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Steelers Basic Plays


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Published in: Sports
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Steelers Basic Plays

  1. 1. Pitch It Pitch Right Block
  2. 2. Sweep It Block Pitch Left
  3. 3. Cobra Bite (Run 1st!) Stand Still Hand Off
  4. 4. Cobra Strike (Run 2nd!) Wait for WR to go by, then go Right 1. Fake Hand Off 2. Pitch to RB
  5. 5. Catch Me If You Can Hand Off Block
  6. 6. Trickeration 2. Reverse Hand Off 1. Hand Off 3. Go Block
  7. 7. Drag Pass
  8. 8. Get Over Here Pass! 1. Fake Pitch 2. Roll Out Pass
  9. 9. Special Pass Block Wait for Pass, then GO! Fake Pitch Pass
  10. 10. Special Run Block Left Hand Hand Off