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Completion Tracking & Conditional Access in Moodle 2

This shows Moodle Administrators how to turn on access to completions tracking and conditional access tools for teachers.

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Completion Tracking & Conditional Access in Moodle 2

  1. 1. *Multiple ways to monitor progress from self- assessment to instructor tool and improved conditional access to resources and activities.
  2. 2. Administrators Role* You must turn on Completion activities in site administration before instructors can see this feature. * Site Administration -> Advanced Features (bottom)-> Save changes
  3. 3. Administrators Role* You can also add this feature by default to all courses * Site Administration -> Courses -> Course Default Settings - > student progress
  4. 4. * Teachers must also enable this feature under course settings when they are creating a course or it will not be an option when adding assignments. (if you did not enable in default course settings)* Course settings (bottom) under Student progress
  5. 5. * There is an add-on module that gives a visual progress bar for students, teachers, and parents(if there is a role) to view a students progress through the assignments. *