Day in the life of the cme 2011


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Day in the life of the cme 2011

  1. 1. On any given day, the Children’s Museum in Easton (CME) delivers on-site and community based educational programming to children, parents and caregivers, consistently responding to the community’s need to: • promote healthy early childhood development, •prepare children for success in school, • inspire an life-long love of learning.A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THECHILDREN’S MUSEUM . . .
  2. 2. 8:00 AM Museum staff are out in the community at the Brockton Juvenile Court, along with Eliot of Jordans Furniture, Jack Williams from WBZ TV and advocates for adoptive families to take part in National Adoption Day celebrations.34 families in the Brocktonarea formalize theiradoptions that day.CME staff members leadcraft activities to recognizethe new families’ specialday!Here the kids are creatingpicture frames to show offphotos of their new family.
  3. 3. 9:00 AM 15 Head Start students from Taunton, and their teachers arrive at the Museum to take part in a variety of exhibit based learning activities. Their visit is funded by generous donation from an anonymous Museum donor. Since 2006, Taunton Head Start has brought an average of 150 pre-school students to visit annually. Over the 5 years of the program over 750 Head Start participants have visited the Museum. “Our students gain confidence , are encouraged in their creativity and learn important problem-solving skills through their interaction with your wonderfully engaging exhibits. Everything they learn at the Museum supports their future academic success and positive emotional development” . . . Tia Bashour, Interim Program Director Child Services, Triumph Head Start
  4. 4. 10:00 AM Animal Happenings, a weekly drop-in program begins. This informal petting zoo presents different live animals and children learn about their care. On this day, Miss Candy lets the kids pet her corn snake and teaches what it takes to be a kind and responsible pet owner.
  5. 5. 11:00 AMOn the exhibit floor, kids are discovering . . . . . . the scientific force behind magnetism . . . the physical challenge of climbing a fire pole . . .and what it feels like to use a wheelchair
  6. 6. 11:30 AM They are learning . . and they are imaging . . . . . . . how to use simple hand tools safely and responsibly what space travel might be like!
  7. 7. 12 NOON Jane, a Museum educator begins an outreach program at the Brockton Day Nursery.The Museum’s traveling programsreach over 1200 children per year.
  8. 8. 1:00 – 1:45 PM A weekly drop-in program – Dino–mite Dinosaurs - engages 10 children and their parents . They’ll use basic tools to uncover fossils like paleontologists do, create a dinosaur skeleton from scratch, uncover dinosaur footprints in sand, build their own dinosaur from clay and learn how the dinosaurs were named!
  9. 9. 2:00 PM In the afternoon, many grandparents, providing afterschool care for their grandchildren, enjoy spending time in the Museum’s cozy and inviting environment. Fostering bonds between family members is an important part of the Museum’s mission! And they have fun, too!
  10. 10. 2:30 PMJoe, a special needs student, arrives after school.He’s cleaning the Golf Ball Raceway, a popularexhibit! The Museum works with area school systems through The Education Collaborative in Dedham, the Bi- County Collaborative in Franklin and other programs to help provide meaningful volunteer work for children with mild to moderate disabilities.
  11. 11. 3:00 PMJunior Volunteers arrive for trainingsession with Steven, our volunteermanager. Junior volunteers are inthe 6th grade and older.They help in a variety of tasks.They learn new skills, responsibility,teamwork and make lasting friends!
  12. 12. 4:00 PM Museum educators engage children from an afterschool care program with activities from Forces & Energy– one of the Museum’s traveling Science Road Shows.
  13. 13. 6:00 PM Families from the Charity Guild of Brockton arrive for Free Family Night, a program held 5 – 6 times per year.The Museum provides bustransportation from Brockton, achance to explore the hands-onexhibits, and take part in a livelyand engaging themed program,led by Museum staff.The Charity Guild provides adelicious and nutritious dinner forthe families.It’s become a popular program!
  14. 14. 8:00 PMTalented Teens art class begins. In this program, childrenlearn to express their creativity and work with an experiencedart educator.Students are guided at their own level in this“working atmosphere” that promotes the love of art.
  15. 15. COMMUNITY PARTNERS The Children’s Museum in Easton currently works with over 65 schools, social service agencies, and community organizations to reach children and families--many that would likely not attend the Museum without encouragement and financial assistance. Our priority is to increase our connections in the community and add additional partners who will benefit from our services. In addition to programming, the Museum provides free memberships, admission passes, event tickets and discounts to underprivileged children and families. For a full list of our community partners, please visit our website.
  16. 16. COMMUNITY IMPACT The Museum has contributed to the educational, cultural and social learning of over 600,000 children and families since opening in 1991.