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Building on the success of CMI’s member magazine Professional Manager, Professional Manager is now available online. Providing web-exclusive journalism from the sharpest writers, interactive features and the bright, bold visuals readers have come to expect from the relaunched Professional Manager brand.

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Cmi apr may_book[1]

  2. 2. YOUR VOLVO XC RANGE Low bik. HIGH BHP. FOR A POWERFUL, LOW EMISSION FLEET • Up to 50.4 mpg on a combined cycle It’s not difficult to see why the Volvo XC60 and XC70 have quickly become • CO2 from just 149 g/km with All-Wheel Drive two of our most popular and business-friendly cars. Low emissions and impressive fuel efficiency keep your fleet economic. All-Wheel Drive • BIK contributions from only 23%* performance, practical space and muscular style keep your drivers ahead of • Impressive 215 bhp D5 engine the crowd. Benefit in kind contributions of only 23%* keep your fleet within • All-Wheel Drive or Two-Wheel Drive options your drivers’ budgets. And, when you add the commanding presence of the Volvo XC90 – you really can keep everyone happy. Call your Volvo Business Specialist to request an appointment today. CALL 08457 300 140 OR VISIT WWW.VOLVOCARS.CO.UK TO FIND OUT MORE Fuel consumption figures for the Volvo XC range in mpg (l/100 km): Urban 18.6 (15.2) to 43.5 (6.5), Extra Urban 34.9 (8.1) to 58.9 (4.8), Combined 26.4 (10.7) to 51.4 (5.5). CO2 emissions 249 g/km to 144 g/km. COMPANY CAR DRIVER INFO: Benefit in kind rates for the 2012/2013 tax year on the Volvo XC range are from 22% to 35%. By way of example, company car tax payable being £105.28 to £251.65 per month for a 20% taxpayer and £210.56 to £503.30 per month for a 40% taxpayer. Monthly amounts are a guide only. Final car tax payable may be lower or higher and will depend on other factors including final list price of car with accessories and options and any employee capital contributions or payments made towards private use. Excludes private fuel. Advice should be taken. * 2012/2013 tax year002_CMI_AprMay12.indd 234441_VCUK_XC_Range_March_Campaign_190x260_Pro_Manager.indd 1 09/03/2012 16:42 28/02/2012 14:04
  3. 3. Professional Manager April/May 2012 Chartered Management NEWS & VIEWS Institute (CMI) Management House, 20 05 Briefing Cottingham Road, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 1TT Don’t rely on common sense, warns Christopher Kinsella t 01536 207307 06 Feedback e The Secret Staffer’s night shift – plus your letters 08 Agenda Michael Skapinker’s essentials, CMI’s management Acting Chief Executive development research – and more Christopher Kinsella 19 View from Westminster Director of Marketing and Let’s teach social skills, says Tessa Munt MP Communications Simon Dolph 20 Debate Is experience overrated? Editor Ben Walker 58 AOB Art Director Darren Endicott Many rules are rotten, says Simon Caulkin Senior Sub-editor Gemma Green Editorial Assistant FEATURES Rebecca Kearley Account Director Sam Gallagher 22 22 Jacqueline Gold Publishing Director Ian McAuliffe Ann Summers’ boss dares to dream Advertise with us: 28 With fear, see clear For all enquiries, contact Turn your anxiety into an asset Michael Coulsey (t 020 8962 30 Working with the enemy 1261, e michael.coulsey@ Awful colleagues aren’t all bad, says Tom Peck or Kieran 34 The myth of the sisterhood Paul (t 020 8692 1265, e kieran. Samantha Lyster says feminism is flawed 36 U.S. and us Time to think again about Americans, says expat Leon Walker Professional Manager 41 The MBA equation © 2012. Published on behalf of CMI by Think, CPD PLANNER The Pall Mall Deposit, 124-128 Barlby Road, 48 45 PM profile London W10 6BL How CMI inspired Jonathon Poyner t 020 8962 3020 47 Ask the experts e professional.manager@ How to stop firefighting and start strategising 48 Masterclass Boost your personal brand 50 Fleeting thoughts Member of the Audit Some managers imperil their motorists, warns Peter Rodger Bureau of Circulations 51 Personnel touch 80,948 1 July 2010 to Unfair-dismissal move won’t change much, says Alison Blackhurst 30 June 2011 52 Reviews and events Management books rated – plus key dates for your diary Printed on UPM Star matt. COVER PHOTO: PAL HANSEN Produced at a factory that holds ISO14001, environmental management certificate. CMI is incorporated by Royal Charter and registered as a charity (No. 1091035). CMI does not necessarily agree with, nor guarantee the accuracy of, statements Contributors made by contributors or advertisers or accept responsibility for any statements which they may express in this publication. ISSN 0969-6695© Tom Peck Samantha Lyster Peter Rodger The Independent’s The former The Institute of roving reporter Times writer Advanced Motorists’ gets good things on feminism’s chief examiner on from bad people big mistake looking after your p30 p34 team p50 _ 03CMI_03_Contents.indd 3 14/03/2012 14:38
  4. 4. AS GOOD AS OUR WORD EVER MET JOE BLOGGS? The average person doesn’t exist. So why settle for generic insurance? At Hiscox, we tailor our policies to the specific risks you or your business may face. For information on professional indemnity and office insurance for members of the CMI, please contact Tim Evans on 020 7929 3400 or Business Insurance Policies are underwritten by Hiscox Underwriting Ltd on behalf of Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd, both of which are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Bannerman Rendell are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 9345 10/11004_CMI_AprMay12.indd 4 09/03/2012 16:42
  5. 5. GET MORE FROM CMIChristopher Kinsella, acting chief executive, CMI As a CMI member, you have access to a comprehensive“Common sense,” said Albert Einstein, writes the author. In fact, he says, range of products and“is a collection of prejudices acquired unless you pile on the deference many services, all designedby age 18.” The great scientist’s words times over and above what you would to help you on your pathare just as appropriately applied to do on this side of the Atlantic, you risk to management successmanagement philosophy as they are to seeing your business deal or partnershipphysics. Received wisdom is dangerous. with our American colleagues slide ON THE WEBIndeed, in many cases it is not wisdom, into that wide, deep ocean. With free checklists, e-learningbut foolishness. The challenging thinking doesn’t modules, podcasts and an “ask Had the scientists of history stop there. Another feature (page 30) the researcher” service atrelied on their common sense – on discovers some remarkable truths appeared to be true, but had about working with difficult people. managementresources, the latestnever been proved – we would still You may think that troublesome thinking is just a click away.believe that the Sun orbits Earth. The colleagues are time-wasting hindrances,appearance of our nearest star above and sometimes they are. Yet working ON YOUR CVthe horizon every morning and its with difficult people is not only a fact Enhance your professionaldisappearance behind it each night of life – it can sometimes be beneficial. status with a CMI managementonce led us down the wrong path. So And, while we may believe them to qualification, not to mention studytoo does managing and leading based be incorrigible, this month’s analysis tips when you need them the most.on a body of dominant information suggests that even the most challengingwithout ever stopping to question it, personalities respond to their peers’ IN YOUR INBOXinterrogate it or analyse it. behaviour towards them. Keeping on top of employment The theme of this We also hear from a law changes and managementissue is “everything card-carrying feminist updates has never been easieryou know is wrong”. (page 34) who makes with our monthly e-newsletterThe title is meant the controversial Membership Matters and e-alertsto be provocative. contention that from our partners at BusinessHR.It prompts an women themselvesimportant question: can be considerable FOR THE JOURNEYare we leading barriers to female Make your next managementbased on sound progress in the move with confidence usinganalysis of what workplace. I am our online continuing professionalworks, or just acting not going to take development system and careeron assumptions? sides here, but we guidance resources.It is worth stopping would be delighted toto think. I was hear readers’ ON YOUR PHONEstruck by this views onmonth’s account “Had scientists relied the matter. Want answers on the move? Then download our free CMI appof doing businessin the US, written on common sense, One of CMI’s four key ( or contact our legal helpline forby an English we’d still believe the values is “to be up-to-the-minute advice from ajournalist who challenging”. Inthree years ago Sun orbits Earth” many areas of qualified solicitor.began a new life management IN THE COMMUNITYin Colorado (page 36). The author argues and leadership, that means challenging Keep the conversation goingthat many notions the British hold systems to improve process and to online – through our forums –about the Americans lead us into traps. achieve excellence, as our major research or at one of our top regionalIt is generally accepted that Americans (page 10) suggests. Sometimes, however, networking events (see page 54).are almost genetically suspicious of it means challenging oneself. Einsteinpoliticians and government. So common was a good mentor: discover your NOT YET A MEMBER?sense says there would be no need to uncommon sense. Test things. Think Visit senators and congressmen with about them in a different way. Just or call 01536 207307 toany more deference than you would a because it appears that the Sun orbits join today.British MP. Common sense is wrong, Earth, doesn’t mean it actually does. _ 05
  6. 6. GET IN TOUCH Send your views to professional. or PM, Think, The Pall Mall Deposit, 124-128 Barlby Road, LondonYour chance to comment on management matters W10 6BL. Letters may be edited for length and clarityPRIZE LETTER this compares with the enhanced subscription revenue – andMy CPD stand LETTER PRIZE whether the Trust’s members are retained in succeeding years.CPD is a key aspect of myprofessional persona, and last John H Collinsmonth I stood up for my beliefs.Most people leave their jobs Numbers gamebecause they are unhappy, they Simon Caulkin is correct inget fired, or they receive a better cautioning against managersoffer. I, however, just quit my job. playing the numbers gameThis was not because I didn’t (February/March issue, page 50),enjoy it. Nor was it because I was but his critique should not befired. Nor was I poached by a limited to managers. The partcompetitor. I quit because there played by the owners of thewas no commitment to CPD. The Jacky and a business is equally flawed whenorganisation I worked for was companion win all they look at are numbers – andnot interested in growing the an overnight politicians as the proxy “owners”department, let alone the skills stay at Careys of public services are particularlyof its employees. It had a nice cash Manor Hotel & prone to the malaise. Look at thecow that it wanted to milk without SenSpa. The present and past tinkering withinvesting anything to care for it, beautiful Careys the public sector. In the NHS, Manor Hotellet alone grow it. The failure of your GPs and hospitals are driven in Hampshirean organisation to want to grow provides an ideal by targets that achieve the bestitself and support its employees environment cost – rather than by those that– who also want to increase their for conferences, best suit patients’ needs. Offering that we, as the voters that electcontribution to the organisation meetings, you choice is only choice of what these governments, have not– is a sign of underlying problems. private dining, the service can deliver in its necessarily got that aspectWhile I look for a new employer, banqueting and target limits. I worked in another of management right either.I can, if asked, now demonstrate team-building public service in the 1990s when Alan Moore MBA, MCMIreal commitment to CPD and not events. The “performance indicators” were thejust huff and puff. facilities offer technology latest fad, and now in my second Utility firstJacky Rosen FCMI for groups career, also in a public service, First of all, congratulations to from eight to that scenario has not changed. Simon Caulkin on his excellent Simon is right when he says good column entitled “The numbersNational bust 150 people. www.careys management is about good game you always lose” (February/I read with interest the item in judgement. I’d suggest March, page 50). I think all criteriathe Winter 2011/12 edition (page used as proxies to measure actual15) about Dame Fiona Reynolds performance should carrywinning CMI’s Gold Medal. DON’T MISS OUT ON a government health warning. Without wishing to denigrate PROFESSIONALMANAGER.CO.UK While we are on the subject ofDame Fiona’s success in gaining warnings, I would like to appeal l Supermum l Rugby rulesnew members, I would be keen Rebecca Kearley on why How to manage to the editor to refrain from usingto know the costs of the National mothers will quit if their the oval-ball way light text on a light backgroundTrust’s massive advertising work is unfulfilling professionalmanager. in Professional Manager. It cancampaign that seems to have been professionalmanager. /rugby sometimes be hard to read.going on for about a year. Over that Prettiness should not be at theperiod, I have received an average l Slow success expense of functionality.of one or two recruitment flyers l Ethics girl How Ed Miliband’s Harold Killingbackfrom the Trust every month. Aggie Sutcliffe on why speaking carries a workplace morals matter clear message If I am typical householder, Ben Walker, editor, replies: professionalmanager. professionalmanager.the expense must have been /ethicsgirl /slowly Thank you for your letter, Harold.massive. I can only wonder how I am delighted you enjoyed Simon’s06 _ PROFESSIONAL MANAGER _ April/May 2012
  7. 7. Letters Tweet this Follow the editor on MY NIGHTS WITH What did you do this lunchtime? Eat some sushi? Go to the bank? Twitter and share THE LIVING DEAD Go to the post office perchance? your thoughts on Irregular, unsociable hours can What if your “lunchtime” fell at management topics @BenProfManager destroy workers – and lock them 3am or eight in the morning? You in dead-end jobs. The Secret could forget about paying that Staffer should know bill or sending that letter, and I bet that spider roll is starting to sound less appetising too. This is the scenario that many employees, of which I am one, find themselves in on a daily basis. Working antisocial hours is more often than not the domain of the underpaid, but far from getting SECRET motivated by their plight, the STAFFER timing of their hours makes it harder for these workers to attend interviews or even apply for jobs, sucking them deeper into the nocturnal rabbit hole. Remember that smart kid in your school who got a job at the local pub washing glasses at age 16, eventually came to fewer classes, and who you saw last Christmas working in the bar telling punters of their as yet unfinalised plans to “go back to college”? I rest my case. My own experience isn’t quite as bad as that. I start shifts at 5am and finish shifts at 11pm. I should point out that I don’t run both brutal schedules in the same day. At least, not usually. My hours allow me time in the day to walk the dog and get to the shops. Yes, I say that with the same level of enthusiasm that shopworkers are heard saying that working Saturdays affords them a “day off in the week” – as if that were compensation for never being able to spend weekends with their friends. And the irregularity of hours at my part-time job means that a piece – it certainly carried a strong 25-hour week regularly leaves me more exhausted than message. With regards to our use my old 36-hour, nine-to-five schedule. of light text, we have had several The management implications of these irregular readers point this out. From this hours are all too clear: sleep-deprived workers get less issue, we have made the text darker work done, and probably do it less well. And no customer to aid legibility. wants to deal with an extra from Night of the Living Dead when they come in to make a purchase. Bad job In contrast, I’m always amazed at the amount of work Have some public sector the night shift – a gig from 10pm until 6am – get done. recruiters lost the plot? I was However, they probably still have trouble running the recently interviewed by a team logistics of their everyday lives. During cigarette breaks from a public body – only to see with the night crew, I hear that most of them have plans one of my two interviewers texting to get work elsewhere. Most of them never leave. with a handheld device under Irregular hours seem counter-productive to the the desk on several occasions company and the staff in both their working and family during the meeting. Effectively, I lives, while night shifts cut you off from society and had spent three days preparing, Find out more the job market. It’s not ideal for a company to have staff travelling to and attending what The Secret wanting to quit. But with very few chances to do so, it was a farce, not a job interview. Staffer highlights sure helps with staff retention. Fairness, dignity and respect how the irregular isn’t a lot to ask for. Yet it appears hours that that certain public sector part-time work organisations’ interviewers brings can be – particularly in the current demotivating. economic climate – are treating Discover tips on their potential employees managing a part- contemptuously. time workforce at Chris K (full name supplied) The Secret Staffer _ 07CMI_06-07_Feedback.indd 7 14/03/2012 14:39
  8. 8. For the latest management news and views, visit from across the world of management Management minutes Financial Times associate editor and management specialist Michael Skapinker lists his regular round-up of the top 10 news items for managers1 Radical changes to employment lawThe government launched considered are demanding a fee to lodge and proceed with a claim, and higher fees for 4 One-stop criminal record checks Criminal record checks are a executive bonuses were “making people’s bloodwhat it called “the most those claiming compensation source of frustration for both boil”. Heradical reform to the of more than £30,000. employers and employees. added thatemployment law system for The checks can take time, some seniordecades”. Vince Cable, thebusiness secretary, said thatwhile the UK employment 3 Making redundancy simpler The government is also delaying people in starting jobs, and a fresh application has to be made every time executives were “taking money fromlaw set-up was one of the examining whether to reduce someone changes jobs. The the owners ofmost flexible in the world, the 90-day consultation Home Office said that, from the companies and frommany employers still saw it as period for collective 2013, completed criminal pension-holders and thea barrier to business. He said: redundancies. Among the records bureau checks will employees.” Shareholders“We’re knocking down that issues ministers want to look be available online, allowing at present have only anbarrier today – getting the at is how much of a barrier employers to confirm that no advisory vote on pay.state out of the way, making the current notice period is new details have been addedit easier for businesses totake on staff and improving to labour-market flexibility and whether changes since the last check. 7 Appeal from immigrant academicsthe process for when staffhave to be let go.” However, hestressed that the government might have an impact on staff access to training and alternative employment. The 6 Cameron promises executive pay curbs David Cameron, the Prime A group of immigrant academics, headed by Professor Chris Pissarides,was trying to strike a balance government said it wanted Minister, has said that the Nobel Prize-winningrather than tilt the system to ensure a better system to company shareholders economist, warned that thedecisively against employees. “improve the way employers should have a binding vote government’s immigration take people on, manage over company executive pay. policy could be “damaging2 Reducing the number of employmenttribunal cases disputes and let people go”. He told the BBC that high to the competitivenessCentral to the government’semployment law proposals 5 Sick note reform An independent review of the sick note system has proposedwas cutting the numberof aggrieved staff taking more flexible ways of helping those signed off ill. Among PHOTOGRAPHY: ISTOCK, SHUTTERSTOCKtheir cases to employmenttribunals. The government employers’ frustrations is thatis consulting on introducing most sick notes simply declare“compensated no-fault people incapable of work whendismissal” for firms with they might be able to do some.fewer than 10 employees. Instead, the review called for theThe Ministry of Justice is establishment of an independentalso planning to consult assessment service to whichon introducing fees for doctors and employers couldpeople wanting to take their turn to ask for more advice onorganisations to tribunals. what work employees could do.Among proposals being08_ PROFESSIONAL MANAGER _ April/May 2012
  9. 9. Newsof the UK’s science andresearch sectors”. In a letterto the Financial Times,they criticised the policyrestricting the number of NINE TO FIVEimmigrants from non-EUcountries and forcing the THE SHERLOCK SUPREMOmajority who did arrive to Sue Vertue, the award-winning producer of TV smash hitleave after five years. Sherlock, details a typical day in the throes of post-production8 Immigration down due to economic climateThe Chartered Institute of 0900 I’m at the office for perhaps the fifth time in six months, becausePersonnel and Development I’ve been in Cardiff regularly shooting(CIPD) said, however, that Sherlock. There, a day shoot startsimmigration had fallen at 8am, and we could be on set untilbecause the economy was 7pm – if we’re doing nights, 7pmweak, rather than as a until 5am. Wherever I am, much ofresult of the government’s what I’m doing is making sure thatmigration cap. CIPD said we deliver the programme that wethat only a small number promised, and fixing whatever getsof employers were affected out of the cap “and they tendedto be global companies 1030 At Air Studios in Hampsteadpredominantly based in for the recording of the strings forLondon”. But CIPD warned the Sherlock soundtrack. It’s lovely;that the UK needed to you’ve already worked with thecontinue to attract composers on the detail – we wantskilled immigrants as to feel this here, it’s exciting inthe economy recovered. this bit – so by the time you get to recording it’s a real treat. Although9 Shell closes final salary pension schemeShell became the last of the the musicians do talk in a language I don’t understand! 1600 I need to make time to look at showreels, to considerFTSE 100 companies to 1330 In London to sign off CGI new directors or editors. You wantclose its final salary pension for Sherlock. We may need to add to get the best people, but it’s alsoscheme to new entrants – buildings in a scene, or put in the like matchmaking. You need to putbringing an end to an era when texting effects that appear in the show. people together who can sit in arecruits to large companies (Can I read it? Is it spelt correctly? small room alone for hours andwere enrolled in defined You’d be surprised how often things become firm friends.benefit schemes. Shell said aren’t.) All of that can take up tothat, from 2013, new recruits 50 hours in total per show. 1900 My husband, writer Stevenwould instead join a defined Moffat (pictured above right, withcontribution scheme, 1500 Next, a “grader”. The director Vertue), and I are out a lot becauseunder which pensions are and I will look at how to balance actors, writers or agents want us todetermined by the investment the colour, because you may shoot see work, or there is someone in townperformance of employees’ two parts of a scene on different we need to meet. A CV is one thing,pension investments. days, or simply want to add an but meeting someone tells you if you element to bring out a mood. What will really enjoy working with that10 Paid overtime downThe number of employees you can do now with the picture and colour is brilliant. person. And I only want to work with people I like, because life is too short.receiving paid overtime hasfallen by a quarter over the THE BOTTOM LINEpast four years, according to SHORT, SHARP AND SMART SECRETS TO SUCCESSthe Trades Union Congress(TUC). Brendan Barber, the “Business needs to create a sense ofTUC’s general secretary, fun for it to be successful. If you cansaid: “With everyone looking connect your people to the joyfulnessfor economic green shoots, and playfulness of the work they area rise in the availability of doing, everyone achieves more.”paid overtime would be John Bird MBE, Big Issue foundera welcome sign.” _ 09
  10. 10. UK must learnits way out ofmanagement crisisA crippling lack of operational skills in the UK economycan be resolved by targeting management and leadershipdevelopment, reveals major research. Ben Walker reportsOnly strategic spending on which is actually deemed worthwhile by right). More than half of respondentsmanagement development can alleviate those who have undertaken it. rated MBAs and CMI’s Charteredthe severe problem of nearly half of UK Those surveyed included 300 chief Manager accreditation as amongline managers being deemed ineffective. executives and 550 HR managers. the most effective types of MLD. Yet, More than two in five managers The survey found that only 39% in foolishly perhaps, less than a quarterbelieve their own line managers to be low-performing businesses deemed of businesses invested in them. Byineffective, a major survey of nearly their own line managers effective, contrast, 40% of businesses invested in4,500 executives conducted by CMI compared to 80% in high-performing skills audits, conferences and workshopsand Penna reveals. organisations (see graphic, top right). – even though less than a third of And, although there is a strong Yet businesses’ responses to respondents rated these methodscorrelation between organisations with the competency crisis have been of MLD as particularly effective.good management and business success, haphazard. Many firms continue to This misguided approach to MLD hasthere is a worrying mismatch between invest in forms of MLD that are deemed serious ramifications. MLD is crucial.businesses’ choices of management and relatively ineffective by those who have Even in isolation, leaders’ commitmentleadership development (MLD) and that undertaken them (see graphic, below to MLD alone accounted for a 21%THE FACTS ARE IN THE FIGURESThese statistics show evidence that spending money on management development can be beneficial for businessesChemical experiment Strong advice Stay on the lineDrug firm records massive variance MLD programme helps advisory service Telecoms major sees staff retention boostin performance after MLD test do more with less following MLD driveThe MLD experience at AstraZeneca was Faced with the need to handle a 45% Cable&Wireless recorded a 100% retentiona great control test. Against an across-the- increase in care cases with no increase rate among its “high potential” groupboard improvement of 1-2%, areas where in staff, the Children and Family Court of managers after it launched its MLDthe MLD programme had been delivered Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) programme in 2010. As of September 2011,recorded an improvement of 3-12%. In sales, launched its MLD programme. Result: a none of the 55-strong group had quit. A two-where it had not been delivered, there was no 15% increase in productivity, a successful day programme was arranged for areas ofimprovement. This suggests a link between absorption of the extra workload and an the business with the lowest managementMLD and management effectiveness. increase in employee engagement. scores. Manager ratings rose by 7-12%. 15 15 10 10 5 UP TO UP TO 5 0 12% 15% 12% 010 _ PROFESSIONAL MANAGER _ April/May 2012
  11. 11. Management research PUBLIC SECTOR LEADS WAY GOOD MANAGEMENT PAYS Annual MLD investment per manager by Proportion of line managers rated as economy sector effective by performance of organisation £2,000 £1,500 O V E R A £1,000 L OW 3 HIGH £500 9 % Train to gain 80 % L L £0 5 7 % Few managers are defined by PUBLIC PRIVATE VOLUNTARY SECTOR SECTOR SECTOR the most important thing they do: bringing the best from their staff. Rather, managers difference in staff performance. When Patrick Woodman, CMI policy are more often defined by aligned with business areas that manager. “Despite the fact that nothing what they sometimes do, or complement it – such as performance could be more crucial to a business’s once did and do no longer. management and leadership succession health than well-targeted MLD, many Headteachers are defined planning – MLD accounts for as much organisations continue to use bad as teachers, yet they rarely as 32% of the variation in people methods – or ignore it altogether. teach. Partners in accountancy performance. Some of this variance “Those that do invest in MLD – such practices are primarily seen as is due to MLD’s impact on employee as Chartered Manager accreditation accountants, not managers engagement: in organisations where or MBAs – have a big advantage.” of accountants. MLD is at its highest, employee The public sector made the biggest Management is a profession engagement levels are 5% higher. investment in MLD, at £1,515 per in its own right, but it is “The research makes sobering manager per year (see graphic, top left). underrated and seen as reading for organisations who lack secondary to the line of a strategic and clinical approach To download a copy of the report, business or the technical to MLD,” warned report co-author visit discipline the manager is in. This is a mistake. While experience of a sector is HAPHAZARD INVESTMENT crucial to developing people Proportion of firms investing in types of MLD vs that deemed most effective within it, there are overarching skills to management and leadership that should be Business school postgraduate applied to all sectors. Sadly, qualification (eg MBA) UK plc is lacking in them. This Appraisals and Professional bodies’ should not be surprising. If skills audits qualifications you ask someone whose skill it is to build to then manage builders – with little, no or ill- targeted management training Internal knowledge- Chartered – you should not be surprised sharing events Manager if things collapse. 00 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Meanwhile, the report raised many areas for further research. The correlation External conferences, Managers rate between good MLD and workshops and among most effective networks development (%) organisational performance is just one answer to the key question of how to bring the Short courses on Coaching by best out of people. Through management/ leadership external further research, such as On-the-job practitioners this summer’s probe into the experience impact of qualifications, we will strive to discover more. TOTAL USE (%) DEEMED MOST EFFECTIVE (%) Christopher Kinsella _ 11CMI_10-11_Agenda.indd 11 14/03/2012 14:39
  12. 12. Agenda Beer boss adds fizz to REVIEW: star-studded lectures PRESIDENT’S DINNER 22 FEBRUARY 30 PAVILION RD The founder of Cobra Beer to appear at CMI’s prestigious event LONDON SW1 CMI President Terry Morgan’s inaugural many of our Companions are not only proud The talk was as lecture programme – Managing and Leading of being a Companion but strongly believe in delicious as the in a Modern Workplace – brings together a supporting the CMI by ‘giving something back’ food. The lead selection of CMI Companions. These include and making a contribution to our important speaker, Olympic Patrick Dunne CCMI, group communications agenda. This has helped drive our exciting CMI Delivery Authority director for 3i Group plc – and Lord Bilimoria Lecture Programme initiative. I am delighted to chairman Sir John CBE DL CCMI, founder and chairman of host the inaugural lecture programme, which Armitt, graced the beer brand Cobra. brings these people together to share their Knightsbridge The event is the perfect opportunity for insightful and outstanding knowledge and supper with direct interaction with CMI Companions, experience with members.” a fascinating who in turn are keen to give something back to presentation on members of all management levels and sectors. Inaugural CMI President’s the Olympic build. Attendees will be treated to a morning of Lecture Programme – Managing Yet it was the topical insight and different perspectives on a and Leading in a Modern Workplace question and range of issues, plus the opportunity to engage Cass Business School, London EC1 answer session with inspirational management experts on a Hosted by CMI President Terry Morgan that added even wide range of academic and business issues. You 18 April 2012, 8.45am-2pm more sparkle to will also be able to have your questions answered £25 members/£35 non-members what was already directly by the CMI Companion speakers. an evening of the Morgan said: “We are in the unique position l Visit highest calibre. where many of the captains of industry for further details and to book. Alternatively Under the and champions of good management and email dinner’s privacy leadership are Companions of CMI. I know that or call 01536 207333. rules, journalists present were unable to publish CHALLENGING BOOK comments made. Sir John spoke SCOOPS CMI ACCOLADE openly about several matters, including legacy A controversial book that where we pay an ever-larger Professor Cary Cooper CBE use of the Olympic dubs today’s super-paid ego- share of revenue to a handful and former IBM chairman stadiums and the driven leaders the “L’Oréal of senior executives. Bones Sir Anthony Cleaver, voted London mayoral Generation” has scooped describes this generation unanimously to hand the race, leaving CMI’s coveted management of leaders as the “L’Oréal accolade to Bones at the those lucky book of the year prize. generation” – they think British Library ceremony. enough to attend The Cult of the Leader by they deserve large salaries party to exclusive Christopher Bones argues “because they’re worth it”. l For more information go to information. that businesses have been The panel of five expert managementbookoftheyear. Ben Walker, editor dragged into a talent war, judges, which included OVERALL WINNER E-book Management The Cult of the Leader: Bold: how to be brave and Leadership a manifesto for more in business and win Textbook authentic business by Shaun Smith and Corporate Responsibility by Christopher Bones Andy Milligan by Mick Blowfield and Alan Murray CATEGORY WINNERS The Commuter’s Read Innovation and Put Your Mindset to Work: Practical Manager Entrepreneurship the one asset you really The Cult of the Leader: The Innovator’s DNA need to win and keep the a manifesto for more by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, job you love by James Reed authentic business and Clayton M Christensen and Paul G Stoltz by Christopher Bones 12 _ PROFESSIONAL MANAGER _ April/May 2012CMI_12-15_Agenda.indd 12 12/03/2012 10:24
  13. 13. 013_CMI_AprMay12.indd 13 09/03/2012 16:44
  14. 14. MAJOR UPGRADE FOR Vote for your Female MANAGEMENTDIRECT gold medallist figures An essential online toolkit for managers Nominate your leader 46% of women has been given an exciting new look for the 2012 Gold Medal in the UK have CMI members will management scenarios will lowered the tone soon be able to use be added, to aid application of This is CMI’s most prestigious of their voice in a ManagementDirect – learning. Leader videos will award. In 2011, Dame Fiona bid to get ahead which contains a wealth of be expanded to more than Reynolds of the National Trust won in business, information for improving 100 titles. And the e-books the medal (Winter 2011, page 15). said a poll by business process and collection will be expanded Nominees should be exceptional serviced office bringing the best out of to more than 130 titles. UK business leaders at the pinnacle provider Business people – to create bespoke All of the new information of their career, and should excel in Environment. structured mini-courses for will be housed in a fresh look the following areas: Of 1,000 women their managers. and feel. Users will benefit guiding strategic direction surveyed by The mini-courses will from a cleaner, more modern developing organisational culture OnePoll, 57% also enable managers to have a online experience, improved practising “human” skills said they “dressed focused learning experience. search and navigation, and leading effective implementation more powerfully”. In addition to the mini- improved co-branding and courses, a raft of new customisation to present the Complete the nomination form 35% of women content will be added to the service as an extension of online at said that more ManagementDirect database. your own training toolkit. goldmedal, email goldmedal@ confidence E-learning modules will or call 020 7421 would be helpful increase from 24 to more l For more information, visit 2716. The closing date for receipt in securing a than 120. Fifteen interactive of nominations is 8 June 2012. better job this CMI_12-15_Agenda.indd 14 12/03/2012 10:25Untitled-5 1
  15. 15. Agenda year, compared to 26% of men, EDINBURGH EXCELS in research Edinburgh Napier University has named Alex stood out from the crowd due to his leadership released by Home its top students and alumni in its 2011 Annual skills. He has represented the Business School at the Learning College. University Achievement Awards. Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Challenge. The university and award sponsors chose three Only 25% students and alumni for their innovation and Young Alumnus of the Year of directors leadership in business, technology and science. Dr Jamie Graves (PhD 2009) appointed to Professor Dame Joan Stringer said: “We Jamie has created a patent for a digital forensics UK companies recognise students and alumni who have been method, and helps support Scotland’s Centre of formed by outstanding ambassadors for the university in Excellence for Security and Cybercrime. Companies Made their personal and professional lives.” Simple between The three winners were: Alumna of the Year January 2009 Dr Aileen Lothian (MBA 2003) and September Student of the Year Aileen’s work has led to the expansion of 2011 were Alex Maidwell (Fourth-year undergraduate, programmes in Asia. Her contribution to society female, reports marketing management) has helped many people with their education. the company formation website. MANAGEMENT SPEAK Oversharing n. the act of the always-online age, the on Twitter or Facebook, l Feminist posting an excess of information virtual equivalent of the tipsy pause and consider: “Is this Samantha on social media outlets. It’s late-night phone call. What’s something I want to discuss Lyster says the “too much information” for the cure? If you are a regular with my boss tomorrow?” sisterhood is a myth (page 34) _ 15CMI_12-15_Agenda.indd 15 12/03/2012 10:25 29/02/2012 09:45
  16. 16. 360 feedback online. fast. simple.from appraisal360 the360 feedback specialistsIf successful delivery and smooth running of your360 projects is important to you then speak tous first.• Instant Signup – to get you up and running in minutes• Self Managed – user friendly control panels to administer your own projects• Off the shelf competency frameworks – or bring your own bespoke version• Online service - no special software required just standard web browser and email• Free phone and email support - to keep things running smoothly• Free support materials - to help your coaching programme• Management Reports - to help target your organisation development effort t. 01782 681214 e. 16 09/03/2012 16:44
  17. 17. Agenda POLICY WATCH Apprenticeships are hugely effective. But a handful of badly run programmes risk ruining the image of the rest, warns CMI policy and research director Petra WiltonThe good name ofapprenticeships is under threat ocational training from an advanced apprenticeship This road works: As a member of Professions V has long been the poor is even greater, at 18%. for Good, a collaboration of apprenticeships aid social relation to academic However, the National Audit mobility, the leading professional bodies, the education, but both Office also picked up areas for economy and CMI has recently supported thatthe Labour government and now concern. First, a growing number businesses. the launch of a Social Mobility So why the mixedthe Coalition have promoted of existing employees are being messages? Toolkit for the Professions.apprenticeships and work-based rebadged as apprentices, but in Universities and science ministerqualifications. To ensure that some cases they are not getting David Willetts endorsed thebusinesses have the skills to much extra development. And, toolkit: “Ensuring that the mostgrow, the government will boost sometimes, public money is paying talented people obtain jobsspending on adult apprenticeships for training that employers would in the professions is the bestby up to £250 million by 2014-15, have provided anyway. This risks way to ensure the UK remainsproviding up to 75,000 more damaging the reputation of all internationally competitive.”apprenticeships places by the apprenticeships. His words are welcome. Weend of the spending review period. Professional bodies have a have heard mixed messages The apprenticeship programme role in promoting to employers recently from politicians on thehas a strong track record. the quality and relevance of value of vocational education.Apprenticeships provide a brilliant vocational and academic learning. In January, education secretaryspringboard for many young people Professional qualifications have Michael Gove announced theat the start of their careers. Studies recognised quality assurance and downgrading of thousands ofshow apprenticeships improve can be used with apprenticeship vocational qualifications, endingproductivity and significantly programmes. At the same time, the their recognition in England’sincrease people’s chances of professions recognise academic school league tables. Next month,staying in employment. and vocational qualifications as ministers were extolling the And, according to an National routes into membership. As such, virtues of apprenticeships. ThereAudit Office report that examined we can contribute to social is no need for the government’swages between 2004 and 2010, mobility by offering access to indecision: the promotion ofpeople who had completed an professional employment vocational training is wise,intermediate apprenticeship to those who have provided professional bodiesearned 11% more than employees not pursued an are involved so qualitywho had not done so. The benefit academic path. can be assured. Shape your Code The most recent complaint is now available Our challenge to members is to suggest a Code as a short case study at of Conduct ‘elevator pitch’. Have a look at the uk/code. This complaint went to a full hearing CODE OF document and let us know how you would panel, and a recommendation to the Board of CONDUCT describe the Code and its importance in Trustees that the member concerned should 30 seconds. The document is available be expelled. at Send your suggestions to the Institute Stand for election secretary at; Candidates are now sought for election to the 020 7421 2707; or Valerie Hamill, CMI, 2 Savoy two Board positions that become vacant in Court, Strand, London WC2R 0EZ October. New web pages have been developed, explaining the role and person specification Case report for Board service. The key criteria are full The last issue of Professional Manager Institute membership and experience at highlighted the Code of Practice for executive or non-executive level. Go to Professional Managers and the three member to find out complaints taken through the investigation more, or contact Valerie Hamill on 020 7421 and disciplinary process in the past 12 months. 2707 or _ 17
  18. 18. 018_CMI_AprMay12.indd 18 09/03/2012 16:44
  19. 19. View from Westminster MINISTRY MUST NAIL SOCIAL AND VOCATIONAL SKILLS The Department for Education must remember that its job is to prepare youngsters with other vital career-building expertise – not just academic knowledge, says Tessa Munt ne hopeful recent graduate indicating what they to teach their offspring O sends me his CV, informing me he “is one in a million”. look for in employees. If we aren’t honest about academic knowledge; we should not rely on Even after feedback, the this, we cannot expect parents to guide theirpoint he misses every time is that I employers, educators offspring in social skills.advertise my need for a team-player, not or employees to meet Once these habits area ready-made star with his own agenda. our nation’s expectations established, we can Is this graduate’s mistake symptomatic and maximise the teach business andof a wider misunderstanding? Is the opportunities for jobs. management expertise –purpose of our education system to As an employer, I am and start to competeprepare participants for work? Or is it to always on the lookout with other economies. Name Tessa Jane Munt MPmake them ready to learn to work? The for potential – not Party Liberal Democrat Yet, sadly, Whitehallanswers could change our expectations of necessarily for existing Seat Wells remains hooked on a drivethe education system, and require radical knowledge or a record First elected 2010 for academic excellencereform of the National Curriculum. of achievement – and Current majority 800 to the exclusion of other Political compass We cannot expect young people to for team members who Centre-left valuable areas of teaching.leave education with a set of skills that reflect my approach to my Parliamentary roles The Education Selectare matched identically to their intended work. But I’m dismayed PPS to Vince Cable (2012-) Committee has argued, incareers. Nor should we. We shouldn’t that so few interviewees its report on the English VOTING RECORDforget that changes in employment – have any sense that they Nuclear disarmament Baccalaureate, that alland the extinction of many lifelong jobs are judged – fairly or not Strongly for children are different– mean that most of us will change career – on a few vital signals EU integration and all need the chanceonce, twice or more during our long in the first minutes of Moderately for to study whatever is Anti-terror lawsworking lives. Children born this century meeting. Success can Moderately for useful to them. Having hinge on a tiny number removed more than of “soft” factors – good 3,000 vocational“We don’t rely on manners; good communication; qualifications from the league tables,parents to teach their conversational and social skills; has the Department for Education asked enthusiasm; a bright smile; eye contact; employers for their views first? Nail careoffspring academic a good handshake; turning up with clean has become an Aunt Sally for academicknowledge; we nails, shoes and an ironed shirt; being fundamentalists, whose implication that ready to listen and learn; showing an it is the career pursuit of brainless girlsshould not rely on interest in other people. smacks of misogynistic elitism. Yet itparents to guide I can rely on certificates for proof of is a vigorous part of our economy. Aretheir offspring in basic literacy, numeracy and specialist beauty parlours going to struggle to find knowledge; the ubiquity of computers staff if government insists on reformingsocial skills” means poor handwriting is no longer qualifications that employers need? My salient; I can test for comprehension local nail salon on the Walworth Roadcan expect to reach their 100th birthday. and the ability to précis and write a is often packed with customers duringAnd the retirement age will rise too, so we coherent letter. But unless there is a evenings and at weekends – far more, Iwill work for much longer, and in various return to teaching and leading students suspect, than the local concert hall orroles. Better to give youngsters the skills in social skills – both for those who art gallery. The Departmentthat can be transferred to all professions study academic and vocational subjects for Education must recognise thatrather than a narrow band of abilities. – there will remain a divide between not everything hangs on knowledge. What we need are conversations and those who attend schools that recognise Social and vocational skills are justguidelines from UK employers – micro the importance of social skills and those as important to our economy’s healthto massive – for our educationalists, who do not. We don’t rely on parents and our youngsters’ futures. l _ 19
  20. 20. Old versus new: is experience overrated? Do decades of toil automatically make you the right candidate to lead? Or can anyone with innovation and creative spark succeed? Kayleigh Ziolo hears both sides of the story ROGER GILBERT Chairman, Fujitsu NO Services Holdings plc It’s true that many of today’s the reason that companies can make great companies were founded by the best use of graduate talent in their entrepreneurs in their twenties with organisation is the depth of experience little experience: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, in the teams that manage them. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg So what constitutes good experience? and so forth. It’s also true that rigid It’s experience that helps you make good recruitment and promotion that values decisions, and makes sure you are getting experience above all else can leave it right more times than you are getting it young talent wasted. wrong. Working with good management The entrepreneurs that are held up teams early in your career is a good start. as examples started their companies Making mistakes is okay as long as you with world-changing ideas; they understand why they were mistakes, were individuals of immense talent why you made them and what you would with probably very little to lose. We do differently next time. It helps to see should admire their success but we how companies operate in both good need to recognise that, for many new times and bad, and how hard it is to run companies, the injection of experienced a successful business throughout the managers by their backers was essential business cycle. for their survival. Good experience is not overrated. A Would you prefer an experienced or company needs all the input it can get. For inexperienced surgeon for a critical a business to grow, and with a bottom line operation? Would you choose an to manage and teams to lead, there isn’t inexperienced manager to turn around much time for trial and error. Just like the a failing company? In these cases there surgeon, it helps if managers and leaders isn’t time to try promising but untried have done it before, seen how others approaches – you need someone who perform and understand the pitfalls. knows what they are doing and wastes That isn’t to say companies don’t need no time in getting it done. young talent with new ideas – it’s just ILLUSTRATION: GARY NEILL Yes, there are times when talent wins that without experienced people around, over experience. Graduate recruitment is this talent will be wasted. You can hope to one example: good graduates bring new follow in the footsteps of the successful, ideas, are enthusiastic and are a positive young and inexperienced entrepreneurs influence on their colleagues. For similar that we’ve all heard of, but it’s more likely reasons, the rapid promotion of young you’ll repeat the patterns of all those and talented staff can help them to make unsuccessful inexperienced management the maximum contribution. However, teams that have fallen into obscurity. 20 _ PROFESSIONAL MANAGER _ April/May 2012CMI_20-21_Debate.indd 20 14/03/2012 14:39