Jeddah conceptual studies


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Jeddah conceptual studies

  1. 1. PATTERN Seeking to evoke the symbology 1 of traditional Islamic pat- terning, this design con- cept creates an alternating system of multi-storey and garden units inter- laced with sky gardens and exterior balconies. An atrium at the top becomes an illuminated beacon to surrounding context.
  2. 2. CALLIGRAPHY With a defin- ing brush 1A stroke, this concept contrasts the rhythmic stacking of multi-storey units with garden units contained by a sweeping facade that creates a signature profile within the skyline. Opportunities for community ‘neigh- borhood’ gardens and upper level atriums bring dynamic tenant spaces to varying levels of the
  3. 3. DHOW The heritage of the hand-made dhows and 2 their distinct visual charac- teristics are abstracted into the exposed structural and triangulated facades of this concept. The tower is captured at the middle by interstitual floors of restaurants, fitness, and other amenities, while the tower vanishes into a cloud garden at the pent- house levels.
  4. 4. CURRENTS Rotational water movements and 3 their circular forces influence the geo- metrical moves of this concept, put- ting the towers in a balanced counter- point relationship, encircled by the retail and office programs. A skygarden captures the top of the residential tower, while balconies form a vertical split to express the 45 degree twist.
  5. 5. BREAKWATER To capture the explo- sive forces 4 of two waves col- liding, this design con- cept carves two unique facades from simple rectilinear towers and forming outdoor spaces from the result- ing residual spaces. A sky garden captures the upper residential floors, providing a visual anchor to these dynamic forces.
  6. 6. LANGUAGE Drawing inspiration from the 5 interlocking nature of the written Arabic language, this concept utilizes each channel to build into a cohesive whole. At each interlocking joint, garden floors create opportuni- ties for shared commu- nal space with varying views of the surrounding context.