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A short overview of what kind of things CMI branches can do on the new website.

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CMI Branch Website Guide

  1. 1. BRANCH GUIDE TO NEW WEBSITE The new CMI website has lots of tools to help promote branch activities. This document will outline how you can access them and generate activity in your branch areas. The branch area of the website can be accessed via Practical support & advice > Management community > The CMI in your area Or directly via your-area
  2. 2. YOUR REGIONAL NETWORK When you click through to your own network you will be presented with the following screen Access to events in the region Regional description Latest branch discussions This page contains: • A description of the region • Links to all branches in the region • Latest news • The latest discussion topics from the branch discussion forums You will also see a control panel on the right hand side that will enable you to: • Create a new topic in your branch discussion forum • Create a new news story for the region • Invite friends to the network • View a list of all members of the region. All members are automatically assigned to their regional network when they log- in, so the members list will display all members from that region that have logged on to the website.
  3. 3. GOOD EXAMPLES OF USE Promoting events The branch discussion forums are a great way to promote events. For instance the Wolverhampton branch produced a video of a recent event on CSR that has received nearly 1,000 views so far. responsibility Women in Management have produced a similar thing for their recent Eleanor McDonald lecture, providing the slides from the talk, a photo album from the event, and a video recording of the keynote speaker.
  4. 4. challenges-gift-opportunities Both have proved very popular and provide a great showcase for the kind of events that both Women in Management and CMI Wolverhampton put on. In addition to things like photos and videos, you can also upload the PowerPoint presentations from your events, so that people unable to attend can still gain from the thoughts of the speakers. networks/celebration-success-overview-cmi-inaugu
  5. 5. I typically embed these into the site using a service called SlideShare. It is worth noting that slides uploaded to SlideShare typically get 500% more viewings on SlideShare than they do on our site! So if we want to show thought leadership it’s a great way of doing so. Branch discussion forums can also be used for things like: • Discussing local news • Local networking before and after events • Offers/requests for job opportunities • Special offers to branch members I’m sure you’ll have lots of other good ideas, and indeed members will surprise us all in how they make use of the facility. I’m happy to help you to make use of these new tools and am available 24/7 (almost) to help out. You can contact me on or 0207 421 2734 if you would like to discuss things over the phone. 07866881509 is my mobile number if I’m unavailable on any of the above. Adi