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This Keynote lecture was first delivered in Toronto, CA on September 27th, 2012. The book, #socialQI: Simple Solutions for Improving Your Healthcare is set to be published in October 2012

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  •  http://www.healthcarereportcard.illinois.gov/maps
  • http://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.d7292.pdf%2Bhtml
  • http://www.vosizneias.com/96473/2011/12/07/new-york-nyc-sidewalks-are-getting-more-crowded/http://www.skillsconverged.com/FreeTrainingMaterials/tabid/258/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/806/Team-Building-Exercise-Six-Degrees-of-Separation.aspx
  • http://christakis.med.harvard.edu/pdf/publications/articles/128.pdf
  • …number of connections…some algorithm…crowdsource rankings/ratings…types of “anonymity”…In the past, the filter was easier than the production, but now production is easier than filtering. …credibility helps with crowdsourcing…
  • #socialqi Simple Solutions for Improving Your Healthcare 092312

    1. 1. #SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare Presented by: Brian S. McGowan, PhD @briansmcgowan www.SOCIALQI.com www.socialQI.com September 2012
    2. 2. Outline1. Re-defining Quality2. Why Does Healthcare Quality Suffer3. Introducing SocialQI4. One Part - Social Network Science5. One Part – Behavioral Science6. How Does SocialQI Become the New Norm in Healthcare? www.socialQI.com
    3. 3. Re-DefiningHealthcare Quality#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    4. 4. www.socialQI.com
    5. 5. My Father’s Health Journey www.socialQI.com
    6. 6. My Father’s Record www.socialQI.com
    7. 7. Why Does HealthcareQuality Suffer?#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    8. 8. Problem #1: Variation www.socialQI.comhttp://www.healthcarereportcard.illinois.gov/maps
    9. 9. www.socialQI.comhttp://www.healthcarereportcard.illinois.gov/maps
    10. 10. Problem #2: Failure to Advance www.socialQI.com
    11. 11. Problem #3: Overload & Filter Failures www.socialQI.com
    12. 12. Problem #4: Lack of Information“Despite recent improvement in timelypublication, fewer than half of trials funded by NIH arepublished in a peer reviewed biomedical journal indexedby Medline within 30 months of trial completion.Moreover, after a median of 51 months after trialcompletion, a third of trials remained unpublished.” www.socialQI.com
    13. 13. Introducing#socialQI#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    14. 14. SocialQI www.socialQI.com
    15. 15. One Part -Social Network Science#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    16. 16. Social Network Science Sidewalk Experiment Six Degrees of Separation www.socialQI.com
    17. 17. Social Network Science www.socialQI.com
    18. 18. Social Network Sciencehttp://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMsa066082 www.socialQI.com
    19. 19. Social Network Science www.socialQI.com
    20. 20. Social Network ScienceUnconnected Bucket Brigade Telephone Chain Military Brigades www.socialQI.com
    21. 21. Social Network Science www.socialQI.com
    22. 22. Social Network Science www.socialQI.com
    23. 23. Moving to‘Communitiesof Practice’models:1. Collective Intent2. Share Praxis www.socialQI.com
    24. 24. Of Networks and Communities… www.socialQI.com
    25. 25. One Part -Behavioral Science?#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    26. 26. Dr BJ Fogg & The Tale of The Naked Swim www.socialQI.com
    27. 27. Motivation x Ability x Triggers www.socialQI.com
    28. 28. Motivation x Ability x Triggers www.socialQI.com
    29. 29. Social Network Science +Behavioral Science =SocialQI#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    30. 30. Crowd Accelerated Improvement Crowd Light Desirehttp://bit.ly/txvpUP www.socialQI.com
    31. 31. What does this look like? Jonathan Chu, LXDhttp://bit.ly/txvpUPhttp://youtu.be/dbPqOdYYDeQ www.socialQI.com
    32. 32. What does this look like in science? www.socialQI.com
    33. 33. How Does SocialQIBecome the New Normin Healthcare?#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012
    34. 34. Patient & Wellness CommunitiesBiomedical MedicalResearch CommunitiesCommunities www.socialQI.com
    35. 35. What Is vs What Could Be • Weight Watchers • Quantified Selfers Patient & Wellness • Alcoholics Anonymous • ACORCommunities • ‘being a patient’ • Patients Like Me • Isolation • #S4PM • Knowledge is power • #meded, #MDchat MedicalCommunities • Free-agent learners • Delta Exchange • CME credit gathering • OzmosisESP • Failed Ed. Design • Rapid Learning Systems • ‘Dose of Science’ • MendeleyBiomedicalResearch • Publish or Perish • Sage BioNetworksCommunities • Traditional Publishing • Altmetrics • Impact Factor • Open Access www.socialQI.com
    36. 36. Lesson 1: Rely on better technology1. Integration: Real sustainable success will only come from our ability to engineer systems that integrate into existing activities2. Open and Connected: Information flow & big data analytics must3. Social: Over time knowledge will move from the individuals within the community (knowledge capital) to be shared across the community (social capital) www.socialQI.com
    37. 37. Lesson 1: Rely on better technology4. Incentivizes: ultimately comes down to our ability to tap into the “whats in it for them” of the community5. Controlled: evolve simple, standard tools to govern the inflow and outflow thresholds6. Culture: consider ways to scale up culture to enable increasing larger (but productive) communities to form www.socialQI.com
    38. 38. Lesson 2: Evolve a new skillset1. Credibility & Reputation: Increasingly contribution to learning and improvement will define one’s professional reputation within the community2. Filtering & Search: We can’t just release the bottleneck of information without the new systems to govern the flow…or folks will drowned www.socialQI.com
    39. 39. Lesson 2: Evolve a new skillset• Providing Feedback: for true collaboration, getting along should never be as important as getting things done• Self-assessment: we must engage the system with our eyes wide open…digital nature allows reflection and social nature allows norming• Critical thinking & decision making: requires us to know what we know, understand what we don’t know, and not to be paralyzed by the reality that we rarely have all of the information we need www.socialQI.com
    40. 40. Summary Problems SocialQI Solutions Quality Variation Shared best practices Failure to Advance Peer Norming & Transparency Information New systems forOverload/Filter Failure simplifying learning Lack of Information New culture of sharing www.socialQI.com
    41. 41. About the book title: #socialQI www.socialQI.com
    42. 42. Q and A#SocialQI:Simple Solutions forImproving Your Healthcare www.socialQI.com September 2012