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Contents+background information 6pages


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Jessie Andrews Thompson Genealogy Book, ca. 1920-1935

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Contents+background information 6pages

  1. 1. Jessie A. Thompsons Genealogy Book Researched and Written ca. t92O1935Chapters are presented as laid out by Jessie A. Thompson. Each chapter was prefaced by a list ofcontents typed on blue paper. Chapter numbers were added in May 2OL2 by C. McLean using theoriginal order in the binder. Since the papers were in a 3-ring binder, they could be rearranged orremoved. Therefore, the listed contents for each chapter may or may not match what was present whenthe binder was scanned in 2012.Note: words in [brackets] are added pencil notations by her daughter Florence O (Thompson] Mclean.S*+ike+*e+*ghs were in pencil, presumably by Florence.Chapter 1 PRESENT GENERATION. Ascending Chart No. 1 (3 Generations.) [.... "Castle Duart"] Photographs Short biographies [Ted - Ruth (Ruths is in Brown Book onlv)/ Florence - Nicol] Harbert Asa Thompson Jessie A.Thompson Children of above. Ascending Chart No. 2 (Note: The middle generation on this page ls the one which constitutes the index and arrangement of the book.) Arrival of ancestors in MichiganChapter 2 NEWKIRK Origin of the Newkirk Family. Photographs - John Newkirk and Family John Newkirk, obituary. Emily Newkirk Thompson Twelft h Annual Reunion, Photograph. Christmas in Stockbridge Sixty Years Ago.Chapter 3 HOWE Howe Family Descending Chart Origin of the Howes Howe Genealogy, a paper. Photographs Memory Sketches for the Grandchildren, by Vesta M, Thompson. Notes. Howe Family Ascending Chart Tracing Back Howe Side Lines: Paul Peck
  2. 2. Henry Cook Edward Parker William Gaylord Edward Stebbins John Stanley Thomas Scott Joseph Hickox David Carpenter Thomas Norton Major John Mason Rev. Robert Peck Abraham Cruttenden Anthony Thompson William Rockwell Uohn Skinnerl Uoseph Loomisl lWilliam FilleylChapter 4 SI"ATE Children of Jesse and Grace (Rogers) Slate ROGERS Origin of the Rogers Rogers Genealogy, a sketch Steamship Savannah, il lustration Heraldry and Kindred Topics Photostat: Coats of Arms of Rogers Ancestors Rogers Ascending Chart - To Original lmmigrant, if known Tracing Back the Rogers side Lines SamuelRowland Matthew Griswold Henry Wolcott Richard Smith John Stevens Vincent Meigs George Darrow John Packer Cary Latham John Masters John Steevens John Fletcher Thomas Lee
  3. 3. Chapter 5 ANDREWS Ascending Chart -Thomas Andrews Ascending Chart - Abigail Stork Descending Chart included in Stork Genealogy Photographs - Sylvester Andrews Photographs - Eber Andrews (Photostat - Government Deed in Teds and Florences) Coat of Arms William Andrews Andrews Side Lines William Peck John Hall Bartholomew Foster Thomas Verry Thomas Giles Themas Paine J€"bn+€€ne ggura+e+angs Rebe++#i€ks Robert Royce Rev. John Lathrop Elizabeth Scudder William Gaylord Edward Stebbins John Stanley Thomas Scott Moses Stork, see also Stork Genealogy Major John Mason, see also Stork Genealogy Robert Peck Edmund Hobart Richard lbrook Edward Jackson John Newgate William Chapel John Lewis John HuntleyChapter 6 HUDSON Ascending Chart Hudson - Tradition and Comment Photograph - Polly Albright Hudson Notes from Mary Russell
  4. 4. The Hudson Family, by Pluma A. E. Butcher Photostat "Dickersons Tavern" Photostat - Washingtons Map of Morristown "When Gen. Washington Stayed at Our House." Honorable Mention Certificate [(ln this copy only.)] Notes. Henry Hudson Jacobus Scollinger Cornelis MelYn ALBRIGHT Jacob WismerChapter 7 HUNTINGTON PhotograPhs William Huntington - Chart [To be completedfor all these] Huntington + Sketches of our Ancestry Dr. William Huntington, ObituarY [Founders of Howell] Side Lines Gorton Leffingwell John ClarkeChapter 8 TIBBETS. PhotograPhs - George Tibbets. Uohn Tibbets (elleum TibbetslChapter 9 AMERICAN FOUNDERS OUR IMMIGRANT ANCESTORS. Chronologically Arranged by Family GroupsChapter 10 PATRIOTIC SERVICE AND ELIGI BILITY TO HEREDITARY - PATRIOTIC ORGAN IZATIONS World War Spanish War Civil War or War of the Rebellion Mexican War Indian Wars War of L812 Revolutionary War ColonialWars
  5. 5. (There are very few Hereditary-Patriotic organizations in America to which we are not eligible, oftenseveral times, and some of these may be eliminated upon further research. Lists of these societies, withterms of eligibility, are found in the book of American genealogy, pages 373 to 389. The followingappear to be correct records, though the first one is the only one that has been proved.) Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Mayflower Society Barons of Runnymede Royal lines Lines to Adamchapter 11 ANCESTRAT LINES TO THE BARONS OF RUNNYMEDE. William dAlbini Lines 5 and 12 Hugh le Bigod t4 Roger le Bigod 15 Henry de Bohun 15 Gilbert de clare 9 Richard de Clare 8 John FitzRobert 6 Robert FitzWalter L7 William de Huntingfield John de Lacie LL William de Lanvallei 2 William Mallet 7 William de Mowbray L2 Saher de Quincy Lines 10 and 16 Robert de Roos 4 Geoffrey de Saye 3 Robert de Vere T6 Eustace de Vesci 7Chapter 12 SOME ROYAT tlNES. Alfred the Great Charlemagne Hugh Capet Plantagenet saxon Spanish Scottish William the Conqueror Snap-Shots of Some Norman Ancestors.
  6. 6. What is the story behind Jessie A. Thompsons genealogy book?Questions that Catherine Clary Mclean asked her Aunt Marj (Marjorie Ann Mclean Szor) in May 2012:1. What can you tell me about those binders? How many copies of the binders did she make? Who doyou think has copies? Idont know how many binders there are. I have one, you do [Catherines fathers, Thomas Nicol Mcleanl, and maybe Viki [Purcell Everhart, niece). I know that Jan Uanice lrene Mclean Purcell Swerske, sisterl made a copy (copies) of it. So that is probably what Viki has and maybe the copy went to Eric [Vikis brother]. Viki would know. Also, Uncle Ted Thompson must have had one which Hope [his wifelgot. Does cousin Ted Thompson have it now? He lives in Richardson, Texas and I have heard from him lately by email. His email is He is the oldest of Ted and Hopes children and is interested in family matters. He might be a good source for family info. He is also in touch with Lytle Thompson in the Chicago area who was born in 1925 His email address is hlvtlethompson@gmailcom lMost of the penciled notes that say "did not copy" were probably written by Marjs sister, lan.]2. Did your grandmother (Jessie Thompson) work on them until she died? My grandmother worked on this hobby for many years. She did research every where she went with her husband, Herbert, as he did his lodge business in this country and Europe. She visited Vital Statistics offices, libraries, cemeteries, etc. No internet for her! She was really into it. (as you can tell). I believe she did work at it until she died (of a stroke).3. There are penciled notations, were they your grandmothers, your mothers, or both? Idont see many notations in my copy. What I do see is my mothers [Florence O. (Thompson) McLeanl handwriting.4. Was your mother interested in family history? My mother was very interested in this and wanted to do a lot of work on it when she retired. But that day was not to be.5. Do you know when your grandmother did the bulk of the research? 1920s? early 30s? earlier? My grandmother died in Nov. of L937. I believe she had worked on it in the 20s and 30s and maybe before that.5. I guess she was a good typist and tireless researcher, right? How many women could type backthen? Yes, the typing! | never thought about that. Oh, my. Catherine Clary McLean, 25 May 2012, Los Angeles CA