New models to support social learning in healthcare through twitter med2 2012 panel presentation


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These slides were used to guide our panel discussion at the 2012 Medicine 2.0 Conference at Harvard/MGH.

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New models to support social learning in healthcare through twitter med2 2012 panel presentation

  1. 1. New Models to Support Social Learning in Healthcare through Twitter (Panel)Brian McGowan, PhD (@briansmcgowan)Author/ConsultantRyan Madanick, MD (@RyanMadanickMD)UNC School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, USPat Rich, MD (@cmaer)Canadian Medical Association, Ottawa, CanadaRenee F Berry (@rfberry)Chief Executive Officer, BeMoReDana Lewis, Swedish, Seattle, USPhil Baumann, Owner, Health Is Social, Philadelphia, USJody Schoger, Communications Consultant, The Woodlands, US
  2. 2. This panel will:• Introduce strategies for improving the signal-to-noise ratio of healthcare-related information on twitter;• Describe best practices in planning and implementing a tweetchat,• Discuss strategies for leveraging tweetchats and hashtags to empower new communities across the various siloes of healthcare from prevention, to patients, to healthcare professionals; and• Begin to organize a research agenda by which we may measure the impact of tweetchats/hashtags in healthcare quality.
  3. 3. Background Do you use social media?What do think I mean when I say ‘use’? • I have an account. What do think I mean when I say ‘social • I had an account…. media’? • I lurk. • Twitter • I contribute. • Facebook • Personal v profession • Texting • I promote. • Restricted Membership Portals • I treat. • Crowdsourced peer-review • I learn… • Craig’s List • Crowdspring
  4. 4. TOPICS1. How do you use twitter to support your life- long learning and sharing?2. What do you see as the value proposition of using Twitter for learning (Presumably you have taken on a new behavior, why?)3. What is you best twitter experience as it relates to life-long learning and professional development?
  5. 5. TOPICS4. What Tweet-chats & hashtags do you use, why?5. Which do you not use, why?6. What are the biggest challenges that you see as it relates to your use? Given first hand accounts, what is stopping your colleagues from engaging in twitter?7. Lets talk about the process of launching, hosting, moderating a tweetchat - what works, what has been a challenge?
  6. 6. TOPICS8. What questions do we need to answer to better leverage twitter for information sharing and collaboration?9. How would you build a better twitter for healthcare?10.How can we use twitter in general, or use tweetchats and hashtags to study health, wellness, and learning?