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Sports vs games doc acacia bay


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Sports vs games doc acacia bay

  1. 1. Sports vs games By Acacia bay and Nadia.
  2. 2. Contents page 1.What the difference is between games and sports. 2.Questions pictures 3.Information about games and sports. 4.Games and sports. 5.Facts. 6.What I learnt about games and sports.
  3. 3. What is the difference between games and sports. • People like to play sports every day, like competitive people like to play squash and soccer. Normal people like me like to play indoor games. Games can be a indoor game or outdoor as well.
  4. 4. Questions?* 1. What are games and sport’s? 2.Are sport’s and games competitive? 3. Why don’t people encourage others to play? 4.Who are some famous sports players? 5.What are some names of the sports?
  5. 5. Cool pictures
  6. 6. More cool pictures.
  7. 7. Information • 1. games and sport’s are the famous things in the world because over 1 million people in the world play sports and games.
  8. 8. Games
  9. 9. Sports.
  10. 10. Facts • 1. sport’s is better than games • 2.Heaps of people in the world play sports • 3.Anyone can play • 4.enjoy • 5. did you know even elderly can have too.
  11. 11. What I learnt about games and sports • 1. I learnt that anyone can play games and sport’s not only half the world plays everybody does so get active and play what ever game or sport you want too.
  12. 12. THE END
  13. 13. Thank you for Watching • By Acacia bay Taiapa and Nadia-Bullas- Paterson.