2010 IAA World Congress Recap in Moscow


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2010 IAA World Congress Recap in Moscow

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2010 IAA World Congress Recap in Moscow

  1. 1.
  2. 2. DAY 1<br />Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  3. 3. Official Government Welcome Addresses<br /><ul><li>Arkady Dvorkovitch - Chief Economic Assistant to the President, Russian Federation on behalf of Dimitri Medvedev, President, Russian Federation
  4. 4. Igor Artemyev - Co-Chair of the National Organizing Committee, Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  5. 5. Yury Luzhkov - Co-Chair of the National Organizing Committee, Mayor of Moscow</li></ul>Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  6. 6. Official Welcome On Behalf of the Russian Advertising Industry <br /><ul><li>Sergey Piskarev - President of the Association of Communication Agencies, Director General, Gazprom-Media</li></ul>IAA Chairman and World President Welcome Address <br /><ul><li>Alan Rutherford - IAA Chairman and World President</li></ul>TWEET<br />“What worked in the past, won’t work in the future. We need to go back to basics-we need to focus on the consumer”<br /><ul><li>A. Rutherford</li></ul>#IAA2010 <br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  7. 7. TWEET<br />“By the time clients spend 20% of their budget on new media we will see a new [higher] benchmark/shift”<br />-Sir Martin Sorrell <br />#IAA2010 <br />TWEET<br />TWEET<br />“The world is moving at different speeds [in the advertising industry]”<br />-Sir Martin Sorrell <br />#IAA2010 <br />“Africa - not a continent of challenge but a continent of opportunity”<br />-Sir Martin Sorrell <br />#IAA2010 <br />Keynote Speech: <br />Change And Consequences<br />Sir Martin Sorrell - Chief Executive Officer, WPP<br />Click here to watch an interview with Sir Martin Sorrell <br />TWEET<br />“2nd objective of the future is new media - 27% of our business is new media”<br />-Sir Martin Sorrell <br />#IAA2010<br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  8. 8. TWEET<br />“Consumers want to know about what institutions stand for. They are looking for brands that have values”<br />-Marc Pritchard<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Changes In Consumer Behavior & Consequences for Marketers<br />Marc Pritchard – Global Brand Building and Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble<br />Click here to watch an interview with Marc Pritchard<br />TWEET<br />“The time to change is now. It means changing our mindset from ‘marketing’ to ‘serving;”’<br />-Marc Pritchard<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  9. 9. TWEET<br />On “marketing people”: <br />“We try much harder to be understood than to understand”<br />-Erich Joachimsthaler<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Disruption Versus Deep Dive: <br />How Challenger Brands Compete<br />Erich Joachimsthaler – Chief Executive Officer, Vivaldi Partners and Author of Hidden In Plain Sight and Brand Leadership<br />TWEET<br />“If you understand the eco-system of how consumers think; then you will truly understand how to market to them”<br />-Erich Joachimsthaler<br />#IAA2010<br />Click here to watch an interview with Erich Joachimsthaler<br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  10. 10. TWEET<br />“You get the best people you get the best clients and then everyone wants to work with you”<br />-Luis Gallardo<br />#IAA2010<br />Panel Discussion: <br />What Can You Learn from Challenger Brands?<br /><ul><li>Vinita Bali - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Britannia Foods
  11. 11. Luis Gallardo - Global Director, Brand & Marketing, Deloitte
  12. 12. David Yakobashvili - Chairman, RusBrand
  13. 13. Igor Kosarev - Vice President, Russian Standard
  14. 14. Chaired by: Erich Joachimsthaler - Chief Executive Officer, Vivaldi Partners and Author of Hidden in Plain Sight and Brand Leadership </li></ul>TWEET<br />Click here to watch an interview with Vinita Bali<br />Q: What is the role of challenger brands in your industry? <br />A: Vinita Bali: “They play to win and win by changing the root of the game”<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  15. 15. TWEET<br />“Water uncontrolled will flood. Data and content uncontrolled is noise, but controlled it is knowledge”<br />-Michael Mendenhall<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Changing the Marketing Equation:<br />Innovation and Sustainable Brands<br />Michael Mendenhall – Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Hewlett-Packard<br />TWEET<br />Click here to watch an interview with Michael Mendenhall<br />Speaking on HP’s Magcloud: “The cloud is the next evolution of the internet”<br />-Michael Mendenhall<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  16. 16. Panel Discussion: <br />Media Opportunities for the BRIC Markets<br /><ul><li>Darren Shaw – Chief Executive Officer, Shaw Media Holdings
  17. 17. Sam Balsara – Chairman and Managing Director, Madison World
  18. 18. Jean de Witt – Senior Vice President, Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev
  19. 19. Chaired by: Nick Brien - Chief Executive Officer, McCann Worldgroup</li></ul>Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  20. 20. TWEET<br />Bettina Sherick and Marc Brusseel highlight their work with Avatar <br />#IAA2010<br />What Happens When Technology Meets <br />Entertainment? A 3D Partnership!<br />Marc Bresseel – Vice President Global Agencies, Microsoft<br />Bettina Sherick – Vice President, International Digital Marketing, 20th Century Fox International<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Russia and the World Economies<br />Arkady Dvorkovitch – Chief Economic Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation<br />Click here to watch an interview with Marc Bresseel and Bettina Sherick<br />Day 1: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  21. 21. DAY 2<br />Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  22. 22. TWEET<br />“In this new world, this connected world, we will change for good. It will not be more for less but less for good”<br />-Maurice Levy<br />#IAA2010<br />TWEET<br />“Whether you are in San Francisco, Moscow or Shanghai you are in a digital economy the meets you worldwide”<br />-Maurice Levy<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Trends. Changes. The Future.<br />Maurice Levy – Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe<br />TWEET<br />“The younger generation has an agenda for change”<br />-Maurice Levy<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  23. 23. TWEET<br />“I always say go global or go home. We need to go global together”<br />-Emilio Azcárraga<br />#IAA2010<br />TWEET<br />“Content, advertising, and emotions are going global. Our brave new world is borderless”<br />-Emilio Azcárraga<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />The Challenge for Media<br />Emilio Azcárraga – CEO, Televisa<br />TWEET<br />“Just think about the Internet. No one dreamed about it. It was born from a collision of independent sets of events”<br />-Emilio Azcárraga<br />#IAA2010<br />Click here to watch an interview<br />with Emilio Azcarraga<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  24. 24. TWEET<br />“Personalization + Relevance = The Internet of One”<br />-Rich Riley<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />The Post-Digital Age<br />Rich Riley – Senior Vice President, Yahoo!<br />TWEET<br />“81% of brand executives increased digital in 2010”<br />-Rich Riley<br />#IAA2010<br />TWEET<br />“Science, Art and scale are capabilities needed to thrive in this post digital world”<br />-Rich Riley<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  25. 25. TWEET<br />“Bring art, science and metrics together and we can get greater control over the changing environment”<br />-Laurence Boschetto<br />#IAA2010<br />Panel Discussion: <br />The Agency Model. What’s Changing?<br /><ul><li>Laurence Boschetto - Chief Executive Officer President, DraftFCB
  26. 26. Joanne Davis – Chief Executive Officer, Joanne Davis Consulting
  27. 27. Sergey Koptevi – Chairman, Publicis Group Media Eurasia
  28. 28. Rob Norman – CEO, GroupM North America
  29. 29. Chaired by: Johnathon Charles – Presenter, BBC World News</li></ul>TWEET<br />Click here to watch an interview with Laurence Boschetto<br />“Where content creation is becoming more optimized, the demand for man hours will go up b/c we are simply doing more”<br />-Rob Norman<br />#IAA2010<br />Click here to watch an interview with Joanne Davis<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  30. 30. TWEET<br />TWEET<br />“The first television ad was in 1959...in the internet era we are about very adolescent stages of the internet”<br />-Nikesh Arora<br />#IAA2010<br />“It is believed that internet speeds will increase 80-500 times [within the next 10 years]”<br />-Nikesh Arora<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Nikesh Arora – President, Global Sales and Business Development, Google<br />TWEET<br />“The challenge we are going to have in the future is too much information which can be as bad as too little information”<br />-Nikesh Arora<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  31. 31. Keynote Speech: <br />Asia’s New Influence: Managing Strategic<br />Communications In A Changing World!<br />Sergey Dumont – SVP, Omnicom Group Inc. <br />& President, Omnicom Asia-Pacific<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Srinivas Kondethimmanapalli - Joint President Telemedia Services, Bharti Airtel<br />Keynote Speech: <br />The Role of Regulation In Advertising<br />Serguei Puzyrevsky - Representative of the Federal Antimonopoly Service <br />Click here to watch an interview with Srinivas<br />TWEET<br />“Communication is the one that bridges boundaries and barriers”<br />-Srinivas Kondethimmanapalli <br />#IAA2010<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  32. 32. TWEET<br />“The new age of advertising is all about engagement...It is not you but it is viral that is effective”<br />-Tatiana Handurova<br />#IAA2010<br />Panel Discussion: <br />Digital Communications In Growth Markets. <br />The Russian Outlook! <br /><ul><li>Bant Breen - President Worldwide Digital Communications, Initiative
  33. 33. Eugeny Lomize - Director of Technology, Yandex
  34. 34. Mikhail Gerchuk - Chief Commercial Officer, Mobile TeleSystems
  35. 35. Alexey Katkov - Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Mail.ru
  36. 36. Tatiana Handurova - Chief Commercial Officer, Odnokklassniki.ru
  37. 37. Chaired by: Andrey Sveshnikov - President, 360D Interactive</li></ul>TWEET<br />“Agencies should not think of the Internet like TV - think about the difference. It is incredibly measurable”<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  38. 38. TWEET<br />Akasaka credits the IAA with driving positive social change, attracting youth and changing the way we solve problems<br />#IAA2010<br />TWEET<br />“The advertising industry has played a huge role in shaping of the perceptions of women. We can be the driver for change”<br />-Kiyo Akasaka<br />#IAA2010<br />Keynote Speech: <br />Kiyo Akasaka - Under Secretary-General, Communications, the United Nations <br />TWEET<br />“The United Nations is inviting IAA members to contribute to the global campaign to stop violence against women - a global pandemic”<br />-Kiyo Akasaka<br />#IAA2010<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  39. 39. Close of the 42nd IAA World Congress <br />Alan Rutherford - Chairman and World President, International Advertising Association<br />Day 2: Highlights & Notable Tweets<br />
  40. 40. For information on IAA events, sponsorship <br />and how to become a member contact:<br />Michael Lee - IAA Executive Director<br />michael.lee@iaaglobal.org<br />www.iaaglobal.org<br />