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Room key


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Room key

  1. 1. Search hotels,Book direct. Relax.FOLLIN-ARBELET ValentinePOIRON VirginieCHIRAS Anne-GabrielleGODARD MarieMBA2A – CMH School, Paris
  2. 2.  Itis an innovative searching and booking platform that offers customers the possibility to find the perfect hotel and book a room online. Founded by a group of leading hotel companies: Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Wyndham, Marriott… So only these hotel chains can appear as offers.
  3. 3.  First,choose a place, and then a date. Then, select your criteria: price range, star rating, distance from your place… After that appear all the hotels with location and the average price for a night, rank on Tripadvisor (number of reviews)
  4. 4. Then a table appears: best availableprices the selected period of timeaccording to different room types.
  5. 5.  Thisprogram has been created in order to develop these hotel chains’ growth and increase occupation rates. Then,lots of partnerships has been created between hotel professionals. Lowcommissions (not like with Expedia, etc…)
  6. 6.  This program is different from the traditional ones for several reasons:- By making the use easy for travelers, the website has become more competitive on the market.- The choice between hotels is restrained, so that the user can only choose a hotel among the leading hotel groups.
  7. 7. - When you book, you are oriented towards the hotel’s official booking website: tool to redirect the user to the hotel’s website