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Bmt meeting jul_2010


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Bmt meeting jul_2010

  1. 1. Branch Management Team Meeting 14th July 2010 (21 City Square, Dundee) Present: Charlene Cantwell John Handling Samantha Godley Apologies: Dawn McKaig Jim MacGregor Management Team and Posts • Chairman – those present agreed that John Handling should take this role on as he has been covering this role for the last four years in an unofficial capacity. • Chair Designate – Charlene Cantwell has agreed to take on this role • Secretary – Samantha Godley has agreed to take this role on o Action Point – Sam to contact Adi Gaskell to arrange for details on CMI Tayside Branch to be updated online o Action Point – John to arrange for Sam to have access to the ‘Resources for Branch and Honorary Officers’ area • Treasurer – Charlene Cantwell is Treasurer for the Scotland branch of CMI to include Tayside • Data Manager – Dawn McKaig has agreed to take this role on and access to membership data has already been sorted out with CMI. • Programme Secretary – Those present hoped that Jim MacGregor will take on this role. o Action Point – John to speak to Jim about this • Public Relations Manager – Those present decided that at this point in time this post was not needed but would be reviewed once the branch had been officially opened and running for a period of time. In the meantime the current Branch Management Team would fill this role between them. • Website Co-Ordinator – Samantha Godley has agreed to take on this role. o Action Point – Sam to speak to Adi about how minutes etc can be uploaded to the CMI site •Branch Management Team Member - All CMI members at any grade can become a Branch Management Team Member. All members are encouraged to become involved in any way they can. o Action Point - Members wishing to assist the Branch Management Team contact John for more information. Communication/Marketing
  2. 2. • A brief discussion followed on the need to communicate to current branch members and the wider CMI network that Tayside branch was up and running. See AOB section. Projects • Abertay University ‘Employer Engagement’ – John Handling apologised for the lengthy delay but advised that we are now in a position to progress the joint CMI and Abertay University Business School Projects. 1. We have been offered a 55 minute 'guest lecturers’ spot in the September Induction week (Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th or Friday 17th September) to deliver a presentation/workshop to include Q&As. This presentation has traditionally been delivered by the CMI Scotland Manager concentrating on the benefits of student membership, however, the remit is quite broad and the choice of topic is open for discussion with the University. . o Action Point - John to contact previously identified volunteers to arrange this. 2. Discussions concerning the work shadowing project are ongoing and have been extended to include student work placements. A draft business plan has been written with a view to formalising arrangements. A summary of the Draft Business Plan is embedded. Draft Business Plan o Action Point - John to progress and keep previously identified volunteers up to date. • Pupil Mentoring Scheme – Dundee City Council have been trialling a ‘pupil mentoring scheme’ at Craigie High School and are now looking to extend this scheme across the City. Angus Council have a similar scheme (more details in embedded document) H:johnProfessional MembershipsCMI2010Mentoring_Overview.pdf
  3. 3. o Action Point – John to contact Dundee City Council and Angus Council to determine whether CMI Tayside Branch can assist. o Action Point - John to contact Perth and Kinross Council to see if a similar scheme exists. Events • Initial indications from a quick glance through the results of the recent survey suggest that members would like an official branch opening event. Thoughts included a social event with a prominent after dinner speaker (possibly Sir Tom Farmer CCMI). o Action Point – John to discuss with Jim with a view to forming a small event planning team. AOB • Answers to survey questions to be collated and a summary produced by Jim MacGregor. • LinkedIn – Linked in to the discussion on communication and marketing Sam suggested creating a subgroup under the CMI main group for the Tayside Branch to raise awareness and provide additional networking and a means of publicising events etc for the branch. Those present agreed. o Action Point – Sam to speak to Adi Gaskell about setting this up • Facebook – on the back of the discussion about LinkedIn it was suggested that a group be set up on Facebook for a similar reason. To be set up so that those in the Management Team can post items as the Group rather than as themselves individually o Action Point – Sam to set this up and email the Management Team when it is done with a link to the group for them to join. The group will be closed i.e. the admin and officers of the group have to give permission for a person to join the group • Expenses – John explained that the CMI will reimburse travel expenses for those attending Branch Meetings o Action Point – John to send template expense forms to Charlene • Newsletter – A newsletter will be created for Tayside Branch to provide updates to branch members in between meetings and to be posted on CMI, Facebook and LinkedIn o Action Point – Sam to produce newsletter • Frequency of meetings – It was proposed by those present that Branch Management Team Meetings be held every quarter. If it was decided that there was not enough information to warrant a meeting then a newsletter would be used to update the Branch Management Team. A separate events planning team would be created to organise any branch events.
  4. 4. Date of next Branch Management Team Meeting TBC