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Senior Project Speech


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Senior Project Speech

  1. 1. McKean1Courtney McKeanMrs. LesterAdv. Comp.4 March 2012 I went to Brazil three years ago on my very first mission trip. I was there for eleven daysand want to share with you something miraculous that happened that last day. My team of tenstudents and four leaders went to an open plaza in the city of Sao Paulo for a day and held fourevangelistic meetings. We went to share the story of Jesus Christ to the Brazilians. After one ofour meetings, a man about forty years old comes up to us and thanks us. He said that he livesaround here and he had just lost his job, his house, and his wife had left him. He had been goingto the plaza every day since then in hope to either find a job or find food. He said he wasn’tgoing to come to the plaza that day because he was planning on giving his life. However, forwhatever reason he kept on feeling like he needed to go to the plaza. Because he did, this man isalive today with a new job. It was a sight I had never seen before, and I was completely movedby it. This happened in my freshman year of high school. My older sister was a senior atSequoyah high school at the time and in the midst of doing her senior project. The moment Ireturned from Brazil I knew I wanted to do my senior project on this. From this experience, Ichose to take the next step in my walk with God and held an evangelistic event to show teenagerswho God is. Now I’m going to tell you about the process I followed in creating my event. First,I had to find a project facilitator who would be perfect for the job. My project facilitator is a lady from my church named Teraza Lee. In deciding who Ithought would be the best facilitator for my project I looked for many different things. I needed
  2. 2. McKean2someone who had a good amount of experience working with teenagers and planning big events.I was also looking for someone I could depend on throughout the entire project. I met Teraza afew years back when I entered into high school. She was and is still on the youth staff at mychurch, and when I was looking for a facilitator with those qualities she was one of the firstpeople that came to my mind. Teraza has had many years of experience working with teenagersand planning/being a part of big events similar to the one I was planning. I knew that I couldrely on her and that she would be willing to meet with me for fifteen hours throughout the yearand help me in any way possible. I knew I would not be alone with a project facilitator like her. There have been many steps in creating my project that I have gone through this year.The steps in the process of my project included finding a facilitator, picking a date for the event,brainstorming through ideas for the night, asking people to be a part of it, and advertising theevent. One of the things I had to do was write a research paper exploring the assignment I chose.My research paper was about some of the issues I might have faced in planning my event. Thepaper was a good tool I used to get a feel of what I had ahead of me and preparing me for myproject. In researching everything for my event, I realized that I did want to take this challengeand experience the journey. After I found my facilitator and completed my research paper I hadto begin planning my event. I chose a date, March 9th, which was a Friday night and chose aplace to have it at, Canton First United Methodist Church. I had to call the youth pastor thereand place my event on the church calendar. Then I had to contact people to participate in myskit, sing, speak, share their testimony, and bring food. This took many months. In November, Istarted holding trainings for the team that was going to do the skit. We met every other Saturdayfor a couple of hours each up to the night of the event. I scheduled a time the week before toperform the skit in front of my church to get some practice and feedback from some people.
  3. 3. McKean3Then a month before the event I made and passed around flyers to my church, my school, CantonFirst, and a few other churches around the area. This project has been a lot of fun to plan, butlike any project it had its ups and downs along the way. I experienced many problems inplanning my event. One problem I ran into was my fear of talking on the phone to people I donot know well. Throughout this entire process I have had to overcome that fear andcommunicate with many different people I did not know. My phone skills have grownabundantly since the beginning of this journey. Another problem I ran into was getting people tocommit. In order to solve this problem I had to annoyingly call everyone continuous times tomake sure they were coming. Everyone eventually committed and did what they were supposedto. From beginning to the end, this project has been a great growing experience for me. Ihave learned that I am not a procrastinator when it comes to doing things I really enjoy. I getwhat I need to done and in a timely manner. I have also learned that I am not the type of personwho can create a big event like this on my own, and I need help from someone else. However, Ihave also learned to take risks and fully trust in God to let His Will happen. This project hasbeen very stressful, but in the end everything came out to work. Going into this project I thoughtI wanted to pursue a career in ministry in a church or travel around the world sharing the Gospelto people. Now I do not believe I want to pursue ministry in a church; however, even if I do notpursue a career in ministry in a church I will never stop sharing the Gospel and evangelizing indifferent areas. As I approach college I plan to continue going on mission trips and preachingthe Gospel but also pursue a career in a completely different field. I plan to attend TheUniversity of West Georgia in the fall and major in something else I really enjoy and that is closeto my heart: art education.
  4. 4. McKean4 Thank you all so much for your time. I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you andwill now take any questions you may have for me.