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E learning At The Library


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E-Learning at the Library is a project partnership between FÁS and local county libraries throughout Ireland.

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E learning At The Library

  1. 1. With FÁS &CMD Training Institute
  2. 2. What is theE-Learning @ The Library Project?
  3. 3. This is a learning programme that wascreated through a partnership betweenFÁS and Local County Libraries all overIreland.
  4. 4. What Was ItCreated For?
  5. 5. It was created to teach basic computerskills to anyone who wants to learn attheir local library for free!Anyone who has already mastered thebasics can learn online; studying anumber of free courses from ECDL tohealth and safety
  6. 6. What Involvement DoesCMD Training Institute Have In This Project?
  7. 7. CMD Training Institute provide the‘Library Facilitators’ who teach theclasses and guide you as you learnonline!
  8. 8. What HaveLearners Been Saying About This Project?
  9. 9. “The help I received from Cloadagh [CMDLibrary facilitator] was invaluable. She gotme started on the ECDL course and I havenow commenced employment as asecretary.Although I am still learning, it wouldhave been impossible for me without herhelp in getting me started. Added bonusbeen able to it from home with support”.Bernadette McGee
  10. 10. Stephen Ward[Kildare]
  11. 11. “It was such a great help in giving me,the confidence to use the computer and todo on line work as well, something I neverbelieved I would be capable of doing butwith Clodagh’s [CMD Library Facilitator]expertise and patience it was somethingI really looked forward to each week.I am now able to book holidays on lineand pay for my tax and insurance it hasreally changed my life in a very specialway”. Ann Wong
  12. 12. “I was made redundant and was lookingto take a course in ECDL while I had thechance … I have found this to be abrilliant way to study.Its geared towards people studying athome and at their own pace, which isexactly what I was looking for”. Vic Homan [Maynooth]
  13. 13. Will I Get A Cert?
  14. 14. Yes for courses which are certified likethe ECDL and MOS. You are required tocomplete and pass exams beforereceiving a cert!
  15. 15. Where Are Classes Held?
  16. 16. In participating local libraries
  17. 17. How Do I Sign Up?
  18. 18. Contact your local library! It’s that simple!
  19. 19. Visit us at:www.cmd.ieJoin The