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Maroon PR Corporate Brochure 2010

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Maroon PR Corporate Brochure 2010

  2. 2. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT “WHY MAROON PR? Vision Statement:“We drive growth through relationships” “ After nearly two decades in the communications and branding I have worked with many public areas for a number of sports organizations and professional relations professionals throughout teams, public relations specialist John Maroon launched BRAND Maroon PR on April 3, 2006. Maroon PR has experienced growth each year since it “ my career and John is the best. I am not surprised that Maroon Public Relations is a great success and I am pleased to call them Ripken opened its doors. Originally an agency focused on sports UILDING Baseball’s firm. BU and entertainment clients, the firm experienced tremendous INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE COMMITMENT TRUST MAKE AN IMPRESSION success, leading to the creation of two distinct divisions in Cal Ripken, Jr. May of 2009 - Sports & Entertainment and Corporate public President relations. Ripken Baseball Through our professionalism, extensive media relationships, business ethics and results achieved, Maroon PR has earned the confidence of our clients. From positioning them favorably in the media to utilizing our relationships to help them grow, the team at Maroon PR is dedicated to surpassing the communications goals of our clients. GRAPHY PHOTOG C DESIGN GRAPHIC RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENT TRUST INTEGRITY A LEADING PR FIRM MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  3. 3. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Sports & Entertainment “ When Maroon PR opened its doors in 2006, we were strictly How refreshing it is to work with a sports and entertainment agency. Our first two clients, Cal the principals of an agency and get Ripken, Jr. & Ripken Baseball and the Babe Ruth & Sports good, honest, hard work. Maroon PR Legends Museums remain with us to this day. are professionals nimble enough to adapt to your changing needs and The Sports & Entertainment division has grown and continues deliver results. It’s not the size of the BRAND UILDING to be a vital part of our business. Current and past clients include The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, USA Football, Jamie Moyer and The Moyer Foundation, Nick “ shop that matters, it’s the service. And Maroon PR can be trusted to INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE service your account and exceed Markakis and The Right Side Foundation, Baltimore Municipal your needs in doing so. Golf Corporation, The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS), the Seth Palansky United Football League (UFL), the World Series of Poker, and Sports & Entertainment Director Turner Broadcasting. World Series of Poker GRAPHY C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM E MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND S MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  4. 4. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Corporate “ The Corporate division was started in 2009, but has already Our relationship with Maroon PR grown exponentially. has helped us take the marketing of our firm to the next level. Maroon Current and past clients include The American Cancer PR’s team of talented professionals Society’s South Atlantic Division, Reading Is Fundamental took the time necessary to truly (RIF), the University of Maryland, CRI Solutions, the law firm understand our organization, and of Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny LLP, IT services provider the goals we’ve established for our MNS Group, Geier Financial Group, corporate realty company BRAND firm. They quickly connected us UILDING The Acclaim Group, full-service creative agency Renegade, BU INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE COMMITMENT TRUST MAKE AN IMPRESSION Clipper City Brewing Company, and Landmark Theatres in Baltimore. “ with valuable resources extending our public relations reach not only locally, but regionally and nationally. We look forward to continuing this relationship in the years to come. Joseph N. Geier President & Founder Geier Financial Group GRAPHY PHOTOG C DESIGN GRAPHIC RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENT TRUST INTEGRITY A LEADING PR FIRM MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  5. 5. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Nonprofit “ Since opening, Maroon PR has developed into nonprofit I have known John and worked with specialists and currently works with many charitable him for many years and he has been organizations. We understand the budgetary constraints and and continues to be a great friend unique inner workings of nonprofit organizations. In addition, and outstanding public relations our skills in forming strategic relationships and media professional. Maroon PR is an partnerships serve our nonprofit clients very effectively. BRAND UILDING Some current and past nonprofit clients include the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, The Moyer Foundation, The Right “ invaluable part of our team and as we continue to grow nationally and take our programs to the next level they will play a significant role in our INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE Side Foundation, USA Football, Reading Is Fundamental, growth and our success. The American Cancer Society’s South Atlantic Division, Greyhound Pets of America and Adonal Foyle’s Kerosene Lamp Steve Salem Foundation. Executive Director Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation GRAPHY C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM E MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND S MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  7. 7. Media Relations “ Throughout their years in the industry, the Maroon PR team As a sportswriter, I’ve been on has established unmatched relationships with the local, the receiving end of pitches from regional and national media. These relationships now become marketing people for years. But I’d your resource as Maroon PR takes your story to the media never tried pitching anything myself and utilizes its well-earned rapport with the press to garner until I published my first book, “One the attention that you seek for your organization, event, Helluva Ride: How NASCAR Swept product or service. the Nation,” and found I lacked both the muscle and expertise. Maroon PR Members of the media receive calls, emails and faxes from provided exactly what I needed: the public relations people all of the time. Without pre-existing savvy, connections and energy to get relationships with these members of the media, those efforts to communicate your story are passed over or simply viewed as one of a million. We will work with you to target the right “ my book in the hands of influential broadcast journalists. And they were a joy to work with--principled, media outlets, reach out to those outlets, and convey your personable and great fun. story with passion and accuracy. Liz Clarke Sportswriter and Author The Washington Post
  8. 8. Executive Positioning “ Top corporate executives are the most visible symbol of the As Renegade and Maroon have been organization. As a result, a consumer’s assessment of a working together the past two plus company is often predicated upon the public’s perception of years we have formulated valuable the organization’s leader. trusting relationships with the whole Maroon team. Together, with Utilizing public relations to market a company’s executive is Renegade’s goals in mind, we have an effective means for positioning the individual as a forward- developed strategic partnerships thinking industry/community leader, while enhancing the resulting in great public awareness company’s reputation in the eyes of critical audiences. Maroon for Renegade, and more importantly, PR has demonstrated experience in assisting executives in new business opportunities that maximizing their exposure and positioning their expertise as provide us with a strong return for a valuable resource to the media, while strengthening the image of the company within the industry and community. “ Renegade’s investment in Maroon’s services. Maroon PR has not only met our business goals; they are also great to work with. Tim Watkins President/CEO Renegade
  9. 9. Speech Writing and Messaging “ Maroon PR will work with you to develop a full speech or John Maroon and the Maroon PR concise message points and spend time with you to make team were incredible to work with sure that your message is delivered with passion and power. during the campaign for the U.S. We will also work with your team on messaging to ensure Department of Labor. Our goal everyone is on the same page. Everyone cares deeply with the campaign was to promote about their message and they can speak to that message in the employment of people with great detail. Narrowing down the message to make it easy disabilities throughout the United for others to retain and easier to use in a news story is an States. From the Little League World ongoing challenge that Maroon PR can help you overcome. Series in Pennsylvania, to Anaheim Stadium in California, Maroon PR was able to help spread the word, “ attract attention, and promote our efforts throughout the country. They are truly a great company to work with. Jim Abbott Former Major League Baseball Player
  10. 10. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Crisis Management “ A true crisis isn’t the one that you have a plan for…it’s the one that comes unexpectedly and threatens the stability of your Having a plan in place for when a organization. In these instances, it takes a proactive approach to assess the situation and act accordingly. In 1993, John Maroon was the Director of Media Relations “ crisis strikes gives any organization a step in the right direction. Being prepared, staying on message and getting ahead of the news are keys for the Cleveland Indians baseball team when they endured to managing any storm. a tragedy during spring training. On the only off day of the BRAND spring, a few of the team’s players got together with their John Maroon UILDING families for a picnic that ended with a boating accident that President of Maroon PR INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE claimed the lives of Steve Olin and Tim Crews and threatened the life of Bobby Ojeda. By working through the shock and the grief while taking both a reactive and a proactive approach to the media storm that quickly came to the small town of Winter Haven, Fla., John was able to be respectful to the ballplayers and their families while, at the same time, satisfying the media’s need to do their jobs. John Maroon’s expertise in crisis communications has led to requests for him to share his insight with industry professionals and the general public. John has appeared on various national media outlets, including ESPN Radio’s The Brian Kenny Show, Sporting News Today, PR Week, Comcast Sportsnet, as well as several local and regional television and radio outlets to discuss national sports issues (i.e. Tiger Woods, Mark McGwire’s steroid admission, etc.). Additionally, John frequently speaks on crisis communications GRAPHY at conferences and seminars throughout the region. C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM The Maroon PR team is equipped to handle any and all types of crisis situations. MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  11. 11. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Strategic Partnerships One of the things that differentiate Maroon PR from other firms is that we are always looking for opportunities to partner our clients and friends in a way that results as a win for all involved. Some examples of Strategic Partnerships that we have established include: USA Football and Under Armour: In 2008, USA Football - the national governing body of youth and amateur football - was looking for a uniform partner for the first-ever USA Football Junior National Team. Maroon PR arranged for its client, USA Football, to meet with BRAND UILDING the firm’s friends at Under Armour (UA). Because of the meeting, UA became the official INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE apparel partner of USA Football and outfitter of their national teams in 2009. Reading Is Fundamental and the Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals: Maroon PR’s client, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), is the largest family and children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States. The DC-based organization distributes tens of thousands of new books to children every year. One of the largest book distributions occurs in Washington, DC. Maroon PR brokered a partnership between RIF and the Washington Nationals in 2008, as well as the Washington Capitals in 2009. The result was great media coverage for all parties and the opportunity for each to see the value of the relationship. RIF and the Nationals continue to work closely together on various events and initiatives. The Right Side Foundation and Aramark: Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Nick Markakis and his wife, Christina, formed The Right Side Foundation in 2009 and began a monthly program called “Fun for 21,” where 21 kids from local nonprofits are treated to a fun experience. Maroon PR introduced Nick and Christina to the firm’s friends at Aramark, the caterer and food provider at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the Verizon Center, the Maryland Science Center and more. GRAPHY C DESIGN The result was a full sponsorship by Aramark of The Right Side Foundation where their venues RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM will host the monthly “Fun for 21” program and feed the kids a wonderful meal for free. MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  12. 12. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing offers organizations a new way to initiate and develop relationships. Still new to most organizations and business professionals, Social Media Marketing engages various online communities to generate exposure, opportunities and sales. The No. 1 advantage of participating in Social Media Marketing is that it assists with generating added exposure for your brand, which increases traffic and helps to build new partnerships and a larger network of people following your organization. Maroon PR understands that the most important thing is to make sure that the tools BRAND UILDING we use are driving the right message, reaching the right people, and starting the right INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE conversations. In order to do this effectively, Maroon PR offers a wide range of Social Media Marketing tools with an understanding and expertise in how each platform operates. As an agency, we are able to strategically implement a method of Social Media Marketing that will fit each client’s needs. GRAPHY C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM WEBSITE MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  13. 13. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Brand Building & Management “ What do people think of when they hear your name or the name of your organization? What do you stand for? That As Sullivan’s Steakhouse entered defines your brand. our newest market in Baltimore, it was important for us to select a PR Building a brand doesn’t just happen, it is created. Maroon firm who had a solid understanding PR can help you build your brand through consistency; of the marketplace and strong ties consistency that runs across your messages, your website, to the media industry and business BRAND UILDING your collateral materials and your advertising. This consistent message, along with a look and a feel that runs throughout all “ community. Thanks to Maroon PR’s professionalism, hard work, and strong local relationships, our INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE of the ways you communicate with your customers, are the key steps to building a brand. restaurant quickly became the “it” place to be in Baltimore. After a brand is built, many people forget that it needs to be managed and protected. This is essential or all of the hard Jim Oboyski work you have invested in building your brand is negated Regional Manager quickly. We will help you manage your brand and stay on the Sullivan’s Steakhouse course to make sure your brand is effective and stands out. GRAPHY C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  14. 14. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Video Production Services Public Service Announcements, HD television spots, corporate videos and introduction videos are just a few of the services that Maroon PR can provide. We can assist you with every aspect of your video needs, including scripting and editing the video to produce a beautiful, finished product. We work with Renegade, an advertising agency with in-house production and post-production facilities. Based in Hunt Valley, Md., Renegade offers a wide variety of services, including creative development, production, post production, motion BRAND UILDING graphics, interactive, design, print design and more. INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE Our other video and creative partners include Mattmar Productions and 15four. All of these companies can work with all budgets to tell your story through video in a most effective and powerful way. Graphic Design Having the right look for your collateral materials is essential to building your brand effectively. Our graphic artists have done extensive work for Geier Financial Group, CRI Solutions, the University of Maryland, Ripken Baseball and more. From logo development to corporate brochures to advertising, Maroon PR will work with you to give you the look that you need and the consistency throughout that will enhance your brand. Rick Gilbert Design is a full-service graphic design studio located in the heart of Baltimore City. RGD builds and maintains brands from the bottom up by providing comprehensive visual solutions across all forms of media. Services performed, but not limited to, are branding and identity, custom web GRAPHY development, and print/online sales collateral. Their work has reached local, national, and C DESIGN international audiences. To learn more, visit RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM Dann Shannon Designs is a graphic design company that provides effective results for print and interactive media to corporate, as well as nonprofit customers. We offer affordable, quality, graphic design and desktop publishing solutions for logos and corporate identity, in addition to layout and production for ads, brochures and other marketing collateral. E MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND S MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  15. 15. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Web Design A functional, easy-to-navigate website is a must for any business. Our web partner,, invites the customer to be hands-on in the development of their website. Once the site is completed, it will have an extensive and easy-to-use backend manager that allows the client to update the site as needed. Maroon PR will work with your group to develop a website that is consistent to your brand. BRAND UILDING Some examples of websites in which Maroon PR assisted INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE in creating include: • The official website of The Right Side Foundation. • The official website of The Carmelo Anthony Foundation. • Official website for CRI Solutions, Inc. • The website for both The Babe Ruth Museum and the Sports Legends Museum GRAPHY C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS
  16. 16. Events “ Maroon PR has extensive experience in managing all I worked with John on many events aspects of events for our clients. From media outreach to over the years. His attention to programming, logistics, sponsorships and partnerships, our detail and enthusiastic approach is experience in the events universe is vast. You can utilize that experience to take your event to the next level. Whether it is a milestone, a celebration, a fundraiser or a grand opening, Maroon PR will be a valuable part of your team throughout “ unmatched. It has been a pleasure to work with his new team and watch them develop into a successful marketing firm. the planning and execution of the event. Brooks Robinson We will be a resource to you when you need an outside Member perspective and additional assistance to ensure that your National Baseball Hall of Fame event is a great success.
  17. 17. Event Planning and Promotion “ Cal Ripken, Jr. breaking the consecutive games played My client, Fogo de Chao, was happy streak, the Opening of Jacobs Field, the annual Cal Ripken, to work with Maroon PR to bring Sr. Foundation Gala, the Constellation Energy Senior a Carmelo Anthony Foundation Players Championship, the VIP Grand Opening of Sullivan’s event to their Brazilian steakhouse Steakhouse in Baltimore, the 5K Run for The Right Side in Baltimore. The team members Foundation, the annual Babe Ruth Museum Gala, and the at Maroon PR were professional Inaugural PAETEC Jazz Festival - Baltimore…these are some of and easy to work with. They the events that the Maroon PR team has worked on for our clients. We will help you choose the right vendors, take a critical and “ understood the restaurant’s needs and made sure they were met. We were pleased with the results and consider the collaboration a positive creative eye to all aspects of the event, gain tremendous experience for all involved. media attention, assist with scripting and logistics and locate the ideal partners for you and your event. Melissa Libby President Melissa Libby & Associates
  18. 18. SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Media Buying & Partnerships “ For clients with an advertising budget, using that money wisely and making sure you are reaching your target audience The folks at Maroon PR are a is essential. Maroon PR has worked with many clients on their pleasure. They know the sports media buys including the Constellation Energy Senior Players and entertainment industry and Championship golf tournament, the inaugural PAETEC Jazz they were a great choice for us Festival in Baltimore and the Babe Ruth Museum to name to help promote and market the a few. Many of Maroon PR’s nonprofit clients may not have a “ Senior Players Championship in Baltimore. They greatly enhanced our advertising buy and the editorialBU COMMITMENT TRUST MAKE AN IMPRESSION budget to support an ad buy so we work with them to form coverage of our event by leveraging media partnerships that benefit all parties involved. existing relationships. Examples of this include: Steve Schoenfeld • The Cal Ripken World Series with WBAL-TV and radio and Executive Director Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship • The Babe Ruth Museum Gala with CBS Radio and MASN (the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network) • The Right Side Foundation’s 5K Run with 105.7 The Fan and WJZ-TV PHOTOG GRAPHIC COMMITMENT TRUST INTEGRITY
  19. 19. MAROON PR MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT Photography Maroon PR has strong professional photography partners who can provide our clients with reasonably priced professional photography services for events across the country. Bill Wood is an award-winning photographer and the former team photographer of the Washington Redskins. He has worked with Maroon PR and their clients on everything from head shots to events and website photos. Wood is also the BRAND UILDING current official photographer of Ripken Baseball. INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE Steven Kasich is a New York Metropolitan-area based photographer specializing in events, youth sports and commercial shoots. He has worked with Maroon PR on the Cal Ripken World Series and the annual Koby Mandell Foundation gala. U.S. Presswire is a global leader in premium digital media content creation and distribution to media companies worldwide. They offer some of the industry’s premium sports content and they work with Maroon PR on events throughout the country. GRAPHY C DESIGN RELATIONSHIP A LEADING PR FIRM MAROON PR RELATIONSHIPS EXCELLENCE BUILDIN BRAND MAKE AN IMPRESSION WEB DEVELOPMENT INTEGRITY COMMUNICATIONS