Can You Afford Not To Manage Your Project's Contracts?


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Can You Afford Not To Manage Your Project's Contracts?

  1. 1. Canyou affordnot tomanage yourproject’s contracts? Very few organizations across the globe have had CMCS’s experience in implementing Oracle Primavera Contract Manager (Expedition) as an integrated tool for managing project contracts. Just over the past 5 years, we have had more than 100 Oracle Primavera Contract Manager’s implementations for projects that are valued at trillions of dollars. The list included shopping malls, hotels and resorts, hospitals, schools and universities, residential and commercial buildings, housing projects, roads and infrastructure, refineries and plants, mines among others. Our clients included project owners, project management firms, consultants, EPC and general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. CMCS has provided Oracle Primavera Contract Manager software licenses which varied between hundreds and few licenses, customized the database to build the different records and fields that did not exist, developed forms and re- ports that will meet the most rigorous reporting requirements, developed and conducted role based training to get ex- ecutives, project team members and document administrators proactively involved in using the solution, and provided our own trained resources to operate the solution when needed. Our Oracle Primavera Contract Manager’s implementations are led by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) who not only are experts in such implementations but fully understand the contracts procurement management standards set by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We follow Oracle Primavera proven implementation method- ology as well as we are ISO 10006:2009 certified for Quality Management in Projects. CMCS is one of the first organi- zations to be accepted into the Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Consultants Program (RCP). Over the past 25 years, CMCS has earned 49 Primavera awards and recognitions for their excellent performance in- cluding the one and only Four Million Dollar Club in 2008. We have offered our 2,000 plus clients one-stop Oracle Pri- mavera solutions that would cover licenses, training, professional services including implementation, integration with third party products. CMCS is an Oracle Platinum Partner and certified Oracle University education provider. CMCS has offered Oracle Pri- mavera professional services in more than 25 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Havingthelateststatusofevery contractrevisedandprojected costatcompletion Havingthelateststatusofevery singlechangeorderagainstevery singlecontract Havingthesupportiverecords foreverycontractissue,change orderorclaim Havingthestatusofevery delayedsubmittal,requestfor informationandothers Havingobjectiveindicatorsto showyouhoweachcontractis performing Imagine UAE | Qatar | Oman | Lebanon | Jordan | Kuwait | Bahrain Saudi Arabia | Yemen | Egypt | Libya | Italy | Kenya | India P.O. Box 23033 Dubai, United Arab Emirates ( +971 4 3654850 * TM A World Without Failed Projects Havingautomatedalertswhen thingsarenotgoingasgoodas youwant Havingthelaststatusofevery singleprogresspayments requisitionissuedorreceived Havingprojectcommunication channeledtothosewhomust takeaction Havingprojectcommunication standardformsandletters adoptedonyourproject