calls to corporate customers increasing sales contracts Leveraged BCG Matrix and Porters 5 Forces which determined expansion opportunitiesMarket Research Project for Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, Chicago, IL Developed a Request for Proposal and submitted to clients Fall 2011 Designed and constructed an online survey using Qualtrics to carry out goals stated in Request forProposal66
  67. 67.  Simulated focus groups to explore consumer attitudesActivitiesChi Omega Fraternity Fall 2010-Present Active member of Loyolas first Chi Omega pledge classIntramural SoccerLoyola Refugee Outreach Club Fall 2010 -Present Mentor a Nepali refugee family once a week Assist the children with homework Help family to improve their English and assimilate to a new countryLoyola University Tap ClubSkills Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Access Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Excel, experience with macros, solver, and pivot tables Able to read, write, and speak Spanish at the advanced level67
  68. 68. Mark D. FoleyEducationLoyola University Chicago August 2009-May 2013• Pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration, Majors: Marketing and Operations Management,Minor: Information Systems, Current GPA: 3.442ExperienceMorningstar, Inc.-Human Resources Intern October 2011-Present• Deliver proficient support of day-to-day HR administrative duties including issuing contracts,references, employment letters, and scanning• Assist with the recruitment process by posting job advertisements, managing applications, andscheduling interviews• Coordinate the induction process by creating new starter packs and employee induction schedules• Update the Human Resources Information System as required• Update the Morningstar intranet site with new policies, training or benefit information, andinternal job advertisementsSmithBucklin Association Management-Special Operations Assistant June 2011-August 2011• Built and sustained strong member relations through attention to detail in handling memberrequests and volunteer interaction for the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants andthe National Association of Orthopedic Nurses• Maintained and updated areas of the associations’ website with current information, benefits,member programs, etc. for AALNC and NAON• Provided administrative and project support to the client and staff team, including databasemaintenance, batch processing and reporting• Assisted with the preparation of conferences, board meetings & seminars (serve as staff liaison tocommittees)W Chicago-Lakeshore Hotel-Whatever/Whenever Attendant July 2010-September 2010• Responded to all guest requests in the most efficient and professional manner possible68
  69. 69. • Specifically assigned to special guest relations projects as a result of overwhelming positivefeedback from previous guests• Created and maintained close relationships with guests for the duration of their stay• Gained valuable insight and experience in varying departments of the hotel as a result ofexemplary workCampus and Community EngagementStudents in Free Enterprise-Director of Projects & Presentation Team January 2011-Present• Organize and supervise 9 undergraduate business projects (4 domestic projects and 5international projects) with socially responsible and environmentally sustainable goals• Manage a team of over 50 members and maintain all logistical records pertaining to eachparticipant• Assist team members in developing new projects, reflecting upon current success and revisinggoals and expectations for existing projects• Present LUC SIFE’s projects to SIFE-USA at both the regional and national level competitions(Competed with team to earn a ranking in the Top 40 of 577 active teams in the United Statesin 2011)69
  70. 70. Christine M. Miller(937)672-26801236 W North Shore Avenue Apt 1 Chicago, IL 60626cmiller5@luc.eduProfessionalProfileMy goal is to be an effective asset to _______. I am an extremely dedicated and resultoriented worker with and innate ability to quickly learn new skills. Poised and presentabledemeanor Outgoing and professionalcommunication skills Trained in formal writing skills Strong organizational skills Non-dramatic and flexible personality Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, social mediaplatforms, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences(SPSS), Billhighway(online billing and accountingsuite), Qualtrics Online Survey ToolWork History Clinique Associate Consultant [February 2011-present]• Trained and taught in the confidence building industry of makeup and skincare• Promote new product developments to the counter associates and clients,which resulted in teaching clients and associates proper effects of application• Located in multiple Michigan Avenue department stores, I adapt to workeffectively with different management teams at each location• Personally served a diverse and global clientele base• [Chicago, IL]Executive Assistant to Jennifer Smetters Esq. [2010]• Managed the reorganization of the filing and telephone messaging systems• Effective use of Access and online scheduling tools to handle Ms. Smetters’ demanding legalschedule• Constant phone and personal contact with clientele• Helped Ms. Smetters schedule television appearances and create a professional portfolio for herpersonal marketing needs• [Chicago, IL]The Muse Machine [2005-2010]• Managed the Will Call desk for multiple theater productions• Assisted with the operational aspects of the Annual Benefactor Gala• [Dayton, OH]CampusLeadershipAlpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Treasurer (2010-2011)-[Elected position in which I was in charge of all monetary duties and documentation of 101members with a $30,000 non profit budget. I sat on the executive board and therefore wasdirectly involved with the marketing and direct planning of the society’s events andorganizational structure.]Interdisciplinary Honors Program (2009-2013) Invited to join Loyola University of Chicago’s Honors Program for my Undergraduate career Extended coursework requirements in multiple accelerated courses Recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship for Outstanding Academic AchievementEducation LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBachelors DegreeCollege of Business Administration70
  71. 71. Finance and MarketingInterdisciplinary Honors DegreeExpected Graduation: Spring 2013JOHN FELICE ROME CENTERRome, ItalyJanuary 2011-May 201271
  72. 72. Christopher Robinson808 W Belle Plaine Ave. Apt 305 * Chicago IL 60613 * 630 217 6066 * crobinson4@luc.eduEDUCATIONLoyola University Chicago Fall2011Bachelor of Business AdministrationMajor: International Business Minor: MarketingFluent in SpanishEXPERIENCEBank of America N. A. Chicago,IllinoisPersonal Banker / Sales Service Specialist 2007 -2010• Acted as Banking Center Manager for 4 months during a transitional period assuming full responsibilities ofthe banking center• Provided guidance and training to employees during the acquisition of LaSalle Bank N. A.• Participated in leadership meetings and helped set vision for banking center• Cultivated relationships with Hispanic businesses to generate sales growth• Representative of banking center audit team that ensured we met and surpassed goals during an audit• Opened deposit accounts, took loan applications, responded to customer inquiries, and resolved issues• Coached tellers on referral opportunities and product knowledge to promote a result oriented team• Surpassed sales goals in 2008 by 120%• Earned Award of Excellence for Q3, Q4 2008Teller• Ranked in the top 3 sellers in the Chicago market Q3 2007.• Exceeded personal sales goals by 187% in Checking, Savings, and CDs, in Q3 2007• Received Spirit Award for meeting quarterly sales goal in one monthJ.Crew Chicago,IllinoisBrand Representative May 07- Aug07• Ranked in the top 5 seller of the location• Maintained a client book for individuals to call during store relevant promotions• Executed rollout for multi floor 3 business locationGo Roma Italian Kitchen Chicago,IllinoisManager 2006 -2007• Led the scheduling process of 22 employees• Helped conduct inventories and Product and Labor Statements• Controlled labor and all other managerial functions in the dinning room72
  73. 73. Maggiano’s Little Italy Oakbrook,IllinoisHost June 06 - Aug06• Answered telephone calls, determined their purpose, and forwarded them appropriate departments warmlyand efficiently• Prepared line up for multiple restaurant servers and bussers nightlyPotbelly Sandwich Works Chicago,IllinoisCorporate Trainer 2003 -2006• Trained new associates at 26 restaurant openings in 7 U.S. states.• Provided operational support to new Potbelly managers during training periods.• Motivated associates, understood, and exemplified all food service guidelines.Created training tools and playbooks to organize the skill sets of associates at st73
  74. 74. MEREDITH TILOTStatement of Purpose: As an expected graduate of the nation’s largest Jesuit university, it is my intent to promoteethical business practices across borders through the arts, education, and faith.EducationLoyola University Chicago, Chicago, ILBachelors of Business Arts in International Business and Marketing Expected May 2012Minors in Finance and Rome Studies Expected May2012Cumulative GPA 3.505Work ExperienceLoyola University Chicago Rome Start Program, Rome, Italy Jan. 2011-May 2011InternProvided administrative support in the offices of the John Felice Rome Center, Rome, Italy.Specialized in social media marketing, development, and maintenance, while acting as studentliaisonCollectio Avellana Conference, Rome, Italy Jan. 2011-May 2011AssistantCreated and maintained detailed databases of information regarding conference participantsManaged any and all conference documents and media required by the participantsMcGaw YMCA, Evanston, IL Sept. 2009-May 2010Marketing and Development AssistantActed as assistant to the development department, processing donations and managing adatabase entries of benefactorsSupported Marketing Department staff in planning celebratory events for the 125thAnniversary ofthe McGaw YMCARelated Academic ExperienceLoyola University Chicago Fall2011Market Research Assistant, Greater North Michigan Avenue Association Service Learning ProjectDeveloped managerial decision opportunity and research objectives, determined appropriateresearch methodology and constructed/pretested a descriptive survey, collected data via conveniencesampling using, gained insights through statistical analysis using SPSS software.Presented findings and recommendations to Client through roundtable presentations and white paperdeliverableActivities SkillsLoyola University Marketing Club Fall 2008- Present Moderate Proficiency in ItalianPhi Sigma Sigma Social Sorority Fall 2008- Present Proficient in Microsoft Office SuiteCeramics Club Fall 2009- Present Basic Skills in SPSS & Qualtrics softwares74