Sales and Marketing Services


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End-to-End Sales and Marketing Services.

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Sales and Marketing Services

  1. 1. Lowry Group Inc. 2010 1
  2. 2. Focus Turn on profit Lowry Group Inc’s solutions are committed to switching-on and energizing your sales and marketing activity. Our focus is on generating sustainable sales and profit growth for your business. Our approach is different. We deliver end-to-end creative sales and marketing solutions, working in-company, as part of your team to maximize your profit potential by welding together a virtuous growth cycle. End-to-End Creative Sales and Marketing Solutions 2
  3. 3. Research Know your market Lowry Group Inc delivers powerful insights into: •Customer attitudes •Opinions Our customer led focus is the cornerstone on which successful business planning •Needs and wants and strategy development is built. •Opportunities •What is happening in your markets? •What do your customers think? •What are your competitors doing? • Direct Response Marketing Campaigns - Identify decision makers and win appointments. 3
  4. 4. Planning Let us nurture your growth Lowry Group Inc’s experienced team add value and quality to your Business Development Planning process, navigating the best practical route to achieve your growth objectives. •How does the current plan and system need to change? We deliver dynamic and creative thinking that flexes between business and strategic planning and smart, streetwise tactics. •Which prioritized market segments The result ... powerful sales and marketing strategies, which out think and present the best return? out maneuver the competition to exploit opportunities, increase sales and profitably grow your business. •How can we better position ourselves against the competition? •What strategies will deliver profitable growth? Sales and Marketing Business Strategy Planning •What communication tools do our customers need and want? Tactical Action Plan •How do we get in front of the right people? Profit 4
  5. 5. System Building lasting relationships Lowry Group Inc works with you “hands-on” to optimize your sales pipeline, close gaps and dramatically increase conversion rates while building lasting, profitable customer relationships. Long Term Nurturing Order to Cash Present/Record/Secure Call Cycle Communication Profiling Lead Generation Our team is energized to work smarter to manage the Sales Pipeline and to hunt for Target Segments more business from profitable segments. 5
  6. 6. Skill •Customer Care People buy people •Gaining Appointments •Face to Face •Key Account Management •Managing Client Sales Meetings Turn on and unleash •Identify Customer Needs the profit potential •Questions & Active Listening •Selling Matching Benefits •Pre-Closing & Closing •Handling Customer Objections •Gaining Referrals •Sales Accompaniment 6
  7. 7. Sales & Marketing Continue the key concepts of Sales & Marketing by examining the following. • The Learning Cycle • The Marketing Cycle Product / Service Positioning Price Place Promotion – on and off line People Physical Presence Perception Sales Market Research • Use of Contact Management Systems & Databases Professional Selling & Negotiation Focuses on the need for companies to manage this area more effectively. Outlines a proven professional sales structure and the key personal attributes required to be successful in sales. • Time allocation to Sales • Personal Attributes - Attitude, Motivation, Enthusiasm • Preparation • Information Gathering • Introductions • Needs Profiling • Presentation • Gaining Commitment • Overcoming Objections • Administration • Evaluation System • Development & Application of Sales Tools 7
  8. 8. Key Account Management & Development Focuses on creating an outline for Key Account Development Plans for major current and potential accounts. • Market Place Analysis i.e. Identified Prospects ; Working Prospects ; Buying Customers •Analysis of the current situation regarding the account(s) • Examination of the Behavioral Roles within the account (s) i.e. Relationships • Evaluation of the Decision Making Process within the Account • Establishment of Key Success Factors with Time-Frames • Production of an Account Development Action Plan Cost Effective Promotion Outlines how to create an effective promotional strategy and action plan. • Provide a template for a promotional plan. • Guidance on proven cost-effective promotional tools. • Provide outline costs on the key components. • Benefits of having a good corporate image. • Developing promotional message and materials. • Selection of the most appropriate on and off line promotion. • Positioning of Advertisements. • A structure for direct mail correspondence. • Examine PR opportunities. 8
  9. 9. Exhibition Selling Allow companies to gauge their "readiness" to exhibit at a major exhibition. • Selecting Appropriate Exhibitions • Sources of Potential Business • Setting of commercial objectives for the Exhibition Stand • Design / Positioning • Planned Direct Marketing Activities prior to the exhibition. • Sales Activities • Differentiating Visitors to the stand • Sales Pitch • Method of recording and actioning enquiries • Outline Action Plan • Exhibition Follow-Up • Post Exhibition Analysis Smarter Customer Care Customer Care is a strategic imperative. It allows you to build real lifetime value and eliminate customer churn. • The Big Picture Importance of Customer Care • Profitable Lifetime Value • Customer Needs & Expectations • What do Customers Really Buy? • Internal & External Customer – Do’s and Don’ts • Handling Challenging Customers • Related Aspects • Communication – Face to Face, Telephone and Email • Go MAD – Make A Difference • Customer Care Strategy & Action Plan 9
  10. 10. Sales Presentation Skills Covers the key elements of effective sales presentations: • Organization and Preparation - Key Objectives • Delivery - Format , Control and Pace • Presentation - Key Sales Differentiators • Audience - Expectations • Impact of Materials Sales Management System Covers the creation and management of a proven and effective Sales Management System. • Sales Forecasts and Targets • Target Accounts • Business Generating Activities • Sales Tracking - Sales Pipeline • Rolling Sales Forecasts • Sales Administration System i.e. Record Systems ; Reporting Systems • Distribution Analysis • Sales Reviews - internally, Agents / Distributors, and Key Customers • Competitor Information System • Account Development / Retention Plans 10
  11. 11. Direct Sales Establishes a professional sales structure for conducting both outgoing and incoming calls. • Internal and External Game – learned skills and personal qualities. • Creating Positive Impressions and Building Good Customer Relations. • Sales Planning - Time Allocation, Logging System, Priority Lists. • Preparation - Objectives, Information Sheets, Previous Quotes, Current Quote, Purchase History, Lead Time and Time of Call. • Introductions - Greeting, Opening Statement and Control. • Needs Profile - Probing, Use of Open Questions to Establish / Confirm Customer Requirements. • Presentation - Use of Features/ Benefits and Unique Selling Points • Close - Examine the application of a variety of different closes to elicit orders or opportunities to quote. • Objection Handling - Tackle objections in a positive and logical manner. • Analysis of Next Course of Action - Suggest course of Action. • Contact Management System – recording market and customer intelligence. • Evaluation - To encourage self-assessment and improvement after every sales call. • Follow-Up Call - Ensure appropriate follow up activity is logged in the contact management system. 11
  12. 12. Business Process Outsourcing – Order to Cash Management •EDI Management •Order Processing •Customer Service •Invoice Management •Accounts Receivable Reporting •Deduction Management •Collections •Forms Administration Services •Data Synchronization •Customized Administrative Services •Vendor Managed Inventory and Logistics Control **These services are provided as a full scope or staff augmentation solution. Contact us: Lowry Group Incorporated 1.313.884.4160 12