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Renaissance and reformation vocabulary


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Renaissance and reformation vocabulary

  1. 1. Renaissance and Reformation Vocabulary
  2. 2. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Renaissance: 1350-1500- Period of creativity of new ideas and inspirations. French Word for “rebirth” Humanism: Emphasized the abilities and accomplishments of human beings Humanities: subjects known as history, poetry and grammar
  3. 3. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Reformation: 1517 Religious movement Protestants: Christians who broke from the Catholic Church over religious issues Catholic Reformation: Series of reforms that Catholic officials initiated Indulgences: Payment to the church to be forgiven for your sins-this showed corruption in the Roman Catholic Church
  4. 4. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Michelangelo: Great painter and sculptor from Italy. Known as the “Renaissance Man” His statue of David was very lifelike. He also painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  5. 5. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Leonardo da Vinci: Famous artist, architect, scientist, sculptor and engineer. Known as a “Renaissance Man” he painted the “ Mona Lisa and Last Supper and sketched the flying machine
  6. 6. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Martin Luther: Leader of the Reformation. Did not like the corruption in the Catholic Church
  7. 7. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Johann Gutenberg: Inventor of the Printing Press which helped spread new knowledge quickly
  8. 8. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: William Shakespeare: Considered the greatest of all Renaissance writers. Turned popular stories into great dramas
  9. 9. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab Florence: Italian city that after the Crusades became rich through trade.
  10. 10. Renaissance and Reformation Vocab: Venice: Italian city that after the Crusades became rich through trade.